T-USED-DAY Update for April 26th, 2016

T-USED-DAY Update for April 26th, 2016
at Redscroll Records

TUSEDDAY 04262016
Here are some of the latest used arrivals at the shop. Keep in mind this doesn’t include any of the CDs or many of the LPs in the general rock/pop/jazz/anything-in-the-back-room that we get in. This list also builds over the course of a week so sometimes some items are no longer in stock by the time this is posted. We try to avoid that, but it happens. Call ahead if there’s a particular release you’re curious about. These are the in-store prices – if you’d like to find any of these online please visit us here: http://www.discogs.com/seller/Redscroll

LPs & 12″s

97a “Abandoned Future EP” (Picture Disc) $5.00
Against Me! “As The Eternal Cowboy” $12.00
Against Me! “Reinventing Axl Rose” (Purple Mix) $12.00
Alice Cooper “Billion Dollar Babies” (With Inserts!) $8.00
Art Ensemble Of Chicago, The “Les Stances A Sophie” (2008 Reissue) $33.00
Backtrack “Darker Half” (Clear With Rainbow Splatter) $15.00
Baran, Timir “Dance Music Of India” $8.00
Being As An Ocean “How We Both Wondrously Perish” (“Flesh” Color) $12.00
Black Sabbath “Sabotage” $7.00
Blue Oyster Cult “On Your Feet Or On Your Knees” $5.00
Bon Jovi “New Jersey” $10.00
Bowie, David “A Second Face” (Canadian Compilation) $17.00
Can “Saw Delight” (2014 Reissue Remaster) $12.00
Can “Can” (2010 180 Gram Reissue) $10.00
Cash, Johnny “The Gospel Road – A Story Of Jesus” $6.00
Chipmunks “Christmas With The Chipmunks” $3.00
Common Cause “The Power To Change” $10.00
Controlled Bleeding “Between Tides” $25.00
Coven “Blood On The Snow” $45.00
Creedence Clearwater Revival “Creedence Country” $9.00
Cure, The “Pornography” (Unofficial Russian Pressing) $25.00
D.S.-13 “Vad Vet Viom Kriget?” $6.00
Dio “Holy Diver” $15.00
Egg “The Civil Surface” (1976 Repress) $35.00
Electric Company, The “Spidey Super Stories” (Sealed) $7.00
Elliott, J. Robert “Halloween Horrors: The Sounds Of Halloween” $4.00
Eyeless In Gaza “Back From The Rains” $15.00
Fairport Convention “Liege & Lief” (2008 180 Gram Reissue) $12.00
Finch “What It Is To Burn X Live” (White) $15.00
Ford, Lita “Lita” $9.00
Front Porch Step “Aware” (Clear/Purple With White & Blue Splatter) $14.00
Gentle Giant “Free Hand” $5.00
Gentle Giant “Octopus” $10.00
Gold, Marty Orchestra “Themes From The Movies” (Sealed!) $6.00
Goldthwait, Bobcat “Meat Bob: Bob ‘Bobcat’ Goldthwait Live In Concert” $10.00
Gong “Flying Teapot (Radio Gnome Invisible Part 1)” $20.00
Grateful Dead “Reckoning” $16.00
Grootna “Grootna” $10.00
Hardin, Tim “Tim Hardin 3 Live In Concert” $7.00
Henry Cow “Unrest” $18.00
Ilitch “Dark Summer” $20.00
Irwin, The Dynamic Duck “Irwin Strikes Back” (Sealed!) $6.00
Joie De Vivre “Summer Months” (Silver) $9.00
Journey “Greatest Hits” $15.00
Judas Priest “Rocka Rolla” $12.00
Komeda, Christopher “Rosemary’s Baby: Original Motion Picture Score” $20.00
La Dispute “Somewhere At The Bottom Of The River Between Vega And Altair” (Purple) $20.00
La Dispute “Rooms Of The House” $11.00
LetLive. “Fake History” $18.00
London Symphony Orchestra, The “The Story Of Star Wars: Dialogue And Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” $10.00
Major League “Hard Feelings” (Lavender) $13.00
Marley, Bob “Legend, The Best Of Bob Marley And The Wailers” $14.00
Marley, Bob & The Wailers “The Birth Of A Legend (Feat. Peter Tosh)” $8.00
Mingus, Charlie “Mingus Plays Piano – Spontaneous Compositions And Improvisations” $18.00
Modern Baseball “You’re Gonna Miss It All” (Gray) $15.00
Monroe, Marilyn “Remember Marilyn” (Soundtrack) $5.00
Morrissey “Suedehead” $12.00
Motley Crue “Dr. Feelgood” $30.00
Nugent, Ted “State Of Shock” $3.00
Parker, Billie Jean “The Truth About Bonnie & Clyde As Told By Billie Jean Parker (Bonnie’s Sister)” $5.00
Paul, Billy “War Of The Gods” $5.00
Pogues, The “Red Roses For Me” $20.00
R N’ R “The Infamous And Notorious” (Record Release Version #11/35) $6.00
Real Friends “Maybe This Place Is The Same And We’re Just Changing” (Ultra Clear With Bronze Splatter) $17.00
Residents, The “The Mole Show” (1st Pressing) $44.00
Rhodes, Emitt “Emitt Rhodes” $6.00
Rockets, The “The Rockets” (Sundazed Reissue) $16.00
Rolling Stones, The “Got Live If You Want It!” (Mono, In Shrink) $15.00
Roxy “Roxy” $5.00
Sesame Street “The Sesame Street Original Cast Record” $6.00
Skinny Puppy “Spasmolytic” (Single) $20.00
State Champs “The Finer Things” (Green / Yellow / Orange – Tri-Color) $16.00
Stone Roses, The “The Stone Roses” (Pink Marble, Unofficial) $22.00
Such Gold “Misadventures” (Teal Marble) $13.00
Sun Ra & His Arkestra “The Other Side Of The Sun” $18.00
Taylor, James “Sweet Baby James” $7.00
Twisted Sister “Stay Hungry” $8.00
Urban Blight “Peace Train” $5.00
Urban Blight “A Nite Out” $6.00
Various “Masse Mensch” (Nurse With Wound, DDAA, Smegma… With Insert) $40.00
Various “Stories And Songs About The Justice League Of America” (Sealed) $16.00
Various “Ghostly Sounds” (Stereo, Sealed!) $7.00
Various “Star Trek: Book & Record Set” (Sealed) $6.00
Various “Star Trek: Stories” (Sealed) $7.00
Various “Conan The Barbarian: Stories” (Sealed) $15.00
Various “Conan The Barbarian: The Story Of The Exciting Movie… Thief Warrior Barbarian King” (Sealed) $13.00
Various “The Incredible Hulk: Comics” $9.00
Various “Phil Spector’s Christmas Album” $5.00
Vatican Commandos “Point Me To The End” (CT Punk! Featuring A Young Moby) $55.00
Verbal Assault “Trial” $8.00
Waldron, Peter / Gershon Kingsley “Ghostly Sounds” (Sealed!) $14.00
Whitesnake “Slide It In” $4.00
Whitesnake “Whitesnake” (1987) $6.00
Williams, John / The London Symphony Orchestra “Star Wars: Original Soundtrack” $15.00
Wizards From Kansas, The “The Wizards From Kansas” (Promo Blue Ink One Side, Black Ink Other Side) $45.00
World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, The “Whenever, If Ever” (Yellow) $9.00
X “Ain’t Love Grand” $10.00
Zephyr “Zephyr” $7.00
ZZ Top “Tres Hombres” $7.00


Alabama Thunderpussy “Esteem Fiend” (Clear) $3.00
Alert “Demo ’08” $3.00
Ammunition “Ammunition” (Blue) $1.00
Ancient Heads “Both Demos” (Clear) $3.00
Approach “Approach” $3.00
Beatles, The “Hello Goodbye” $8.00
Bellrays, The “Suicide Baby” $4.00
Betrayed “Addiction EP” $3.00
Breaker Breaker “Demo Y2K1” $1.00
Burning Love “Black Widow” (Purple) $3.00
Burning Love “Burning Love” $2.00
Civ “All Twisted” $2.00
Creston Spiers “Yesterday’s Parade” (Clear) $2.00
Def Choice “Def Choice” $1.00
Diehard Youth / Flame Still Burns “The Coast To Coast Finger Point Fiasco” (Purple) $2.00
Disaster, The “With Years Left To Go” $1.00
Disciples Of Christ “Demo” (Blue /400) $4.00
Dot Flash Line “The G7 EP” (Blue) $1.00
Down In Flames “Start The Fucking Fire” (Red) $3.00
Dragnet “Dragnet” (Gold) $1.00
Drug Test “Needle In Your Neck” $3.00
Ensign “Ensign” $2.00
Fired Up “When The Lights Go Out” $3.00
Gary And The Hornets “Hi, Hi Hazel” $8.00
Gas Chamber “Stained Hand” $3.00
Glory Fades “Love Expulsion Revolution” $1.00
Graverobbers “Graverobbers” $2.00
Holy Molar “Live At San Diego Metropolitan Correctional Center” (Black/Red) $3.00
Hounds Of Hate “No Redemption” $4.00
Iconoclast “Groundlessness Of Belief” $1.75
Instead “We’ll Be Remembered” $5.00
Iron Boots “Iron Boots” $3.00
Jud Jud “X The Demos X” $3.00
Learn “Better Days Ahead” $2.00
Living Hell “Living Hell” (Tour Press) $4.00
Miles Between Us “Miles Between Us” $1.00
Misery “Next Time” (Purple) $3.00
Moment Of Youth “Moment Of Youth” (Clear) $1.00
No Reply “I’m Still Fucking Pissed” $3.00
PITF “PITF” $1.00
Reach The Sky “Open Roads And Broken Dreams” $3.00
Rectify “By Your Side” $2.00
Resist And Exist “Dare To Struggle – Dare To Win!” $4.00
Rites, The “Your Last Rites” $1.00
Scapegoat “Scapegoat” $3.00
Shitfit / Moment Of Youth “Split E.P.” $1.00
Sir Douglas Quintet “Mendocino” $0.75
Striking Distance “The Fuse Is Lit” $2.00
Stupid Life “Stupid Life” $3.00
Sum Of All Fears “1995 Sin Of Anger Demo” $2.00
Sworn In “Sworn In” (Red/Black) $2.00
Through And Through “Lovin Life Demo” (Blue) $2.00
Through My Pride “Through My Pride” (CTHC) $3.00
Total Fury “Committee To The Core EP” $2.00
Various “Anger Management Session 1” (Green) (Kill Your Idols, What Feeds The Fire…) $1.00
Vile Nation “No Exit” $2.00
Voorhees “What You See Is What You Get” $2.00
Voorhees / Kill Your Idols “Voorhees / Kill Your Idols” $4.00

Cassette Tapes

Annalibera “Loveil” (NP219) $5.00
At Fault “Demo” $1.00
Blossoming Mums “”Blossuming Mums” (NP215) $5.00
Connelly, Mike “Recycled” $2.50
Dodge This “Demo” $1.00
Fired Up “Demo” $5.00
Get Killed “Demo” $2.00
Make It Last “Demo” $1.00
Moments Til Death “Demo” $1.00
Police Beat “Demo” $2.00
Prince “Graffiti Bridge” $2.00
R ‘N’ R “Demolition” $5.00
Refuseniks “The Refuseniks” $2.00
Reveal The Truth “Reveal The Truth” $3.00
S.O.S. “Demonstration” (Lockin’ Out 8) $4.00
Say Goodbye “Demo” $2.00
Sex Positions “Demo” $3.00
TLC “Ooooooohh… On The TLC Tip” $1.00
UnhappyBirthday “Schauer” (NP224) $5.00
Wake Up Call “Demo” $3.00
Zuzu’s Petals “When No One’s Looking” $2.00