29th Of April 2016 Update

29th Of April 2016 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Review
at Redscroll Records

Update 042916

LPs & 12″s

A Dead Forest Index “In All That Drifts From Summit Down”
Ambarchi, Oren / Stefano Pilia / Massimo Pupillo “AIOEIN”
Antony & The Johnsons “Cut The World” (2LP 180 Gram + D/L)
Antwood “Virtuous.scr” (2LP)
Aphex Twin “Selected Ambient Works 85-92” (2LP)
Arctic Monkeys “Feeling Far Away” (Unofficial)
Ayler, Albert “My Name Is Albert Ayler”
Beastie Boys “Some Old Bullshit” (Unofficial)
Black Keys, The “Austin City Limits Live” (Unofficial)
Blondie “Loud And Clear” (Unofficial)
Blood Ceremony “Lord Of Misrule”
Borusiade “Feelings Of Entropy”
Bowie, David “Live Santa Monica ’72” (Unofficial 2LP)
Bowie, David “The Man Who Sold The World” (Unofficial)
Bowie, David “Falling Up Through The Years” (Unofficial)
Brand Image “Are You Loving?”
Caffiends “No Gods ʇ No Decaf”
California “California” (Jason White, Dustin Clark & Adam Pfahler) (+ D/L)
Clark “The Last Panthers”
Closet Fairies, The “No Idea LP”
Coltrane, Alice “Ptah, The El Daoud” (Unofficial)
Comets On Fire “Avatar” (Loser Edition + D/L Reissue)
Comets On Fire “Blue Cathedral” (Loser Edition + D/L Reissue)
Cotopaxi “Having All The Fun”
Craft, Kyle “Dolls Of Highland” (Loser Edition)
Culture “From The Vault Demos & Outtakes 1993-1998” (Numbered/150)
Dalek “Asphalt For Eden”
Darkest Hour “So Sedated So Secure” (Ltd. Ed. Color Vinyl + D/L)
Davis, Miles & John Coltrane “Copenhagen March 24t 1960” (Numbered, Clear Audiophile Vinyl)
Death From Above 1979 “Live At Third Man Records 09-30-2015”
Dell’Aere, Dario “Eagles In The Night”
Diarrhea Planet “Loose Jewels” (+ D/L)
Dressel, Heinrich “Mons Testaceum”
Dwarves, The “Lick It 1983-86”
Eno, Brian “The Ship” (Ltd. Ed. 2LP Transparent Vinyl + 4xArt Prints + D/L)
Epic Soundtracks “Sleeping Star” (Mapache New Collectables)
Epic Soundtracks “Rise Above” (Mapache New Collectables)
Ersahin, Ilhan “Istanbul Sessions – Istanbul Underground”
Ex-Boy Friends, The “Disease”
Finis Africae “A Last Discovery: The Essential Collection, 1984-2001”
Floorpunch “Fast Times At The Jersey Shore”
Floorpunch “Division One Champs Goal Line Stand”
Freewill “Sun Return” (Green)
Front Line Assembly “State Of Mind” (Ltd. Ed. Yellow Vinyl)
Gang Starr “Hard To Earn” (Respect The Classics Edition)
Ghibli “I’m Looking For You”
Godard, Jean-Luc “Bandes Originales 1959-1963”
Guided By Voices “Please Be Honest” (+ D/L)
Hammock “Everything And Nothing” (+ D/L, 2LP Gatefold)
Herrmann, Bernard “Taxi Driver: Original Score” (Wawork Records Reissue)
Hole “Live Through This” (Unofficial)
Hollow Deck “Hobson’s Choice”
Horse Lords “Interventions”
Hot Water Music “A Flight And A Crash”
Ikin, Kane “Modern Pleasure”
Imarhan “Imarhan” (180 Gram + Poster + D/L)
Khanate “Khanate” (LP+12″)
Khanate “Things Viral” (2LP)
Kid Congo & Pink Monkeybirds “La Arana Es La Vida” (+ D/L)
King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard “Nonagon Infinity” (Black & Green Splatter Vinyl + D/L)
Lawrence “Yoyogi Park”
Led Zeppelin “From Barnes To New York” (Unofficial)
Lynch, David “Eraserhead: Original Soundtrack” (Unofficial)
Man Power “Planet Cock”
Mansell, Clint “High-Rise: Original Soundtrack Recording”
Masters Of Reality “Sunrise On The Sufferbus” (Unofficial)
Mingus, Charles “Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus”
Mirror For Psychic Warfare “Mirrors For Psychic Warfare” (Scott Kelly Of Neurosis & Sanford Parker)
Moire “Gel”
Moire “Lines + Colours”
Morgenstern, Christian “Remixes 1/8”
Morricone, Ennio “Il Grande Silenzio” (Soundtrack)
Neptune, Lance “Animal Eclipse”
Nirvana “Outcesticide V: Disintegration” (Unofficial)
Nirvana “Outcesticide I: In Memory Of Kurt Cobain” (Unofficial)
Nirvana “The Complete BBC Radio One Sessions 1989-91” (Unofficial)
Pearl Jam “MTV Unplugged” (Unofficial)
Pessanha, Jorginho “To Muito Na Minha”
Phonphibun, Phairin “Lam Klom Thung: Essential Phairin Phonphibun”
Pink Floyd “Flowers & Vegetables” (Unofficial)
Pink Floyd “Faraway Laughter: A Bizarre Collection Of Studio Outtakes & Demos” (Unofficial)
Pink Floyd “Havin’ A Cigar: Landover, Maryland, 10th June 1975” (Unofficial)
Pity Sex “White Hot Moon”
Porcelain, Lea “Roman Flugel And Benedikt Frey Remixes”
Primitive World “Purple Caps EP”
Pusha T “King Push Darkest Before The Dawn: The Prelude”
Red House Painters “Old Ramon” (Loser Edition)
Ribeiro, Catherine & Alpes “Paix”
Rozwell Kid “Good Graphics” (Ltd. Ed. Colored Vinyl + D/L)
Sand Circles “Motor City”
Smiths, The “Vinyl Party” (Unofficial)
Smiths, The “Hang The DJ (Thrice!)” (Unofficial)
Some Bizarre “Don’t Be Afraid”
Squrl “Live At Third Man Records 03-31-2015”
Sun Ra “The Saturn Singles Vol. 1 1954-1958”
Surgical Meth Machine “Surgical Meth Machine” (Al Jourgenson Of Ministry)
System Of A Down “Toxicity Sessions” (Unofficial)
Tale Of Us “North Star / Silent Space”
Troller “Graphic” (+ D/L)
Tuesday “Free Wheelin'”
Umiliani, Piero “La Morte Bussa Due Volte – Colonna Sonora Originale Del Film” (Soundtrack, Deluxe Solid Silver)
Umiliani, Piero & I Suioi Oscillatori “Il Mondo Dei Romani” (Soundtrack)
Vakula “Modulations EP”
Van Cleave, Nathan “Robinson Crusoe On Mars” (Soundtrack, First Time On Vinyl)
Various “Brown Acid: The Second Trip – Heavy Rock From The Classic Comedown Era” (Ltd. Color Ed.)
Various “The ESP-Disk Story Vol. II – Compiled By Flavia Stollman”
Various “The ESP-Disk Story Vol. I – Compiled By Flavia Stollman”
Various “Zehn – Funt”
Various “Zehn | Sechs”
Various “DJ Koze Presents ‘Pampa Vol. 1′” (+ D/L)
VHOL “Deeper Than Sky”
Vickers, Mike “Dracula A.D. 1972: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”
Voyag3r “Are You Synthetic?” (Standard Ed. + D/L)
Weekend Dads “September Downs” (+ D/L)
Wet Nurse “So It Goes” (+ D/L)
White Stripes, The “The 2001 John Peel Show” (Unofficial)
Young, Neil “Harvest Live” (Unofficial)
Youth Code “Commitment To Complications”
Zem117 “Zipper EP”
Zombies, The “Begin Here” (Unofficial)


Black Randy & His Elite Metro Squad “Idi Amin” (Reissue)
Black Randy & Metrosquad “Trouble At The Cup” (Reissue)
Black Randy & Metrosquad “I Slept In An Arcade” (Reissue)
Deathwish “In The Shadow Of False Gods”
Euyes “Taqn” (Reissue)
Metz & Swami John Reis “Let It Rust / Caught Up” (RSD Restock – Get it while you can!)
Pierson, Kate “Venus / Radio In Bed” (Of B-52’s Fame)
Sex Prisoner “Demo 2009”
X “Adult Books” (Reissue)


Aesop Rock “The Impossible Kid”
Antwood “Virtuous.scr”
Blumm, F.S. & Nils Frahm “Tag Eins, Tag Zwei”
Dalek “Asphalt For Eden”
Eno, Brian “The Ship”
Guided By Voices “Please Be Honest”
Integrity “Humanity Is The Devil” (Limited Bacteria Sour Tribute Edition)
Mirrors For Psychic Warfare “Mirrors For Psychic Warfare” (Scott Kelly Of Neurosis & Sanford Parker)
Quiet Life “Foggy” (Slim Case)
Walerian, Mat / Matthew Shipp / Hamid Drake “Jungle: Live At Okuden” (2CD Digipak)
Zombie, Rob “The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser”


Bogart, Seth “Seth Bogart” (BRGR00950)


The Hate 5 Six Diaries: Volume One DVD



Live at the Music Hall
Phosphorescent Live at the Music Hall(Dead Oceans)
This double-CD (or triple-LP) captures the emotion of seeing Matthew Houck’s Phosphorescent project live, with his unique blend of indie rock and alternative country shining through. It was recorded over the course of three days at the Music Hall of Williamsburg (located in Houck’s current residence Brooklyn) with many of the best songs from his discography. Since it was less than a year after the release of his latest studio album Muchacho, almost all of that record’s songs get the live treatment, with an easy highlight being the romantically blissful “Song for Zula” (complete with a string section.)
[Reviewer: Mark]

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