6th of May 2016 Update

6th of May 2016 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

New Rack 5-6-16

LPs & 12″s

14KT “14Killatape: Redux”
2Tall “Lost Stories (Unreleased Beats Circa 2005-2008)” (Om Unit)
Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band “55” (2LP + D/L)
Bartos, Karl “Off The Record” (+ CD)
Beastie Boys “The Mix-Up”
Beastie Boys “Check Your Head” (Remastered 180 Gram Edition)
Beastmaker “Lusus Naturae”
Church, The “Priest = Aura”
CTRLS “Nonuser”
Deafheaven “Demo LP”
DJ Marfox “Chapa Quente”
DJ Screw “3 ‘N The Mornin'” (Picture Disc Ltd. Ed.)
Gnod “Mirror”
GoldFFinch “Proliferation”
Homeboy Sandman “Kindness For Weakness” (+ D/L)
Horsepower Productions “Crooks, Crime & Corruption” (2LP)
House Of Black Lanterns “Drown EP”
In Aeternam Vale / Bronze Teeth “Vernal Equinox Edition”
Jackson, Michael “Thriller”
Jackson, Michael “Off The Wall”
Jackson, Michael “Bad”
Jarre, Jean-Michel “Electronica 1 – The Time Machine” (2LP)
Jay Dilla (Jay Dee, J Dilla) “Jay Love Japan”
Jega “1995” (2LP Gatefold)
Kangding Ray / Rrose “Ardent / Swallows”
Kaytranada “Glowed Up / Lite Spots”
La Barbara, Joan “Voice Is The Original Instrument”
Lee, Okkyung / Bill Orcutt “Live At Café Oto”
Like Rats “II”
Lucy “Self Mythology” (2LP)
Malice At The Palace “Malice At The Palace” (Starburst Rainbow)
Northless “Cold Migration”
Ohbliv “Baker’s Dozen: An Instrumental Series From Fat Beats Records”
Parc En Ciel “Path Integral”
Pink Floyd “The Dark Side Of The Moon” (Japanese Cover, Unofficial)
Praise “Leave It All Behind”
Pratt, Phill “Star Wars Dub” (Ltd. Ed. 180 Gram RSD)
Replacements, The “The Early Mats (Before They Were On Capitol)” (Unofficial)
Ruby The Hatchet “Ouroboros”
Sand Circles “Motor City Remixes”
Sei A “Space In Your Mind Remixes”
Selda “Selda – 1979”
Shining “8 1/2 – Feberdrommar I Vaket Tillstand”
Sibold, Konstantin “Mutter”
Sly & Robbie “Dub Sessions 1978-1985”
Spectres “Dead” (2LP)
Swift, Taylor “Fearless: Platinum Edition”
Swift, Taylor “Taylor Swift”
Tenniscoats “Music Exists Disc 1 (Ueno Saya 2015)”
Throwing Shade “House Of Silk”
Union Analogtronics & Blu “LA Counting” 10″
Various “Zehn | Neun”
Various “Zehn | Zehn”
Well Pleased And Satisfied “Give Thanks & Praise” (Ltd. Ed. 180 Gram)
Wire “Nocturnal Koreans”
XL Middleton “Psychic (Egyptian Lover Remix)” (+ D/L)
Younge, Adrian “Quelge Chose A Propos D’Avril II: Versions Instrumentales”
Zombie, Rob “The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser” (Ltd. Ed. Lenticular Cover)


Blu & The Alchemist “Cobb / Palisades”
Full Of Hell / Goldust “Full Of Hell / Goldust” (Red)
Lucero “Can’t You Hear Them Howl (Live) / This Old Death Reprise (It’s All Gone)”
S.H.I.T. “Collective Unconsciousness”
Weirdos “We Got The Neutron Bomb” (Reissue)
Xibalba (Itzaes) “Ah Tza!”


Carpenter, John “Dark Star: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” (With OBI)
Cemetary Lust “Screams Of The Violated”
Cult Of Luna / Julie Christmas “Mariner”
Death Angel “The Art Of Dying + Killing Season” (2 Album Combo Reissue)
Elzhi “Lead Poison”
Elzhi “Witness My Growth (Libido Speedo Presents… The Mixtape)”
Elzhi “Elmatic” (With Will Sessions)
Fat Albert Einstein “2U4U”
Ill Omen “AE Thy Rift”
Jay Dill (Jay Dee, J Dilla) “Jay Love Japan”
Kaytranada “99.9%”
Wire “Nocturnal Koreans”


Fat Albert Einstein “2U4U” (FAE001)
Jay Som “Into You”
Jaylib “Champion Sound Bonus Trx + Rmx” (STH2162)
Malice At The Palace “Malice At The Palace” (SFU Records)
Oyama “Coolboy”
Quasimoto “The Further Adventures Of Lord Quas” (STH2110)
Slashing Cousin “Fallen Gods” (SKASSETTE005)


Like Rats II
(Southern Lord)
This death metal quintet features several members of Weekend Nachos, creating a sound that varies between lumbering and pummeling. They stay true to the style of classic death metal such as Obituary and Celtic Frost with massive-sounding riffs and guttural vocals. One of the more varied tracks is “Immortal Coil”, fluctuating between a steady pace and blast-beat-powered chaos before a brief piano outro.
[Reviewer: Mark]

(Captured Tracks)
Despite still being teenagers, this Catalonia, Spain quartet shows off a lot of experienced-sounding talent on this debut (recorded in just two days.) Their aesthetics and flair for quick-and-to-the-point songs draw inspiration from the Ramones, but they differ musically. Mourn plays indie rock that’s bleak, emotional and pissed-off, sounding like a journey through an ever-morphing mind. One highlight is the heavy and unsettling “Silver Gold”, with lyrics asking “Mr. Devil” to “deliver me from Heaven”.
[Reviewer: Mark]
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