14th Of October 2016 Update

14th Of October 2016 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Review
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
65DaysOfStatic “No Man’s Sky: Music For An Infinite Universe” (Soundtrack)
Alcest “Kodama”
Alcest “Le Secret”
Allen, Terry “Lubbock (On Everything)”
Anciients “Voice Of The Void” (2LP /550)
Asusu “Hallucinator / Sendak”
Beastie Boys “Licensed To Ill” (30th Anniversary Edition)
Bech, Nils “Echo”
Birds In Row “Personal War” (Yellow)
Black Marble “It’s Immaterial” (White Vinyl Ltd. Ed. + D/L)
Botany “Deepak Verbera” (Clear Yellow Splatter + D/L)
Busman’s Holiday “Popular Cycles” (Orange Vinyl + D/L)
Califone “Roomsound” (+ D/L)
Call Super “New Life Tones”
Cramps, The “Smell Of Female” (+ D/L)
Cramps, The “Fiends Of Dope Island” (+ D/L)
Croation Amor “Love Means Taking Action”
Crypt Vapor “Tombe Della Citta”
D.D Dumbo “Utopia Defeated”
Davidson, Marie “Adieux Au Dancefloor”
DDMS “Tintin EP”
Death Bells “Death Bells”
Detroit Swindle “The Circular City EP”
Detroit, Eddy “Black Crow Gazebo”
DJs Pareja “Alto”
Emmanuel, JD “Trance-Formation I: Ancient Minimal Meditations”
Ernestus, Mark / Ndagga Rhythm Force “Walo Walo Version / Walo Walo Rhythm”
Faith No More “We Care A Lot” (White Vinyl)
Fitoussi, Jonathan “Imaginary Lines”
Flava D “Rhythm & Gash”
Flowers Must Die “Sista Valsen EP”
Gately, Katie “Color” (Color On Color Edition /300)
Growlers, The “City Club” (2LP + D/L)
Grunberg, Sven “Hingus”
Guerilla Toss “Flood Dosed”
Heckles, John “Tributes To A Sun God”
Herder “Fergean”
Hurley, Michael “Ancestral Swamp”
Hypnobeat “Ritual Fire Dance”
Kator “Get Stacked EP”
Kiat “Leipzig EP”
King Jammy “Dubbing At King Tubby’s”
Kings Of Leon “Walls” (+ D/L)
Kuti, Fela “Fela’s London Scene” (Reissue)
Kuti, Fela And Afrika 70 “Zombie” (Reissue)
Kuti, Fela And Afrika 70 “I.T.T. (International Thief Thief)” (Reissue)
Kuti, Fela And Afrika 70 “Upside Down” (Reissue)
Kuti, Fela And Afrika 70 “Shakara” (Reissue)
Kuti, Fela And Afrika 70 “Afrodisiac” (Reissue)
Kuti, Fela And Afrika 70 “Gentleman” (Reissue)
Lawrence Arabia “Absolute Truth” (+ D/L)
Lemon Twigs, The “Do Hollywood”
Livio & Rob “Phantom Circle”
Magik*Magik “Magik*Magik”
Mono “Requiem For Hell”
Morbid Angel “Domination”
Mosse, Kassem “Disclosure” (2LP)
Muller, Florian Project “Gravitational Blues EP”
Naked And Famous, The “Simple Forms” (+ D/L)
Negura Bunget “Zi”
Oberst, Conor “Ruminations” (+ D/L)
Pink Floyd “Wish You Were Here” (Remastered 180 Gram)
Pioulard, Benoit “The Benoit Pioulard Listening Matter”
Poorgrrrl “Pitiparti”
Powell “Sport”
Prayers “SD Killwave”
Radiohead “Kid A” (Now on 2×12″!!!)
Rain Like The Sound Of Trains “Singles”
Rammellzee, The “Paint To Pave The Road”
Rammellzee, The “Angel In The Middle Of The Flow”
Reel Big Fish “Happy Skalidays” (Gold Vinyl)
Reel Big Fish “Skacoustic” (White & Blue Vinyl)
Rezzetto “Doyce”
Rosenstock, Jeff “Worry.” (+ D/L)
Saåad “Verdaillon”
Schnitzler, Conrad “Filmmusik 1”
Shifted “Appropriation Stories”
Slapshot “Step On It”
Sleaford Mods “T.C.R.”
Super Unison “Auto” (Pink Vinyl)
Surgeon “Bland Ambition”
Sybarite “Wave The Absolute” (+ D/L)
Syrinx “Tumblers From The Vault (1970-1972)”
Telephones “Vibe Telemetry”
Tiga “Make Me Fall In Love”
Traveling Wilburys “Volume One” (Reissue 180 Gram)
Trostel, Rolf “Two Faces”
Two Door Cinema Club “Gameshow” (Deluxe Edition)
Tycho “Epoch” PRE-ORDER – Album Comes In January 20th. You will get a slipmat with album art and a download to tide you over!
Vanishing Twin “Choose Your Own Adventure” (Ltd. Ed. Green Vinyl)
Various “The Return Of The Living Dead” (Black & Red Vinyl /750)
Various “Beyond Addis Vol. 2: Modern Ethiopian Dance Grooves Inspired By Swinging Addis” (+ D/L)
Various “Follow Me To The Popcorn: The Untold History Of The Belgium Popcorn Scene” (+ D/L + Sticker)
Various “Cosmic Machine: The Sequel” (2LP + CD Standard Edition)
Various “The Dunedin Double” (The Chills, Sneaky Feelings, The Stones, Verlaines)
Warhorse, The “Chubs”
Wormrot “Voices”
Yates, Jacob And The Pearly Gate Lock Pickers “Goths!!!”
Zeal And Ardor “Devil Is Fine”


Connors, Loren “The Departing Of A Dream Volume VI” (/500 + D/L)


Dry Bread “Yamar / Words To My Song”
Goat Girl “Country Sleaze / Scum”
Mr. Science “1978-1979” (Third Pressing /154)
Red Death “Deterrence”
Them Two “Am I A Good Man / Love Has Taken Wings”


Black Marble “It’s Immaterial”
Candiria “While They Were Sleeping”
Dillinger Escape Plan, The “Dissociation”
Gately, Katie “Color”
Guerilla Toss “Flood Dosed / Giant Claw Vs. Guerilla Toss”
Lemon Twigs, The “Do Hollywood”
Mono “Requiem For Hell”
Monolake “VLSI”
Oberst, Conor “Ruminations”
Orb “Cow / Chill Out, World!”
Pioulard, Benoit “The Benoit Pioulard Listening Matter”
Powell “Sport”
Super Unison “Auto”
Syrinx “Tumblers From The Vault (1970-1972)”
Teenage Fanclub “Here”
Wormrot “Voices”


Apse “Last Show | Redscroll Records | 1.29.11” (TPOS)
Atnif, Alexandra “Cyclikal” (AA006)
Black Hoods “Seeking Heavens” (AA002)
City Illusion “Borrowed Scenery” (AA001)
Granite Mask “Her Venomous Hiss” (Nostilevo 70)
Helado Negro “Private Energy” (AKR131)
Ignorance “Ignorance Is Bliss” (DA-002, #/50 – 1991 Crossover Thrash Newly Remastered)
Spit-Take “Frog Rock” (Ice Age Records)
Super Unison “Auto” (Deathwish)
Warhorse, The “Chubs” (KAM004)
Xakatagawa “Volume 2” (Nostilevo 83)


Wire 393 | November 2016 Magazine (+ The Wire Tapper 42 CD)



Descendents Hypercaffium Spazzinate
I’ve been fascinated by the Descendents since I first saw them on TV: a melodic punk band with a bespectacled lead vocalist singing songs about relationships, getting old and food certainly grabbed my attention. All of those themes appear on Hypercaffium Spazzinate as well, with raw intensity and passion that shows that the band still has a great deal of energy thirty-four years after releasing their first album. One of the highlights is the personal “Smile”, with vocalist Milo Aukerman singing supportive lyrics to drummer Bill Stevenson – the band’s only constant member since its beginning – who has suffered from several illnesses in the past. There’s also the catchy high-speed food song “No Fat Burger”, meant to be an update of “I Like Food” with the more serious theme that fatty foods can kill.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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