T-USED-DAY Update for November 8th, 2016

T-USED-DAY Update for November 8th, 2016
at Redscroll Records


Here are some of the latest used arrivals at the shop. Keep in mind this doesn’t include any of the CDs or many of the LPs in the general rock/pop/jazz/anything-in-the-back-room that we get in. This list also builds over the course of a week so sometimes some items are no longer in stock by the time this is posted. We try to avoid that, but it happens. Call ahead if there’s a particular release you’re curious about. These are the in-store prices – if you’d like to find any of these online please visit us here: http://www.discogs.com/seller/Redscroll

LPs & 12″s

Abu-Jamal, Mumia / Man Is The Bastard “Mumia Abu-Jamal Spoken Word With Music By Man Is The Bastard” $12.00
AC/DC Let There Be Rock” $6.00
AC/DC “If You Want Blood You’ve Got It” $6.00
Adams, Bryan “Christmas Time” $3.50
Alto! “Alto!” $5.00
Alto! “LP3” $6.00
American Football “American Football” $10.00
Atoms For Peace “Amok” $9.00
A-Trak “Gangsta Breaks” $16.00
Avett Brothers “I And Love And You” $14.00
Axelrod, David “Earth Rot” $16.00
Band Of Horses “Everything All The Time” $5.00
Black Sabbath “Seventh Star” $11.00
Black Sabbath “Paranoid” $15.00
Black Sabbath “Live At Last” $12.00
Blank Stare “Blank Stare” $7.00
Bright Eyes “The Peoples Key” $9.00
Comadre “Comadre” (Clear White) $13.00
Davis, Miles “Seven Steps To Heaven” (Mono) $18.00
Del Rey, Lana “Born To Die” $9.00
Destruction Unit “Sonoran” (Clear) $15.00
Dio “Sacred Heart” $6.66
Dio “Holy Diver” $13.00
Eden “The Light Between Words” $12.00
Elvis Costello “Momofuku” $15.00
Espectrostatic “Espectrostatic” $10.00
Graf Orlock / Greyskull “Graf Orlock / Greyskull” (Transparent) $8.00
Grant, Amy “A Christmas Album” $4.00
Grateful Dead “Terrapin Station” $12.00
Hall Of Fame “Hall Of Fame” $6.00
Him “New Features” $18.00
Iron Maiden “The Trooper” (German Pressing) $20.00
Jack The Lad “It’s Jack The Lad” (Promo) $8.00
Jamme “Jamme” $10.00
King Brothers “King Brothers” $8.00
M83 “Junk” (Sealed) $16.00
Manna “Manna” $6.00
Mayall, John “USA Union” $5.00
Morrison, Van “Moondance” $12.00
Mountain “Go For Your Life” (Sealed) $8.00
Mull, Martin “Sex & Violins” $1.50
Mundi, Coati “The Former 12 Year Old Genius” (UK Pressing) $6.00
National, The “Boxer” $13.00
Nelson, Willie “Yesterday’s Wine” $16.00
Nicks, Stevie “24 Karat Gold – Songs From The Vault” (Sealed) $18.00
Nicks, Stevie “Crystal Visions” (Clear, Sealed) $25.00
Nirvana “Bleach” (Sealed) $12.00
NRBQ “Tiddly Winks” $7.00
Oingo Boingo “Boi-ngo” $8.00
Pac-Man “Pac-Man Christmas Album” (Sealed) $4.50
Palatka “The End Of Irony” $6.00
Parton, Dolly “Best Of Dolly Parton” $7.00
Pepper, Art “Artworks” $7.00
Queensryche “The Warning” $6.00
Records, The “Crashes” (UK Pressing) $8.00
Riley, Terry “Poppy Nogood & The Phantom Band / A Rainbow In Curved Air” (French Pressing) $20.00
Rolle, Pat “Magic Style Of Pat Rolle” $6.00
Rollins, Sonny “Horn Culture” $6.00
Rvivr “Rvivr” $12.00
Sam The Sham & The Pharoahs “Pharaohization” $12.00
Segall, Ty “Singles 2007-2010” $13.00
Skinny Puppy “Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse” $29.00
Skitkids “Skitfucked By The State” $15.00
Skitkids “Onna For Pleasure” $9.00
Smiths, The “Meat Is Murder” (Sealed) $17.00
Sports, The “Suddenly” $5.00
Stitt, Sonny “Primitivo Soul!” $12.00
Stuck Lucky “Possom Soul” $3.00
Summers, Andy & Robert Fripp “Bewitched” $6.00
T.Rex “Electric Warrior” (Promo) $18.00
Taking Back Sunday “Tell All Your Friends” $8.00
Tangerine Dream “Stratosfear” (Sealed) $25.00
Tangerine Dream “Stratosfear” $8.00
Tangerine Dream “Phaedra” (UK Pressing) $13.00
Teengenerate “Get Action!” $14.00
Thin Lizzy “Jailbreak” $7.00
Thin Lizzy “Renegade” $13.00
Van Der Graaf Generator “The Aerosol Grey Machine” (90’s Pressing) $15.00
Various “Raw Blues” (John Mayall, Otis Spann, Eric Clapton…) $4.00
Various “History Of British Blues Volume One” $5.00
Various “The Blasting Concept – An SST Compilation” (Black Flag, Husker Du, Minutemen…) $24.00
Various “Sharky’s Machine” $5.00
Various “The Story Of The Blues” $10.00
Various “Phil Spector’s Christmas Album” $12.00
Various “Kill Rock Stars” $8.00
Webber, Andrew Lloyd “Cats” $5.00
Weekend “Jinx” $10.00
Wilderness Road “Sold For Prevention Of Disease Only” $12.00
Williamson, Sonny Boy & The Animals “The Night Time Is The Right Time” $9.00
Willie And The Bumblebees “Honey From The Bee” $30.00
Wolf, Kate & The Wildwood Flower “Back Roads” $5.00
Yussuf Jerusalem “A Heart Full Of Sorrow” $12.00
Zeitlin, Denny “Invasion Of The Body Snatchers: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” $8.00
ZZ Top “First Album” $14.00


Of Monsters And Men “Uti Sjo Og Inni Skog” $20.00
Teengenerate “Savage” $8.00


88 Fingers Louie “Go Away!” $3.00
Antiheros “Election Day” $5.00
Bar-Kays “Holy Ghost” $3.00
Bee Gees “Jive Talkin'” $1.00
Black, Clint “Til Santa’s Gone” $3.00
Converge “Unloved & Weeded Out” (Red Translucent) $30.00
Cornerston / Unit Pride “Unit Pride / Cornerstone” (Green Vinyl, Unofficial) $6.00
Creedence Clearwater Revival “Run Through The Jungle” $1.00
Creedence Clearwater Revival “Travellin’ Band” $0.75
Creedence Clearwater Revival “Travellin’ Band” (With Picture Sleeve) $1.25
Creedence Clearwater Revival “Lookin’ Out My Back Door” $0.75
Crowded House “Don’t Dream It’s Over” $1.50
Danny Wilson “Mary’s Prayer” $1.00
Delfonics “La-La-Means I Love You” $2.00
DeYoung, Dennis “Desert Moon” $0.75
Digression “Controlled” (Clear #54/250) $4.00
Dilloway, Aaron / John Wiese “Live At The Chislehurst Caves” $5.00
Dilloway, Aaron / The Cherry Point “Fencing” $4.00
Divided By Hate “Sediments Of Shame” (Clear) $8.00
Duran Duran “The Wild Boys” $1.00
Elmo & Patsy “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” $4.00
Eurythmics “Who’s That Girl?” $1.00
Fight It Out “Better Days” (Record Release) $4.00
Fine Young Cannibals “She Drives Me Crazy” $1.25
Fleetwood Mac “Sara” $1.00
Flesh For Lulu / The Apartments “Flesh For Lulu / The Apartments” (Promo)(Some Kind Of Wonderful Soundtrack) $3.00
Fontane Sisters “Jing-A-Ling, Jing-A-Ling / Silver Bells” $1.00
Frenzal Rhomb “4 Litres” $3.00
Fury Of V “Telling It Like It Is !!!!!!” $15.00
Fury Of V “Convicted And Condemned” $20.00
Gay, Ben & The Silly Savages “The Ballad Of Ben Gay” $1.00
Groundzero / Fleshold “Fleshold / Groundzero” $3.00
Hall & Oates “Maneater” $1.00
Hatebreed “Under The Knife” (Numbered Photocopied Cover /500) $30.00
Hatebreed “Under The Knife” (White) $20.00
Have Heart “Summer Tour 2005” (Demo 2003 /150) $40.00
Heyettes, The “The Fonz Song” (Promo) $1.00
Horace Pinker “Horace Pinker” $1.00
Ignite “Sea Shepherd Conservation Society” $3.00
Integrity “Integrity” (White) $6.66
Integrity / Hatebreed “Integrity / Hatebreed” (Grey) $8.00
Jacques Le Coque “Tip Of My Tongue” $1.00
Jaggerz, The “The Rapper” $0.75
Jamal, Ahmad “Pablo Sierra” (Promo) $2.00
Jasta 14 “Jasta 14” $6.00
Joel, Billy “You’re Only Human” $0.75
Joel, Billy “Leave A Tender Moment Alone” $0.75
La Rosa, Julius “We Need A Little Christmas” $2.00
Lauper, Cyndi “Change Of Heart” $1.00
Lennon, John “Every Man Has A Woman Who Loves Him” (Sealed) $8.00
Limp Wrist “What’s Up With The Kids” $3.00
Lopez, Trini “La Bamba” (Promo) $2.00
Mayday! / Brow Sugar “Mayday! / Brown Sugar” $4.00
Me First & The Gimme Gimmes “Cash” (Red) $9.00
Me First & The Gimme Gimmes “Denver” $6.00
Meco “Star Wars Theme” $1.00
Musselwhite, Charlie “Stranger” (Promo) $2.00
Mystic Inane “Eggs Onna Plate” $4.00
Mystic Inane “Deep Creep” $4.00
Ocasek, Ric “Emotion In Motion” $0.75
One 4 One “I Won’t Lose” (Grey) $4.00
Orange Cake Mix / Fijxa “Orange Cake Mix / Fijxa” $2.00
Outdates “Can’t Motivate” $1.00
Palehorse “Rumors Of War” (Test Pressing!) $15.00
Pedicin, Mike Quintette “I’m Hip” (Promo) $3.00
Pet Shop Boys “Opportunities” $0.75
Peter & Gordon “Sunday For Tea” $3.00
Phillips, Stu “Battlestar Galactica” (Promo) $1.00
Pitboss2000 / Empire Falls “One Nation Under Hate” (White) $12.00
Preston, Billy “Nothing From Nothing” $2.25
Pretenders “Middle Of The Road” $1.00
Pretenders “Back On The Chain Gang” $0.75
Queen “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” $1.00
Raygun, Billy “Seasick” (Grey) $2.00
Reach The Sky “Lost Glories” $4.00
Road, The “She’s Not There” $3.00
Rolling Stones “Let’s Spend The Night Together / Ruby Tuesday” $3.00
Rolling Stones “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” $2.00
Roth, David Lee “Just A Gigolo” $1.25
Rundgren, Todd “I Saw The Light” $1.25
School Jerks “PPDSCEMFOBBT” $2.00
School Jerks “School Jerks” $2.00
School Jerks “Control” $3.00
Snake Oil “Snake Oil” $3.00
Staple Singers “If You’re Ready (Come Go With Me)” $1.50
Sunshine Super Scum “Two Reactions” $2.00
Swayze, Patrick “She’s Like The Wind” $2.00
Tears For Fears “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” $2.00
Tenfold “Vengeance Will Be Ours…” $6.00
Tenfold / Sum Of All Fears “Sum Of All Fears / Tenfold” $6.00
Tibor Brothers “It’s So Easy Lovin’ You” (Promo) $3.00
Transplants “Gangsters & Thugs” (Green) $8.00
Turner, Chester Novell “Black Devil Doll From Hell” $22.00
U.S. Bombs “Hobroken Dreams” $3.00
Under One Flag / Palehorse “Under One Flag / Palehorse” (Pink) $8.00
Under One Flag / Palehorse “Under One Flag / Palehorse” (Green) $7.00
Up Front “Changes” (German Press) $4.00
Various “Growing Stronger – A Positive Hardcore Compilation” $3.00
Vision “One And The Same” $5.00
Vision Of Disorder “Still” $8.00
Wanna Blues Band “Test Tube Baby Blues” $10.00
Wham! “Everything She Wants” $1.00
Wide Awake “The End” $10.00
Youth Of Today “Disengage” $4.00


FNU Ronnies “Golem” $3.00
Real Numbers “What Was & What Is” $7.00
Spewtilator / Coffin Dust “Ancient Rites Of Getting Conjured” $3.00
Spine Scavenger “Spine Scavenger” $3.00
Spine Scavenger “The Raider” $4.00
Well Okay “Homesick For A House Fire” $1.00
West, David “Drop Out Of Collage” $5.00