T-USED-DAY Update for January 31st, 2017

T-USED-DAY Update for January 31st, 2017
at Redscroll Records

Here are some of the latest used arrivals at the shop. Keep in mind this doesn’t include any of the CDs or many of the LPs in the general rock/pop/jazz/anything-in-the-back-room that we get in. This list also builds over the course of a week so sometimes some items are no longer in stock by the time this is posted. We try to avoid that, but it happens. Call ahead if there’s a particular release you’re curious about. These are the in-store prices – if you’d like to find any of these online please visit us here: http://www.discogs.com/seller/Redscroll

LPs & 12″s

AC/DC “If You Want Blood You’ve Got It” $6.00
Alizadeh, Akshin “Street Bangerz Volume 8” $8.00
Alunared / Ghost Orchids “Alunared / Ghost Orchids” $8.00
Arnalds, Olafur & Nils Frahm “Trance Frendz – An Evening With Olafus Arnalds & Nils Frahm” $19.00
Arrested Development “Ease My Mind” $4.00
Bellini “The Precious Price Of Gravity” (Blue) $5.00
Boy Least Likely To, The “The Law Of The Playground” (Green) $8.00
Circle Jerks “Wonderful” $16.00
Comadre “Comadre” (Clear) $14.00
Cro Mags “Age Of Quarrel” $55.00
Doughty, Mike “Circles Super Bon Bon Sleepless How Many Cans? True Dreams Of Wichita Monster Man Mr. Bitterness Maybe I’ll Come Down St. Louise Is Listening I Miss The Girl Unmarked Helicopters The Idiot Kings So Far I Have Not Found The Science” $15.00
Garbage / Screaming Females “Because The Night” (Clear) $8.00 10″
Genesis “The Story of Genesis” (Japanese Pressing) $18.00
Green Day “Revolution Radio” (Green) $20.00
Guaraldi, Vince Trio “A Charlie Brown Christmas” (Soundtrack) $15.00
Gza “Beneath The Surface” $12.00
Hawkins, Coleman “The Hawk Flies” $10.00
Hayasaka, Fumio “Seven Samurai” (Soundtrack, 2013 Reissue + CD) $19.00
Holiday, Billie “The Billie Holiday Collection: 20 Golden Greats” (Italian Compilation) $7.00
Howlin’ Wolf “His Greatest Sides, Volume One” $8.00
Hum “You’d Prefer An Astronaut” (Green) $35.00
James, Elmore “The Resurrection Of Elmore James” $15.00
Japan “Obscure Alternatives” (UK Pressing) $9.00
Johnson, Marc “Bass Desires” $8.00
Kiss “Crazy Nights” $8.00
Lennon, John “Imagine” (Remastered)” $11.00
Lifted Bells “Lifted Bells” (Mixed Color) $12.00
Lucifer’s Friend “I’m Just A Rock ‘N’ Roll Singer” $7.00
M, Frederick “Following Directions” $30.00
Marley, Bob & The Wailers “One Love” (Jamaican Pressing) $9.00
Memphis Slim “The Real Folk Blues” (Sealed) $10.00
Minor Threat “Out Of Step” $30.00
Mission Of Burma “Forget” $25.00
Moby “Porcelain” $9.00
Monk, Thelonious “The Complete Genius” (Mono) $15.00
Morissette, Alanis “Jagged Little Pill” $14.00
Motley Crue “Shout At The Devil” (Canadian Pressing) $16.66
Murder City Devils, The “Thelma” (Grey) $10.00
Ochs, Phil “Pleasures Of The Harbor” (Sealed) $20.00
Pixies “Head Carrier” (Pink) $14.00
Prine, John “John Prine Live” $48.00
Pussy Galore “Live: In The Red” $10.00
Reservoir “I Heard You As I Walked Away” (Blue / White /100) $8.00
Santana, Carlos “Blues For Salvador” $7.00
Shaw, Charles Cha Cha “Into Morning” $15.00
Springsteen, Bruce “Chapter And Verse” (Sealed) $25.00
Stormtroopers Of Death “Speak English Or Die” (Megaforce) $24.00
Tell Tale Singers, The / The Goldenaires Choir “Negro Spirituals” (Sealed) $10.00
Thunders, Johnny “So Alone” $30.00
UFO “A Conspiracy Of Stars” (Blue) $25.00
Vagrants, The “The Great Lost Album” $15.00
Various “Folk Songs Of Puerto Rico” (Yellow) $16.00
Violent Femmes “Hallowed Ground” $10.00
Waits, Tom “Swordfishtrombones” $25.00
Williams, John “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” $27.00
Williamson, Sonny Boy “The Real Folk Blues” $6.00
Williamson, Sonny Boy “Blues Classics By Sonny Boy Williamson Vol. 2” $22.00
Willie Bobo And The Bo-gents “Do What You Want To Do…” (Sealed) $15.00


Anderson, Laurie “O Superman” $3.00
Andrew Jackson Jihad / Apocalypse Meow “Pug Life” (Orange Swirl) $8.00
Aus Rotten “Fuck Nazi Sympathy” $2.00
Avant Gardener “Gotta Turn Back” $3.00
Beach Slang “Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken” (Blue) $8.00
Beatles “Please Please Me” $1.00
Beatles “Please Please Me” $1.00
Beatles “She Loves You” $2.00
Beatles “Twist & Shout” (Check Condition) $2.00
Blank Stare “Blank Stare” $1.50
Blank Stare “Blank Stare” $2.00
Bowie, David “Fame” $2.00
Box Tops “The Letter” $0.50
Bread And Water “Reason Of Insanity” $1.50
Bread And Water “Future Memories” $1.50
Brown, James “Night Train” $2.00
Brutal Truth / Spazz “Brutal Truth / Spazz” (2010 Repress) $3.00
Castells “Stand There Mountain” $1.00
Chronics, The “First Time, Best Time” $3.00
Coke Bust “Fuck Bar Culture” $4.00
Cold Snap “Spice Island Single” $1.00
Cooke, Sam “Another Saturday Night” $3.00
Detention “Too Noisy (Live 1984)” (Grey) $4.00
Dirty Looks “Dirty Looks” $2.00
Disorder “Air-Raid” $12.00
Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show “The Cover Of Rolling Stone” (Promo) $2.00
Ergs, The “Books About Miles Davis” $4.00
Eurythmics “There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart)” $0.75
Fleetwood Mac “Gold Dust Woman” $1.00
Fleetwood Mac “Dreams / Songbird” $1.00
Gaye, Marvin “Too Busy Thinking About My Baby” $1.00
Gloria Mundi “Fight Back” (UK Pressing) $5.00
Gonads, The “Pure Punk For Row People” $8.00
Hatred Surge “Isolated Human” (Clear) $3.00
Jackson 5, The “I’ll Be There” $1.00
Jackson, Janet “The Pleasure Principle” $1.00
Jackson, Janet “What Have You Done For Me Lately?” $1.50
Jackson, Michael “Ben” $1.00
Jackson, Michael & Paul McCartney “The Girl Is Mine” $0.50
James, Rick “Super Freak” $1.00
King Curtis “Spanish Harlem” (Promo) $4.00
Kiss (K.I.S.S.) “Heaven’s On Fire” $3.00
La Peste “Better Off Dead” $12.00
Latin Dogs, The “Warning” $6.00
Lennon, John & Yoko Ono “(Just Like) Starting Over” $1.00
Limp Wrist “Want Us Dead EP” (Blue/100) $15.00
Look Back And Laugh “State Of Illusion” $3.00
Madonna “Causing A Commotion” $1.00
Madonna “Borderline” $1.00
Marvelettes “Please Mr. Postman” $3.50
McCartney, Paul & Michael Jackson “Say Say Say” $0.50
Meco “Empire Strikes Back” $1.00
Michael, George “I Want Your Sex” $1.00
Michael, George “A Different Corner” $1.00
Monkees “Pleasant Valley Sunday” $0.75
Moths “Magazine Look” $15.00
My Own Lies / Betercore! “No More Imperialist War” (Brazilian Pressing) $3.00
No Statik “No Hospice” $2.00
No-Talents, The “Quelle Crise Betsy” $3.00
One Reason / Defiance, Ohio “One Reason / Defiance, Ohio” (Pink/Purple Swirl) $4.00
Peppermint Rainbow, The “Will You Be Staying After Sunday” $1.00
Plastic Ono Band “Give Peace A Chance” $2.00
Reactors, The “The Reactors” $8.00
Red Flag 77 / Special Duties “Red Flag / Special Duties” $3.00
Rhino 39 / Black Randy & The Metrosquad “Night In The Watts / I Wanna Be A Nark” $3.50
Ripshit / Offsides “A Seven Inch Split” $1.00
Rolling Stones “Emotional Rescue” $1.00
Rolling Stones “Good Times Bad Times” $2.00
Rolling Stones “Time Is On My Side” $2.00
Rolling Stones “Undercover Of The Night” $0.75
Rubber Band, The “Let Love Come Between Us” (Promo) $3.00
Rudi “I-Spy” $16.00
Saddest Landscape, The / We Were Skeletons “The Saddest Landscape / We Were Skeletons” $4.00
Santana “Black Magic Woman” $1.50
Saturday Looks Good To Me “Alcohol” $4.00
Scapegoat “Scapegoat” (Blue) $6.00
Scholastic Deth “Revenge Of The Nerds” $6.00
Sex Pistols “Silly Thing” $1.00
Social Task “1979 Studio Recording” $3.00
Springsteen, Bruce “Dancing In The Dark” $1.00
Springsteen, Bruce “Dancing In The Dark” (Generic Sleeve) $1.00
Suck “Bottom Heavy Volume One” $4.00
Table, The “Sex Cells” $3.00
Table, The “Do The Standing Still” $3.00
Thought Criminals, The “Food For Thoughtcrimes” (2006 Repress) $9.00
Turtles, The “Sound Asleep” $3.50
Various “4 Now From Buffalo N.UY.” (Feat. The Stains, The Cobras…) $10.00
Weed Hounds “Beach Bummed” (Purple) $6.00
Wendy & Lisa “Rainbow Lake” (UK Pressing) $1.00
Wendy & Lisa “Sideshow” (UK Pressing) $1.00
Wendy & Lisa “Honeymoon Express” (Promo) $1.00
Whitesnake “Here I Go Again” $1.00
Who, The “Pinball Wizard” $1.00
Who, The “Join Together” (Import) $2.00
Who, The Let’s See Action” (Import) $2.00
Wire “Dot Dash” (UK Pressing) $13.00
Wonder, Stevie “My Cherie Amour” $1.00
XO Skeletons “Asthmagasm” (Pink/White) $1.50

Cassette Tapes

Driphouse “50/50” $2.00
Gorbes, Ryan “Ryan Gorbes” $3.00
Hobo Cubes “Blaze Factor” $4.00
Hubble “Linger” $2.00
World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, The “Whenever, If Ever” $10.00