20th Of October 2017 Update

20th Of October 2017 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Review
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
Alessandroni, Alessandro “Ritmo Dell’ Industria No. 2”
And So I Watch You From Afar “The Endless Shimmering”
Apparel Wax “001”
Barrett, Pastor T.L. “Like A Ship… (Without A Sail)”
Bartell, Jaye “In A Time Of Trouble A Wild Exultation” (+ D/L)
Brand New “Science Fiction” (Black Vinyl Standard Edition & Red/Blue Editions Available)
Bully “Losing” (Loser Edition Colored Vinyl + D/L)
Camp Cope “Camp Cope” (Blue + D/L)
Carpenter, John “Anthology (Movie Themes 1974-1998)” (Die-Cut Sleeve Color Vinyl Deluxe Edition + 7″ + D/L)
Carpenter, John “Anthology (Movie Themes 1974-1998)” (Die-Cut Sleeve + D/L)
Carpenter, John “Lost Themes” (Obsidian Green Vinyl /500 + D/L)
Carpenter, John “Lost Themes II” (Lost Sunrise Vinyl /500 + D/L)
Cave, Nick & Warren Ellis “Wind River: Original Score” (Soundtrack 140Gram Snow White Vinyl)
Cavernlight “As We Cup Our Hands And Drink From The Stream Of Our Ache” (+ D/L)
Chilton, Alex “Like Flies On Sherbert”
Chronixx “Chronology”
Circuit Des Yeux “Reaching For Indigo”
Colleen “A Flame My Love, A Frequency”
Cut Worms “Alien Sunset”
Deaf Kids “Configuracao Do Lamento” 10″
Death “Individual Thought Patterns” (Baby Pink / Splatter Version /500)
Declaime “Young Spirit”
Destroyer “Ken” (+ D/L)
Destroyer “Ken” (LP + 7″, Yellow Vinyl Deluxe Edition)
Dirty Songs “Play Dirty Songs”
DJ Hell “Car Car Car”
DJ Hell “Car Car Car (Fango, Metropolis, Betonkunst Rmxs)”
DJ Vadim & Blackstone “Double Sided”
D’Marc Cantu “Omega Red”
Don Caballero “Singles Breaking Up (Vol. I)” (+ D/L)
Dream Control “Zeitgeber”
E-40 “In A Major Way” (+ D/L)
Eggleston, William “Musik” (+ D/L)
Emptyset “Skin”
Enslaved “E” (Red/Bone/Grey Splatter Vinyl /900)
Esmerine “Mechanics Of Dominion” (180 Gram + 5 Art Prints + D/L)
Extrawelt “Fear Of An Extra Planet” (3LP + D/L)
Fearless, Richard “Sweet Venus”
Flat Worms “Flat Worms”
Four Year Strong “Some Of You Will Like This // Some Of You Won’t” (Indie Retail Exclusive Color /500 + D/L)
Fret “Over Depth” (Mick Harris, Ltd. Ed. /500 2LP + D/L)
Gamble, Lee “Mnestic Pressure”
Gel Set “Body Copy” (+ D/L)
Giraffage “Too Real” (Ltd. Ed. Orange Vinyl)
Group Rhoda “Wilderless”
Gundella “The Hour Of The Witch” (Colored Vinyl)
Haemmorhage “We Are The Gore”
Hannaneh, Morteza “Tchashm-E-Del”
Harmonious Thelonious “Apakapa”
Hassell, Jon “Dream Theory In Malaya” (180 Gram + CD)
Hatun, Nene “Metacommunication”
Headroom “Head In The Clouds” (Blue Vinyl + D/L, Standard Black Vinyl Also Available)
Ikebe Shakedown “The Way Home” (Numbered Ltd. Ed. Clear Vinyl + D/L)
Ildjarn “1992-1995” (Numbered 2LP /500)
Iron Chic III “You Can’t Stay Here” (Ltd. Ed. Color + D/L)
Itadi “K. Bonney” (1983 Self Produced In Togo Reissue)
Juju & Jordash “Sis-Boom-Bah!” (2LP)
Junior Natural / Sly & Robbie “Militant”
Kerridge, Samuel “The Silence Between Us”
KRS-One “Return Of The Boom Bap” (2LP Black Generic Sleeve Edition)
Kubota, Kazuma “Utsuroi”
Lean Year “Lean Year” (+D/L)
MacKay, Bill / Ryley Walker “Spider Beetle Bee”
Mastodon “Remission” (2LP Aqua Blue/Clear Splatter /1500)
Michael, George “Listen Without Prejudice”
Nasum “Inhale/Exhale”
Orchestre Les Mangelepa “Last Band Standing”
Os Mutantes “A Divina Comedia Ou”
Partch, Harry “And On The Seventh Day Petals Fell In Petaluma: Gate 5 Ensemble”
Pearls Before Swine “One Nation Underground” (50th Anniversary Mono Restoration & Remastering)
Piana, Dino & Oscar Valdambrini “10 Situazioni: Sestetto”
Pinhead Gunpowder “Kick Over The Traces”
Pop, Iggy & The Stooges “Raw Power” (Colored Vinyl)
Primitive Man “Caustic” (2LP Gatefold)
Professor Rhythm “Bafana Bafana” (+ D/L)
Project Pablo “Hope You’re Well”
R.I.P. “Street Reaper”
Radiator Hospital “Play The Songs You Like”
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement “Ambient Black Magic”
Segall, Ty Band “Slaughterhouse” (Expanded LP)
Sepultura “Chaos A.D.” (1993 Album Remastered, 180 Gram)
Shane, Jackie “Any Other Way” (Numero)
Sinclair, Ranny “Another Autumn”
Smiths, The “The Queen Is Dead” (5LP Box Set)
Soviet “We Are Eyes, We Are Builders”
Special Request “Belief System”
Spoon “Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga” (10th Anniversary Edition 180 Gram 2LP + D/L)
Sumac “The Deal”
Symarip “Skinhead Moonstomp: Revisited” (180 Gram Red Vinyl)
Tarawangsawelas “Wanci”
Trivium “The Sin And The Sentence” (+ D/L)
Tzusing “In A Moment A Thousand Hits”
Various “Andina: Huayno, Carnaval And Cumbia – The Sound Of The Peruvian Andes 1968 To 1978”
Various “Welcome To Parradise Vol. II: Italian Dream House 89-93”
Various “I Won’t Have To Think About You” (The Ampersands, Hydroplane, The Cannanes, Love Positions…)
Various “Domestic Documents Vol. 2: Compiled By Butters Sessions & Noise In My Head”
Visionist “Value” (Gold Vinyl Ltd. Ed.)
Watter “History Of The Future” (+ D/L)
Weaver, Jane “The Architect” (+ D/L)
Zorn, John & Eugene Chadbourne “John Zorn, Eugene Chadbourne 1977-1981” (Box Set)


Charly Bliss “Guppy Issue One” (Comic + Flexi Disc)
Gallo, Ron “Temporary Slave”
Lion “You’ve Got A Woman”
Quiet Slang (Beach Slang) “We Were Babies & We Were Dirtbags”
Sports / Plush “Sports Plush Split”


Amenra “Mass VI”
Bell Witch “Mirror Reaper”
Blut Aus Nord “Deus Salutis Meae”
Brand New “Science Fiction”
Bully “Losing”
Caretaker, The “Everywhere At The End Of Time Stages 1-3”
Carpenter, John “Anthology (Movie Themes 1974-1998)”
Common Elder, King Elder “Shrines For The Unwanted, Respite For The Cast Aside”
Daphni “Joli Mai”
Deaf Kids “Configuracao Do Lamento”
Destroyer “Ken”
Dirty Songs “Play Dirty Songs”
Exhumed “Death Revenge”
Flat Duo Jets “Wild Wild Love”
Gamble, Lee “Mnestic Pressure”
Haemorrhage “We Are The Gore”
Halvorson, Mary Quartet “Paimon”
Ikebe Shakedown “The Way Home”
King Krule “The Ooz”
Phase Fatale “Redeemer”
Primitive Man “Caustic”
Professor Rhythm “Bafana Bafana”
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement “Ambient Black Magic”
Shane, Jackie “Any Other Way” (Numero Reissue Collection)
Smiths, The “The Queen Is Dead “(2CD Set Reissue)
Special Request “Belief System”
Sugai Ken “Ukabaz Umorez U”
Throane “Plus Une Main A Mordre”
Various “The Gamelan Of The Walking Warriors”
Various “Visions Of Darkness In Iranian Contemporary Music”
Vassafor “Malediction”


Bully “Losing” (SP1211)
Circuit Des Yeux “Reaching For Indigo” (Drag City)


Maximum Rock N Roll November 2017 Magazine
Matinee – All Ages on the Bowery 1983-1985 by Drew Carolan Book



Wear Your Wounds
After years of recording lo-fi solo material for mostly-cancelled releases, Converge founder, vocalist and lyricist Jacob Bannon has finally completed a full-length album as Wear Your Wounds. Rather than blistering metalcore, this album goes for an emotional, slow-burning post-rock, shoegaze and experimental rock sound. Joined by Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou and several other guest musicians including members of The Red Chord, Coliseum and Hatebreed, Wear Your Wounds thrives on a mature and contemplative mood. The opening title track starts with delicate piano soon joined by a powerful guitar wall and drums paced like a self-meditative walk.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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