T-USED-DAY Update for October 17th, 2017

T-USED-DAY Update for October 17th, 2017
at Redscroll Records

Here are some of the latest used arrivals at the shop. Keep in mind this doesn’t include any of the CDs or many of the LPs in the general rock/pop/jazz/anything-in-the-back-room that we get in. This list also builds over the course of a week so sometimes some items are no longer in stock by the time this is posted. We try to avoid that, but it happens. Call ahead if there’s a particular release you’re curious about. These are the in-store prices – if you’d like to find any of these online please visit us here: http://www.discogs.com/seller/Redscroll

LPs & 12″s

A Place To Bury Strangers “A Place To Bury Strangers” (Orange / Black, UK Pressing) $30.00
A Winged Victory For The Sullen “A Winged Victory For The Sullen” $10.00
Agoraphobic Nosebleed / Despise You “Agoraphobic Nosebleed / Despise You” (Orange) $15.00
Amfang, Sylvester II “Untitled” (White, 403/500) $14.00
Animal Collective “Fall Be Kind” $8.00
Animal Collective “Summertime Clothes” $5.00
Atomizer “The Only Weapon Of Choice – 13 Odes To Power, Decimation And Conquest” $14.00
Bane “Give Blood” $18.00
Beaches “Eternal Sphere” $6.00
Beastie Boys “She’s On It” $5.00
Best Coast “The Only Place” $6.00
Black Heart Procession “Blood Bunny / Black Rabbit” (Red/Black) $8.00
Black Heart Procession “Six” (Red/Black Streaks) $14.00
Blacklisters “Blklstrs” (Random Color Edition) $8.00
Bloodhorse “Horizoner” $10.00
Blue Oyster Cult “Spectres” (Promo) $6.00
Blue Oyster Cult “Cultosaurus Erectus” $5.00
Bold “The Search 1985-1989” $13.00
Books, The “The Way Out” (Clear/White With Rainbow Splatter) $45.00
Brainoil “Brainoil” $6.00
Brother Sun, Sister Moon “Brother Sun, Sister Moon” (Clear/Purple) $18.00
Browser, Bobby “Just Browsing” $5.00
Cale, JJ “5” $12.00
Camel “Nude” (Canadian Import) $6.00
Caminiti, Evan “When California Falls Into The Sea” $9.00
Cannibal Corpse “Eaten Back To Life” (2016 Reissue) $19.00
Capsule “Capsule” (Snow Drift /200) $8.00
Car Bomb “Centralia” (White/Black/Red) $20.00
Celer “Evaporate And Wonder” $12.00
Chipmunks, The “Chipmunk Rock” $2.00
Coalesce “Functioning On Impatience” $14.00
Converge “Unloved And Weeded Out” (Green Clear) $8.00
Converge “Axe To Fall” (Highlighter Yellow) $12.00
Craft “Void” (Clear/Balck Splatter) $25.00
Dark Castle “Surrender To All Life Beyond Form” (Orange) $20.00
Davis, Miles / Marcus Miller “Siesta” (Soundtrack, Sealed!) $10.00
Deafheaven “Roads To Judah” (Cream) $9.00
Deep Purple “Machine Head” (German Pressing) $18.00
Defeater “Travels” (Gold/Black Smoke) $10.00
Demarco, Mac “Rock And Roll Night Club” $12.00
Dinosaur Jr. “Green Mind”: (2006 180 gram Reissue) $26.00
Dinosaur Jr. “Where You Been” (2006 180 gram Reissue) $14.00
Dinosaur Jr. “Farm” $13.00
Dirty Dishes “Guilty” $5.00
Discorance Axis “Original Sound Version 1992-1995″ (2xLP, Clear, Bonus 7” Missing) $12.00
Earth “Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light II” (Aqua /1000 + Poster) $35.00
Earth “Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light I” (Red /1000) $40.00
Eden Express “Que Amors Que” $4.00
Eidetic Seeing “Against Nature” $9.00
Elm “Nemcatacoa” (Clear /150) $18.00
Emancipator “Coveting” $5.00
En “Already Gone” (Clear) $10.00
English, Lawrence “A Colour For Autumn” $25.00
Eno, Brian “Another Green World” (UK Pressing) $30.00
Etting, Ruth “Reflections” $5.00
Etting, Ruth “Ruth Etting Encores” $6.00
Faint, The “Danse Macabre” (2xLP, No CD or DVD) $12.00
Ferraro, Jamers “Discovery” $7.00
Flying Lotus “Cosmogramma” $15.00
Fountainhead “Live” $5.00
Garbage & The Flowers “The Deep Niche” $13.00
Genius / GZA “Liquid Swords” $18.00
Getz, Stan “Stan Getz Plays” (French Import, Mono Reissue) $7.00
Glass, Samantha “Mysteries From The Palomino Skyliner” $5.00
Godspeed You! Black Emperor “Allelujah! Don’t Bend Ascend” $10.00
Grails “The Burden Of Hope” (Orange) $22.00
Grails “Redlight” $19.00
Grass Widow “Grass Widow” $13.00
Grateful Dead “Houston, Texas 11-18-1972” $39.00
Greiner, Svarte “Penpals Forever (And Ever)” $8.00
Grizzly Bear “Horn Of Plenty” $20.00
Group Inerane “Guitars From Agadez Vol. 3” $21.00
Gunn, Steve / Shawn David McMillen “End Of The City” $7.00
Hauschildt, Steve “Tragedy & Geomety” $15.00
Hecker, Tim And Daniel Lopatin “Instrumental Tourist” (#1324/2000) $10.00
Help Yourself “Strange Afair” $13.00
High On Fire “The Art Of Self “Defense” (First Pressing) $14.00
Hooded Menace “Effigies Of Evil” (Orange) $18.00
Ignite “Call On My Brothers” (Purple Swirl, 2012 Repress) $10.00
Imaginary Softwoods “The Path Of Spectrolite” (Clear/White) $15.00
Incantation “Diabolical Conquest” (Blue / Silver) $35.00
Infinite Body “Carve Out The Face Of My God” $9.00
Innergaze “Shadow Disco” $5.00
Integrity “Those Who Fear Tomorrow” $16.00
Ital “Only For You” $5.00
Ital “Ital’s Theme” $10.00
Jasper Wrath “Jasper Wrath” $38.00
Kershi, Abdullah & Ahmed Sherif “The Freedom Songs Of The Somali Republic” $28.00
Kowloon Walled City “Gambling On The Richter Scale” (Silver) $20.00
Krallice “Dimensional Bleedthrough” (Clear/300) $50.00
Kylesa “Spiral Shadow” (Green) $28.00
L.A. Vampires / Octo Octa “Freedom 2K” $6.00
Ladder Devils “Nowhere Plans” (Clear White, /100) $9.00
Locrian “The Clearing” $6.66
Lootpack “Soundpieces: Da Antidote!” (3xLP + Bonus 7″) $19.00
Ludicra “Ludicra” (White) $6.00
LVL Up “Space Brothers” $22.00
Lynch, David & Alan R. Splet “Eraserhead” (2012 Reissue, w/ Bonus 7″ and 3 Prints) $38.00
M83 “Saturdays = Youth” $9.00
Magic Lantern “High Beams” $8.00
Magic Touch “I Can Feel The Heat” $6.00
Majeure “Timespan RMX” $6.00
Malvoeaux “Broken Anthem” $5.00
Mammoth Grinder “Underworlds” (Blue) $24.00
Marks, Kalk “Life Is Murder” $8.00
McCann, Sean “Chances Are Staying” $7.00
McGuire, Mark “Living With Yourself” $8.00
McGuire, Mark “Off In The Distance” $9.00
Meeks, Carl / Admiral Tibet “Rude Girl Sandra / Give Us The Opportunity” $2.00
Menace Ruine “Union Of Irreconcilables” $18.00
Mendes, Sergio “The Swinger From Rio” $13.00
Mew “No More Stories” $17.00
Micah Blue Smaldone / Big Blood “Micah Blue Smaldone / Big Blood” $10.00
Miller, Sidney “Linguas De Fogo” $12.00
Minerva, Maria “Noble Savage” $6.00
Minerva, Maria “Noble Savage” $5.00
Minor Threat “Minor Threat” (Gray Cover – German/Austrian/Swiss Pressing With Insert) $80.00
Minor Threat “Minor Threat” (German / Austrian / Swiss Pressing) $80.00
Mohoram Atta / Thou “Degradation Of Human Life” $8.00
Molina, Tony “Dissed And Dismissed” (Red) $14.00
Mono “You Are There” $10.00
Motley Crue “Theatre Of Pain” (Club Edition) $6.00
Nails “Unsilent Death” (2016 Reissue) $13.00
Nails “You Will Never Be One Of Us” $13.00
Nails “Abandon All Life” $13.00
No Artist “Moby Dick” $5.00
Noble, Lee “No Becoming” $20.00
Noble, Lee “Ruined” (Sealed) $6.00
Noothgrush / Coffins “Noothgrush / Coffins” (Grey) $10.00
Octo Octa “Let Me See You” $14.00
OneOhTrix Point Never “Zones Without People” (2nd Pressing) $13.00
Osbourne, Ozzy “Bark At The Moon” $10.00
Packard, Eileen & Paul Recker “Peanutbutter Jam: Incredibly Spreadable” $5.00
Panda Bear “Tomboy” (4xLP Box) $24.00
Patton, Charley “Volume One” $13.00
Peaking Lights “936” $15.00
Peaking Lights “Space Primitive” (Clear) $6.00
Pelican “Ephemeral” (Gold) $9.00
Pharoahs “Silk” $5.00
Phish “Rift” (#009030) $42.00
Phish “Junta” (3xLP Deluxe 2013 Pressing) $47.00
Phish “The Siket Disc” $12.00
Pieranunzi / Johnson / Baron “Deep Down” $9.00
Pig Destroyer “Book Burner” (Deep Blue, Deluxe Edition) $20.00
Pity Sex “Dark World” (Gold / White) $10.00
Pity Sex “Feast Of Love” (Blue) $9.00
Pixies “Trompe Le Monde” (UK Import) $12.00
Pixies “Come On Pilgrim” $12.00
Porras, Jon “Black Mesa” (White) $8.00
Primitive Weapons “The Shadow Gallery” (Grey) $13.00
Prince Rama “Utopia = No Person” $7.00
Procol Harum “Grand Hotel” (German Pressing) $8.00
Rare Bird “As Your Mind Flies By” $9.00
Reich, Steve / Richard Maxfield / Pauline Oliveros “New Sounds In Electronic Music” $24.00
Repulsion “Horrified” (Green Splatter, 2013 Repress) $24.00
Resurrection “I Am Not: The Discography” (Red) $8.00
Rise And Fall “Our Circle Is Vicious” (Bronze) $6.00
Rizzati, Walter “1990: Bronx Warriors” (Red/Yellow) $15.00
Robedoor “Raiders” (Grey) $8.00
Robedoor “Burners” $7.00
Robedoor “Too Down To Die” $6.00
Robedoor “Rock Bottom” (Sealed!) $10.00
Robedoor / Leslie Keffer “Silver Bridge / Hooded Communion” $6.00
Rose, Frankie “Interstellar” $5.00
Russian Circles “Empros” $13.00
Russian Tsarlag “Liquid Nails” $10.00
Russian Tsarlag “Midnight At Mary’s House” $8.00
Sebastian “Total” (2011 Pressing) $27.00
Simple Minds “Empires And Dance” (UK Pressing) $9.00
Sleep “Dopesmoker” (2003 Tee Pee Pressing) $70.00
Small Black “EP” $25.00
Sneeze “I’m Going To Kill Myself” (#156/500, Clear) $5.00
Sonic Youth “Daydream Nation” (4xLP Box) $24.00
Speedy Ortiz “Real Hair” (Orange) $6.00
Stove “Is Stupider” (Test Press) $30.00
Stuart, Alice “Full Time Woman” $6.00
Sugarhill Gang “Rappers Delight” $4.00
Sun Araw “Off Duty” $6.00
Sun Araw “On Patrol” $25.00
SunnO))) “00 Void” (Cream) $20.00
Superheaven “Ours Is Chrome” (Grimace Purple) $10.00
Sweet Pie “Pleasure Pudding” (With All Inserts) $10.00
Tangerine Dream “Hyperborea” (1983 Euro. Pressing) $17.00
Tankj “Puissance 36 KW” (Purple) $12.00
Three Mile Pilot “The Inevitable Part Is The Future Forgotten” (Red/Tan/Black) $14.00
Three Mile Pilot “Na Vucca Do Lupu” (Clear) $18.00
Tortoise “Tortoise” (Mail Order Edition /500) $16.00
Touche Amore “… To The Beat Of A Dead Horse” (White) $12.00
Trap Them “Sleepwell Deconstructor” (Gold/Oxblood) $15.00
Twinsistermoon “Then Fell The Ashes” $8.00
Tyler, Charles “Eastern Man Alone” $30.00
Uriah Heep “The Magicians Birthday” (Club Edition) $6.00
Van Halen “1984” $5.00
Van Halen “Women And Children First” $5.00
Van Halen “Van Halen” $5.00
Van Halen “Woman And Children First” $5.00
Various “New Breed Tape Compilation” $14.00
Various “Kill Rock Stars” (2011, #1119/2000) $12.00
Various “Ecstatic Music Of The Jemma El Fna” $20.00
Various Artists Music Of Viet Nam” $16.00
Various Artists “The Story Of Star Wars” $8.00
Venetian Snares “Traditional Synthesizer Music” $16.00
Walker Brothers, The “Nite Flight” (UK Pressing) $80.00
Weekend Nachos “Worthless” (Blue) $15.00
Weir, Bob “Blue Mountain” $14.00
Whitehouse “Quality Time” $17.00
Who, The “A Quick One (Happy Jack) / The Who Sell Out” (1973) $10.00
Wolfington, Donovan “Stop Breathing” (Mixed Color) $15.00
Wolves In The Throne Room “Malevolent Grain” (Forest Green) $20.00
Young Widows “In And Out Of Youth And Lightness” (Red/300) $20.00


Torche “In Return” $13.00


Big Troubles “Drastic & Difficult” $2.00
Bowie, David “Space Oddity” (Promo, Check Condition) $3.00
Cars, The “Victim Of Love” (Promo) $4.00
Devo “(I Can’t Get Me No) Satisfaction” (UK Pressing) $5.00
Devo “Whip It / Snowball” (UK Pressing) $5.00
Devo “Snowball / Freedom Of Choice” $5.00
Devo “Secret Agent Man” (UK Pressing) $4.00
Devo “Working In The Coal Mine” $1.00
Devo “Through Being Cool” $5.00
Devo “Jerkin’ Back And Forth” $3.00
Devo “That’s Good / What I Must Do” $2.00
Dinosaur Jr. “(Beyond Bonus 7″)” $5.00
Dinosaur Jr. “I Don’t Wanna Go There” $5.00
Dinosaur Jr. “Get Me” (1992 Import) $7.00
Doors, The “The Doors Hits” (Australia) $16.00
Doors, The “Hello, I Love You” (2×7″ UK Pressing) $6.00
Fleshtones “The Girl From Baltimore” (UK Pressing) $8.00
Fleshtones “American Beat” $5.00
Fleshtones “The World Has Changed” $2.00
Fleshtones “Cold Cold Shoes” (Promo) $3.00
Fleshtones “American Beat 84” $2.00
Fleshtones “Screamin’ Skull” (Promo) $6.00
Fleshtones “Right Side Of A Good Thing” (UK Pressing) $5.00
Fleshtones “Ride Your Pony” $4.00
Fleshtones “Shadow-Line” (UK Pressing) $7.00
Fleshtones “Ride Your Pony” $5.00
Grubbies, The “Pop Rock For Cartoon People” $20.00
Harrison, Jerry (Of Talking Heads) “Things Fall Apart” (UK Pressing) $4.00
Kraftwerk “Numbers” (Promo) $9.00
Lennon, John / Yoko Ono “Starting Over” $1.50
Mojo Men “Sit Down, I Think I Love You” $3.00
Move, The “Tonight” (Promo) $5.00
Move, The “Flowers In The Rain” $3.00
Move, The “Curly” $1.00
Neats “Caraboo” $4.00
Neumann, Joe “It Can Happen Anytime Of The Day” $1.00
Nighcrawlers, The “The Little Black Egg” $1.00
Oede “One Man’s Trash” $1.00
Psychedelic Furs “Dumb Waiters” (UK Pressing) $1.00
Psychedelic Furs “Heaven” (UK Pressing) $2.00
Psychedelic Furs “We Love You” (UK Pressing, Green Sleeve) $8.00
Psychedelic Furs “Dumb Waiters” (Flexi Cover) $1.00
Rolling Stones, The “Got Live If You Want It” (UK Pressing) $5.00
Sneeze “Grandma In The Trenches” $1.00
Springsteen, Bruce “Sherry Darling” (UK Pressing) $5.00
Springsteen, Bruce “Hungry Heart” $2.00
Squeeze “Packet Of 3” (UK Pressing) $5.00
Squeeze “Christmas Day” (UK Pressing, White Vinyl) $3.00
Squeeze “Another Nail In My Heart” $1.00
Squeeze “Slap And Tickle” (Red Vinyl, UK Pressing) $2.00
Squeeze “Is That Love” (UK Pressing) $1.50
Squeeze “Another Nail In My Heart” $2.00
Squeeze “Another Nail In My Heart” (UK Pressing) $3.00
Squeeze “Pulling Mussels From The Shell” $3.00
Squeeze “Pulling Mussels From The Shell” (Promo) $4.00
Squeeze “Pulling Mussels From The Shell” (UK Pressing) $4.00
Squeeze “If I Didn’t Love You” $2.00
Squeeze “If I Didn’t Love You” (Promo) $3.00
Stranglers, The “Nice ‘N’ Sleazy” (Promo) $12.00
Stranglers, The “The Stranglers” (Pink Marble) $6.00
Stranglers, The “Strange Little Girl” (UK Pressing) $3.00
Stranglers, The “Peaches” (Original UK Pressing) $4.00
Stranglers, The “Feline” (Bonus 7″ From LP) $2.00
Stranglers, The “Peasant In The Big Shitty” (UK Pressing) $6.00
Stranglers, The “Midnight Summer Dream” $3.00
Stranglers, The “Duchess” (UK Pressing) $2.50
Stranglers, The “Who Wants The World” (UK Pressing) $4.00
Stranglers, The “Thrown Away” (UK Pressing) $2.50
Stranglers, The “Bear Cage” (UK Pressing) $3.00
Stranglers, The “Don’t Bring Harry” (UK Pressing) $3.00
Stranglers, The “Duchess” $4.00
Stranglers, The “5 Minutes” (UK Pressing) $3.00
Stranglers, The “Nice ‘N’ Sleazy” (UK Pressing) $2.50
Stranglers, The “Grip” (UK Pressing) $4.00
Tom Tom Club “Wordy Rappinghood” (UK Pressing) $2.00
Tom Tom Club “Under The Boardwalk” (UK Pressing) $2.50
Tom Tom Club “Pleasure Of Love” $2.50
Tom Tom Club “The Man With The 4-Way Hips” $2.00
Tom Tom Club “The Man With The 4-Way Hips” (UK Pressing) $3.00
Townshend, Pete “Let My Love Open The Door” $3.00
Townshend, Pete / Ronnie Lane “My Baby Gives It Away” (Promo) $3.00
Troggs, The “Give It To Me” (Promo) $2.00
U2 “Fire” (UK Pressing, 2×7″) $5.00
U2 “Two Hearts Beat As One” (UK Pressing 2×7″) $6.00
U2 “I Will Follow” $10.00
U2 “With Or Without You” $3.00
UK Squeeze “Take Me I’m Yours” (Promo) $4.00
Washer / Big Ups “Washer / Big Ups” $2.00
Washer / Flagland “Washer / Flagland” $1.00
Who, The “Long Live Rock” (UK Pressing) $2.00
Who, The “5:15” $3.00
Who, The “Had Enough / Who Are You” (UK Pressing) $8.00
Who, The “You Better You Bet” $3.00

Cassette Tapes

7 Seconds “Live! One Plus One” $3.50
Afterlife “Hypnautic Rinse” $4.00
Air Sign “Our Galactic Covered Wagons To The Stars” $2.00
Alberorovesciato “Crown Mineral & Scared Well” $2.00
Allman Brothers Band “Idlewild South” $1.00
AM Shiner / Musculus “AM Shiner / Musculus” $1.00
America Reads “Towers Open Fire” $1.00
Antique Brothers & The Family Band “Digger Gold” $2.00
Archers By The Sea “Sometimes We Should Dance” $3.00
Armali Lari “Ma Tu La Pasta La Vo” $2.00
AyGeeTee “Soul” $4.00
Berber Ox “Minor Tranquilser” $1.00
Birds Of Passage “Highwaymen In Midnight Masks” $1.00
Black Eagle Child “Seeds That Sprout In Summer” $3.00
Black Unicorn “Squid And Whale” $4.50
Blood On Tape “The Terror Of Solitudes” $2.00
Blood On Tape “Quietus” $2.00
Blues Control “Live At WFMU” $3.00
Blues Control “Riverboat Styx” $5.50
Bob Dylan / Grateful Dead “Dylan And The Dead” $3.00
Brandal, Andreas “Then The Strangest Thing Happened” $3.00
Brandal, Andreas “Secrets Of The Snow” $2.00
Cankun “Jaguar Dance” $4.00
Celer “Honey Moon” $10.00
Chrome Wings “Time Patterns” $3.00
Connector “Steel / Rust” $1.00
Connector “Steel / Rust” $1.00
Copper Glove “Dead Space / No Power” $2.00
Cough Cool “Clausen” $3.00
Cough Cool “Cough Cool” $3.50
Coyote Clean Up “Frozen Solid” $9.00
Criminals “Babes” $1.50
Cruise Family “Up To Us” $5.00
Cruise Family “Orbital Express” $4.00
Daughters Of The Sun “Orphans” $5.50
Dawson, Henry “Brain Love” $4.50
Design “Hangin'” $5.00
Dinosaur JR “Just Like Heaven” $1.50
Dire Wolves “Jams And The Giant Peace” $3.00
Donito Epiro “Supercontinent” $1.00
Dream Colour “Inner Worship” $1.00
Duck Dives / Edibles “Duck Dives / Edibles” $4.00
Early Tunnels “Aerial Caves” $3.00
El Jesus De Magico “Ragtime Hors” $1.00
Emaciator “Failed” $5.00
Emuul “Eqeiro” $2.00
Emuul “Further Stations” $3.00
Emuul “On The Origins Of Motion” $2.00
Emuul “Crawling Across The Rafters” $3.00
Endless Time “Coasting” $1.00
Enfer Boreal “Devotion” $3.00
Ensemble Economique “Live In London” $3.00
Ettinger, Dylan “New Age Outlaws” $5.00
Ettinger, Dylan “Interstellar Pleasures” $3.00
Ettinger, Dylan “Bringin’ The Heat” $3.00
Ettinger, Dylan “Composed” $3.00
Ettinger, Dylan “Bread Of The Dead” $3.00
Ettinger, Dylan “Communion” $4.00
Ettinger, Dylan “Super Ape” $4.00
Excavacations “Present Heap” $2.00
Excavations “Excavations” $1.00
Fleetwood Mac “Rumours” $2.00
FNS “Uppsalir” $4.00
Foodman “Shokuhin” $5.50
Frank, Simon “Unheated Neighbors” $4.00
Funkhauser, Rob “Granular Momentum Exchange” $2.00
Galena “Grave News For You” $1.00
Garbage “Garbage” $2.50
Garrincha & The Stolen Elk “We Were Wyoming” $1.00
Gentlemens Butcher “Persistent Static” $2.00
Glass, Samantha “Midnight Arrival” $4.00
Granitkorridor “III” $1.00
Greymachine “Vultures Descend” $4.00
Guanaco “Ardea Cinerea” $1.00
Guns N Roses “Appetite For Destruction” $2.00
Hart, Bruce “Music For Drawing” $2.50
Helmet “Betty” $3.00
High Aura’d / Andre Foisy “High Aura’d / Andre Foisy” $2.00
Holy Strays “Hyperion” $3.00
Hoor-paar-kraat “Graduating From Clocks To Watches (Eureka Tapes Volume II” $2.00
Inhibitionists / Afterlife “Inhibitionists / Afterlife” $2.00
Inner City “Boy In Forest Trying To Hotwire The Earth” $3.00
Inner City “Future Life Reloaded” $4.00
Iron Maiden “Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son” $3.00
Jawsmoke / Nite Lite “Jawsmoke / Nite Lite” $2.00
Kelly, Jeremy “Shortwaves” $4.00
Kelly, Jeremy “It Sounds Different In The Dark” $2.00
KLF, The “The White Room” $1.50
Kon Tiki Gemini & Cavernes “Deep Discoveries” $2.00
Konntinent “Arev Benn” $3.00
Kravitz, Lenny “Are You Gonna Go My Way” $1.50
LA Vampires “Limo Scene” $5.00
Larval Hairs “Aedes Flashback” $2.00
Living Colour “Vivid” $2.00
Lunar Miasma “Three Legged Race” $4.00
LX Sweat “Sweat Sweat Sweat” $6.00
M. Geddes Gengras “This Could Be The Last Time” $4.00
M. Geddes Gengras “The Empty Space” $5.00
Masons / Molten Honey “In The Basement Of The Temple” $3.00
McCann, Sean “Open Resolve” $4.00
McCann, Sean “A Wind In Their Way” $3.00
Mickey Mickey Rourke “Festive Bummer” $4.00
Millions / Spectrum Tickets “Millions / Spectrum Tickets” $3.00
Mortuus Auris & The Black Hand “Sleep” $3.00
Mortuus Auris & The Black Hand “The White Paper” $3.00
Mortuus Auris & The Black Hand “Freiheit Ist Immer Freiheit Der Andersdenkenden” $2.00
Moss “Cthonic Rites” $5.00
Mpala Caroo “Ou Du Monde” $10.00
Murray, Heather Leigh “Posing For A New Role” $8.00
Naked On The Vague “Midnight” $4.20
Nite Lite “Marlene” $3.00
Nite Lite / Waterfinder “Nite Lite / Waterfinder” $1.00
Oasis “(What’s The Story) Morning Glory” $3.50
Pajjama “Starch” $5.00
Paranoid Time “Pass Out Or Die Trying” $2.00
Parashi “Troika” $1.00
Parashi / Graitkorridor “Parashi / Graitkorridor” $1.00
Parts Of Speech “Floyd Biz” $3.00
Pendra Gon “Lupsam Regnatra” $2.00
Pessoa “Summer Of 2011” $2.00
Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers “Let Me Up (I’ve Had Enough)” $1.50
Pimmon “Lay Down Real Slow” $3.00
Piper Spray “Telegraph” $3.00
Planets Around The Sun “Gold” $3.00
Planktonwat / Super Minerals “Planktonwat / Super Minerals” $3.00
Plante “Temples On High” $2.50
Pocahaunted “Make It Real” $3.00
Pocahaunted “Live From The New Age” $5.00
Pocahaunted “Beast That You Are” $7.00
Poison “Open Up And Say…Ahh!” $1.50
Polysick “Flow FM” $6.00
Prince And The Revolution “Around The World In A Day” $2.50
Queen Victoria “There Will Come Soft Rains” $4.00
Queen Victoria “The Present Tense” $1.00
Radiohead “Pablo Honey” $3.50
Rambutan “Dream OF A Future Desert” $3.00
Rambutan “Incidences” $2.00
Rambutan / Chapels “Rambutan / Chapels” $3.00
Rangers / Kwjaz Lite “Angel Island” $3.00
Remote Islands “Days Of Heaven” $2.00
Rene Hell “Baroque Arcade” $4.00
Robedoor “Rock Bottom” $4.00
Robedoor “Flatliners” $2.00
Robedoor “Exorcist Blues” $3.00
Rogue Cop “You’re About As Romantic As A Pair Of Handcuffs” $1.00
Roped Off “Blows Grass In Space” $1.00
Rovesliato, Albero “Ancient Shining Drums Of The Covered City” $3.00
Ruin / Eternal Plough “Ohio Feathers Volume One” $2.00
Russian Tsarlag “Classic Dog Control Booth” $7.00
Sadness Saturn / Golden Raven “Sadness Saturn / Golden Raven” $5.00
Scarlatti, D.A. & Agakus “Brainwave” $3.00
Schwarzenegger “Commando” $10.00
Servile Sect “Surrender” $3.00
Shep And Me “Nasturtium Inertia” $2.00
Silver Bullets “Free Radicals” $8.00
Skin Graft “Drug Addict” $4.00
Slam Fucking Dunk “Slam Fucking Dunk” $1.00
Social Distortion “Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell” $1.50
Social Drag “New Age Healer” $1.00
Soft Focus Unicorn “The Path To Love” $1.00
Sohni Chambers “Yaw-Mah-Ha” $4.00
Sorc’henn “Shadow Is Ov Silver Phantom Is Ov Gold” $4.00
Space Ghost “Pyramid Dreams” $5.00
Sudden Oak “Banquet Years” $1.00
Talisman “Initiate Into The Mysteries” $3.00
Terminator “Terminator 2” $3.00
TG Gondard “Avontuur” $2.00
These Wonderful Evils “Cerro Rico” $2.00
Thin Lizzy “Bad Reputation” $5.00
Thou “The Archer And The Owle” $6.00
Tidal / Holographic Arts “Tidal / Holographic Arts” $5.00
Toning “Pitch The Drone” $1.00
Tracey Trance “Mummy Fingers” $5.00
Traveling Wilburys “Volume One” $1.00
Tricorn & Queue “Ashes Wander” $2.00
Trudgers “Bedrooms On Fire” $3.00
Trudgers / Kevin Greenspon “Kevin Greenspon / Trudgers” $1.50
True Mathematics “Greatest Hits” $3.00
Ugly Husbands / Gul Bara “Ugly Husbands / Gul Bara” $2.00
Van Halen “For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge” $1.00
Various “Project Housing” $3.00
Various “Gaman A Ceremony For Japan” $14.00
Various “Sunset Grillers” $2.00
Various “MTVL Buzz Bin Volume 1” $1.00
Various “Reggae Covers Volume 1” $3.00
Various “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” $1.50
Various “Sacred Phrases – Inscriptions Volume One” $3.00
Victory “Culture Killed The Native” $1.00
Vortex Riders “Nullpunkt / The White Queen” $4.00
Warm Climate “Edible Homes” $2.00
Warm Climate “Camouflage On The River Wretched” $1.00
Warm Climate “Pigeon Brides Weigh In” $1.00
Watson, William Cody “Arkansas” $3.00
Waxy Tombs / Psychic Reality “Waxy Tombs / Psychic Reality” $2.00
Western Standards “The Sirens” $3.00
Wether “Heres The Bet” $1.00
Wham! “Make It Big” $4.00
Xela “The Sublime” $3.00
Xi Phiidae “Pisces Muse” $5.00
Xi Phiidae “Equal Phesance” $3.00
Xiphidae “Liustus / Trans Formation” $7.00
Yek Koo “I Saw Myself” $2.00