6th Of October 2017 Update

6th Of October 2017 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Review
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
21 Savage “Issa” (+ D/L)
Abra “Rose” (2LP Special Edition Vinyl)
Aesop Rock “Bushwick: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”
Anno Stamm “Fragments B”
Ariel Pink “Dedicated To Bobby Jameson” (+ D/L)
Askew, Ed “Art And Life”
Aus-Rotten “… And Now Back To Our Programming”
Beast (Koen Holtkamp) “Volume Two”
Beast (Koen Holtkamp) “Volume One”
Belphegor “Totenritual” (Grey Vinyl /500)
Bernstein, Charles “Cujo: Music From The Motion Picture” (First Ever Vinyl Release – Black & Brown / 1000)
Black Seeds, The “Fabric”
Blis. “No One Loves You”
Blossom & Hot16 “Tease” (+D/L)
Blue Hawaii “Tenderness” (Ltd. Ed. Tender Vinyl + D/L)
Blue In Green “The Break Of Dawn” (180 Gram Blue Vinyl)
Blue Iverson “Hotep”
Bottin “I Have What I Gave” (+ D/L)
Catherine Wheel “Ferment” (Music On Vinyl 180 Gram Reissue)
Chain And The Gang “Experimental Music”
Citizen “As You Please” (Black In Clear Vinyl + D/L)
Clientele, The “Music For The Age Of Miracles” (+ D/L)
Coil With Black Sun Productions “The Plastic Spider Thing” (2LP)
Counterparts “You’re Not You Anymore” (+ D/L)
Cults “Offering” (+D/L)
Cutting Through “A Will To Change” (Ltd. Ed. Color Vinyl)
Death Yell “Descent Into Hell”
Deceased “Behind The Mourner’s Veil”
Deceased “Fearless Undead Machines”
Deradoorian “Eternal Recurrence” (+ D/L)
Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft “Das Ist DAF” (Box Set 5LP + 7″)
DJ MC “Lowend Jungle”
Dr. Shrinker “Archive I” (2LP)
Dr. Shrinker “Archive II” (2LP)
Dub Narcotic Sound System “Bone Dry Bass Hump Superball Rot Gut”
Evgrafov, Dmitry “Comprehension Of Light” (+ D/L)
Gast, John T. “Inna Babylon”
Greiner, Svarte “Apart” (+ D/L)
Greiner, Svarte “Knive” (+ D/L)
H2O “The Don Fury Demo Session” (+ D/L)
Harry Pussy “A Real New England Fuck Up”
Hiss Golden Messenger “Hallelujah Anyhow” (+ D/L)
Hooper, David “It’s My Turn” (With The Silverbacks)
Horowitz, Richard “Eros In Arabia” (+ D/L)
I-iii “Dolce”
Ivan Ave “Low Jams” (Produced By MNDSGN)
Jabu “Sleep Heavy” (+ D/L)
Jane’s Addiction “Nothing’s Shocking” (Clear Vinyl)
Johnson, Calvin “Before The Dream Faded”
Kelela “Take Me Apart” (2LP Deluxe Edition Transparent Vinyl)
KH “Question”
Kiasmos “Blurred”
Klein “Tommy EP”
Krossfyre “Burning Torches”
Lahey, Alex “I Love You Like A Brother” (Yellow Vinyl + D/L)
Ledge “Cold Hard Concrete”
Loft “Heffalump / I Am Buoyant”
Mad Walls, The “Somewhere Anywhere” (+ D/L)
Marietta “La Passagere”
Marilyn Manson “Heaven Upside Down”
Master P “Ghetto D” (Reissue)
Minor Science “Whities 012”
Mirah “Sundial” (Clear Vinyl)
Mister Heavenly “Boxing The Moonlight” (180 Gram Purple + D/L)
Moctar, Mdou “Sousoume Tamachek”
Monarch “Never Forever”
N.A.D. “New Aural Discourse”
Neanderthal “A History Of Violence”
Nexul “Paradigm Of Chaos”
NHK YX KOYXEN “Exit Entrance”
Object Collection “It’s All True” (Opera-In-Suspension Based On Fugazi Live Recordings)
Of Montreal “Rune Husk” (180 Gram Clear Vinyl + D/L)
Off World “2” (180 Gram LP + Poster + D/L)
Ojah “Reminiscence”
Radio Moscow “New Beginnings” (180 Gram + CD)
Regis “Live In N.Y.C.”
Replacements, The “For Sale: Live At Maxwell’s 1986”
Reptaliens “FM-2030” (+ D/L)
Samo & Baba Stiltz “Kling Party”
Satanic Warmaster “We Are The Worms That Crawl On The Broken Wings Of An Angel (A Compendium Of Past Crimes)” (2LP)
Senni, Lorenzo “XAllegroX / The Shape Of Trance To Come”
Shigeto “The New Monday” (Ltd. Ed. Color)
Shivas, The “You Know What To Do”
Silkk The Shocker “Made Man” (Reissue)
Simian Mobile Disco “Attack Decay Sustain Release” (2LP Reissue 10th Anniversary Edition)
Smith, Kaitlyn Aurelia “The Kid” (Ltd. Ed. Twilight Colored Vinyl + D/L)
Sound Of Ceres “The Twin” (Bone Color Vinyl + D/L)
Stacian “Person L”
Strange Relations “Editorial You” (Ltd. Ed. Color + D/L)
Sutekh Hexen / Hissing “Sutekh Hexen With Hissing”
Terada, Soichi “Sounds From The Far East” (2LP)
Treason “No One Is Safe” (Ltd. Ed. Color Vinyl)
Treepeople “Guilt Regret Embarassment”
Vanity Productions “Only The Grains Of Love Remain”
Various “Wayne’s World: Music From The Motion Picture”
Various “Heavy Metal: Music From The Motion Picture”
Various “Abatwa (The Pygmy) – Why Did We Stop Growing Tall?” (180 Gram + D/L)
Various “Strategies Against The Body Volume Two”
Velvet Underground, The “Loaded” (Gold Vinyl Ltd.)
VVV “Shadow World”
Walter TV “Carpe Diem” (+ D/L)
Weather Station, The “The Weather Station”
White Manna “Bleeding Eyes”
Wiese, John “Escaped Language” (Single Sided)
Wild Ones “Mirror Touch”
Wolf Alice “Visions Of A Life” (180 Gram + D/L)
Wolf Parade “Cry Cry Cry” (Loser Edition Colored Vinyl + D/L)
Woods, Jamila “Heavn” (White Vinyl + D/L)
XL Middleton “Things Are Happening”
Yumi Zouma “Willowbank” (Ltd. Ed. White Vinyl + D/L)
Zach Witness “Electric Revival: Rise Of An Outkast Nation”
Zackey Force Funk “This Is My Force Funk Sound” (Picture Disc Ltd. Ed.)
Ziur “U Feel Anything?”


Archagathus “Cold Universe”
Barbarian “Barbarian”
Condition “Subjugated Fate”
Dub Narcotic Sound System “Shake-A-Puddin'”
Johnson, Calvin & The Snow Tones “Pink Cadillac”
KAG//TFX “Fugue 7” (Katie Alice Greer of Priests & Transfix)
Le Villejuif Underground “Heavy Black Matter”
Phenomenal Handclap Band “Traveler’s Prayer / Stepped Into The Light”
Selector Dub Narcotic “All For The Sake Of Rhymin'”
Sweeney, Te’Amir “Tiger Breaks” (+ D/L)
Y Society (Damu & Insight) “Never Off (On & On) / Pyramids”


Beat Happening “Music To Climb The Apple Tree By”
Beat Happening “Black Candy”
Beat Happening “Jamboree”
Black Dahlia Murder, The “Nightbringers”
Brainwaltzera “Poly-Ana”
Cadaveric Incubator “Sermons Of The Devouring Dead”
Cults “Offering”
Cursed Moon “Rite Of Darkness”
Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft “Das Ist DAF” (Box Set)
Hades Archer “Temple Of The Impure”
Hunting Lodge “1982-1989”
Kelela “Take Me Apart”
Kozelek, Mark With Ben Boye And Jim White “Mark Kozelek With Ben Boye And Jim White”
Krossfyre “Burning Torches”
Moctar, Mdou “Sousoume Tamachek”
Monarch “Never Forever”
Monolord “Rust”
Mos Def “Black On Both Sides”
Necro Deathmort “Overland”
Nexul “Paradigm Of Chaos”
NHK YX KOYXEN “Exit Entrance”
Satanic Warmaster / Archgoat “(Thirteen Hymns Of Finnish Devil Worship)” (2xCD)
Shigeto “The New Monday”
Slaughtbbath “Contempt, War And Damnation”
Smith, Kaitlyn Aurelia “The Kid”
Tokimonsta “Lune Rouge”
Vacivus “Temple Of The Abyss”
Various “Studio One Supreme: Maximum 70s & 80s Early Dancehall Sounds” (Dillinger, Sugar Minott, Lone Ranger, Horace Andy…)
Watts, Danny “Black Boy Meets World” (Produced By Jonwayne)
Wild Ones “Mirror Touch”
Wolf Parade “Cry Cry Cry”
XL Middleton “Things Are Happening”
Ziur “U Feel Anything?”


AJJs, The “Back In The Jazz Coffin” (LR66)
Higgins, Patrick & Josh Modney “EVRLY MVSIC” (NNA103)
Marks “Drain” (COY017)
Matthewdavid’s Mindflight “Ophiucus” (NNA102)
Selector Dub Narcotic “This Party Is Just Getting Started”
Selector Dub Narcotic + The Lemons “!!!LIVE!!!”
Who Is She? “Seattle Gossip?” (FD057)
Wild Ones “Mirror Touch” (TSR178)


Maximum Rock N Roll October 2017 Magazine



The Waiting Room
(City Slang / Lucky Dog)
In their quarter-century as a band, English indie rock act Tindersticks have put out ten records of tender, nuanced music seasoned with a wide assortment of orchestral instrumention (they’ve been featured on various TV and movie soundtracks, including six films by French director Claire Denis.) For this latest album, they commissioned several directors to create films based around each song to showcase its diverse range of emotion. One uniquely emotional experience is “Hey Lucinda”: a duet featuring vocals from folk singer Lhasa de Sela, who collaborated with Tindersticks several times but tragically died of cancer at age 37 in 2010.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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