23rd Of February 2018 Update

23rd Of February 2018 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Review
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s

Aborted “Retrogore”
Acid Pauli “BLP Remixes B”
ADT “Insecurities”
Alessandroni, Alesssandro “Romance & Drama” (Remastered Ltd. Ed.)
Allen, Tony “Black Voices”
Amon Amarth “Deceiver Of The Gods” (180 Gram)
Behemoth “The Apostasy”
Bjork “Blissing Me” (Aqua Colored Vinyl)
Bola “D.E.G.”
Bowie, David “Lodger” (Remastered 180 Gram)
Bowie, David “Heroes” (Remastered 180 Gram)
Bowie, David “Low” (Remastered 180 Gram)
Bowie, David “Scary Monsters” (Remastered 180 Gram)
Bowie, David “Stage” (2017 Edition)(Remastered 180 Gram)
Buckcherry “Confessions” (180 Gram)
Carey, S. “Hundred Acres” (+ D/L)
Carlile, Brandi “By The Way, I Forgive You” (+ D/L)
Caroline Rose “Loner” (+ D/L)
Cash, Johnny “Rock Island Line”
Celldod “Kall Fusion”
Claussell, Joe Featuring Dayme Arocena “Yambu (Sacred Rhythm Mix)”
Connors, Loren “Pretty As Ever”
Coventry Automatics (Specials) “Dawning Of A New Era”
Cranberries, The “No Need To Argue” (Purple Vinyl /1000)
CV & Jab With Zin Taylor “Thoughts Of A Dot As It Travels A Surface”
Davis, Miles “In A Silent Way” (180 Gram)
Depeche Mode “Music For The Masses”
Depeche Mode “Violator”
Depeche Mode “Black Celebration”
Destroyer 666 “Call Of The Wild”
Dosik, Joey “Game Winner” (+D/L)
Ellen Allien “Nost RMXS 3”
Entombed A.D. “Dead Dawn”
Extinction Of Mankind “Storm Of Resentment”
F.T.G. / Siyah Kumah / Analog Inside “Keep On”
Fake, Nathan “Sunder”
Fantasy Life “Over And Over”
Fear Ratio, The “Live E.P.”
Felt “The Splendour Of Fear” (Ltd. Ed. Reissue)
Felt “The Strange Idols Pattern And Other Short Stories” (LTd. Ed. Vinyl Reissue)
Felt “Crumbling The Antiseptic Beauty” (Ltd. Ed. Reissue)
Felt “The Seventeenth Century” (Ltd. Ed. Reissue)
Felt “Ignite The Seven Cannons” (Ltd. Ed. Reissue)
Fever Ray “Plunge” (180 Gram + Poster + D/L)
Fitzgerald, Ella “Sings The Cole Porter Songbook” (180 Gram)
Fokewulf 190 “Body Heat”
Haino, Keiji & Sumac “American Dollar Bill – Keep Facing Sideways. You’re Too Hideous To Look At Face On”
Herrmann, Bernard “North By Northwest: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” (180 Gram)
Huntsmen “American Scrap”
Hyborian “Vol. 1″ (/400)
Iced Earth The Dark Saga”
Iced Earth “Days Of Purgatory” (3LP)
Iced Earth “Burnt Offerings”
Iced Earth “Night Of The Stormrider”
Imarhan “Temet”
In Flames “Sounds Of A Playground Fading” (180 Gram Reissue)
In Flames “Reroute To Remain” (180 Gram Reissue)
In Flames “Soundtrack To Your Escape” (180 Gram Reissue)
In Flames “Lunar Strain” (Red 180 Gram Reissue)
In Flames “Subterranean” (Red 180 Gram Reissue)
Insect Ark “Marrow Hymns”
Jasmine, J. “My New Music”
Jazz Butcher, The “In Bath Of Bacon”
Kikagaku Moyo “Forest Of Lost Children” (+ D/L)
Lab Personnel “Recreation”
Lionlimb “Tape Recorded” (Color Vinyl + D/L)
Lovely Eggs, The “This Is Eggland” (+ D/L)
Low Anthem, The “The Salt Doll Went To Measure The Depth Of The Sea” (White Vinyl + D/L)
McClellan, Randall “The Healing Music Of Rana Vol. 2”
Mean Jeans “Jingles Collection” (+ D/L)
Mint Field “Pasar De Las Luces”
Mitch Murder “Interceptor” (+ Lit Flexidisc)
Mono Band “Ghost Town”
Motorhead “Motorhead” (150 Gram)
Mouse On Mars “Idiology”
New Order “Tutti Frutti” (Ltd. Ed. Yellow Vinyl)
New Order “Music Complete” (Ltd. Ed. Colored 2LP + D/L)
Newell, Martin “The Greatest Living Englishman” (25th Ann. Ed.)
Nightcrawlers, The “The Biophonic Boombox Recordings”
Noto, Alva & Ryuichi Sakamoto “Glass” (Clear)
Nots “Live At Goner Records”
Olden Yolk “Olden Yolk” (Milky Haze)
Onsind “We Wilt, We Bloom”
Orbison, Roy & The Teen Kings “Roy Orbison And The Teen Kings” (Deluxe Classic Series)
Panopticon “Roads To The North”
Paradise Lost “Live At The Roundhouse” (Gold)
Pastorius, Jaco “Jaco Pastorius” (180 Gram)
Primitive Trust “Tee Mango & Will Saul Present: Primitive Trust”
Puthli, Asha “Asha Puthli” (Reissue)
Renner, Mark “Few Traces” (+D/L)
Riley, Terry “Persian Surgery Dervishes”
Screaming Females “All At Once” (Deluxe Edition 2LP With Bonus 12″)
Screaming Females “All At Once” (Standard Edition)
Scumraid “Control”
Sect Mark “Worship”
Sekoubabe “Foresight Prevents Blindness”
Senses Fail “If There Is Light, It Will Find You” (Indie Exclusive Color /500 + D/L)
Sharp, Jason “Stand Above The Streams” (+ D/L)
Skull Defekts, The “The Skull Defekts”
Teenage Fanclub “Grand Prix” (180 Gram Reissue)
Totally Mild “Her” (Pink Vinyl + D/L)
Trinidad James “Father Figga”
Trux “(Orbiter)”
Turnstile “Time & Space” (+ D/L)
Ty Dolla $ign “Beach House 3”
Various “Hexadic III” (Moon Duo, Stephen O’Malley, Meg Baird, Jenks Miller, …)
Various “J Jazz: Deep Modern Jazz From Japan 1969-1984”
Various “The Roundup Part IV” (Heist)
Various “Waves Of The Future”
Various “Brownswood Bubblers Twelve Pt. 2 Compiled By Gilles Peterson”
Various “We Out Here: The New Sound Of London Jazz”
Vassiliu, Pierre “Face B – 1965-1981”
Vildhjarta “Masstaden”
Vox Low “Vox Low”
Wailer, Bunny “Blackheart Man” (Red / Green / Yellow Vinyl Reissue)
Watain “The Wild Hunt” (2LP 180 Gram)
YoshimiO / Susie Ibarra / Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe “Flower Of Sulphur”
Young Jesus “Young Jesus” (+ D/L)
Zeiguer, Renata “Old Ghost”


Alice Cooper “The Sound Of A”
Black Flower “Intermediate State”
Niggemann, Kai “Heart Murmur”
Thomas, Prins “Lunga Strada”


Anxiety “Trash Baby”
Ecstasy “Ecstasy 5 Track EP”
Liquids “Heart Beats True EP”
Xiu Xiu / ® “ZZ Top / ZZ Bottom”


Alice Cooper “The Sound Of A”
Bola “D.E.G.”
Cultus Profano “Sacramentum Obscurus”
Dedekind Cut “Tahoe”
Destroyer 666 “Call Of The Wild”
Garcia, Jerry Band “Garcialive Volume 10: May 20th, 1990 Hilo Civic Auditorium”
Ghost “Ceremony And Devotion” (2CD Live Album)
Haino, Keiji & Sumac “American Dollar Bill – Keep Facing Sideways. You’re Too Hideous To Look At Face On”
Insect Ark “Marrow Hymns”
Legend Of The Seagullmen “Legend Of The Seagullmen”
Migos “Culture II”
Noto, Alva & Ryuichi Sakamoto “Glass”
Pyrolatrous “Teneral”
Screaming Females “All At Once”
Skull Defekts, The “The Skull Defekts”
Turnstile “Time & Space”
Various “J Jazz: Deep Modern Jazz From Japan 1969-1984”
Various “Paul Major: Feel The Music!”
YoshimiO / Susie Ibarra / Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe “Flower Of Sulphur”


Young Jesus “Young Jesus (S/T)” (LBJ-272)



Mike & The Melvins
Three Men and a Baby
(Sub Pop)
Mostly record in 1999, this collaboration unites godheadSilo bassist Mike Kunka with fellow noisy sludge-metal icons Melvins (Kunka had toured with them after his band was put on hiatus due to drummer Dan Haugh suffering a severe hand injury.) It’s no surprise that Mike and the Melvins meld together splendidly, maintaining a thick, distorted low bass-heavy sound on these rawly produced, menacing songs (including engaging opener “Chicken ‘N’ Dump”; the pounding Public Image Ltd. cover “Annalisa”, and the surprising brutal grindcore outro “Art School Fight Song”.) Also, just a heads-up: Melvins will be performing at Hamden’s Space Ballroom on Saturday, May 12th.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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