T-USED-DAY Update for February 27th, 2018

T-USED-DAY Update for February 27th, 2018
at Redscroll Records

Here are some of the latest used arrivals at the shop. Keep in mind this doesn’t include any of the CDs or many of the LPs in the general rock/pop/jazz/anything-in-the-back-room that we get in. This list also builds over the course of a week so sometimes some items are no longer in stock by the time this is posted. We try to avoid that, but it happens. Call ahead if there’s a particular release you’re curious about. These are the in-store prices – if you’d like to find any of these online please visit us here: http://www.discogs.com/seller/Redscroll

LPs & 12″s

7 Seconds “Old School” $14.00
7 Seconds “The Crew” $11.00
Alice Cooper “Welcome To My Nightmare” $6.00
Alice Cooper “Killer” $10.00
Alice Cooper “From The Inside” $8.00
Alice Cooper “Alice Cooper’s Greatest Hits” $6.00
Amarik / Pyramido “Amarik / Pyramido” $8.00
Anderson, Laurie “Mister Heartbreak” (Promo) $5.00
As I Lay Dying “The Powerless Rise” (Deluxe Box Set) $55.00
Ashman, Howard “Little Shop Of Horrors” (Canadian Pressing) $4.00
Autograph “That’s The Stuff” $3.00
Baddat For Trubbel “Det Har Ar Inte New York” $7.00
Bangles “Everything” $6.00
Blow, Kurtis “Kingdom Blow” $4.00
C.I.A. “C.I.A.” $7.00
Caravan “Cunning Stunts” $5.00
Charles, Ray “The Great Ray Charles” $7.00
Cobra “First Strike” $7.00
Cohen, Leonard “New Skin For The Old Ceremony” $13.00
Collins, Dorothy “Experiment Songs” $3.00
Contropotere “Il Seme Della Devianza” $13.00
Contropotere “Nessuna Speranza Nessuna Paura” (241/750) $9.00
Crematorium “Process Of Endtime” (Picture Disc) $4.00
Crematorium “Process Of Endtime” (Picture Disc) $4.00
CTTT Oaff / Nesseria “CTTT Oaff / Nesseria” $8.00
Dead Or Alive “Rip It Up” $16.00
Deeds Of Flesh “Crown Of Souls” (Picture Disc) $16.66
Deep Purple “Made In Japan” $6.00
Deicide “Till Death Do Us Part” (Picture Disc) $16.00
Deltron 3030 “Event 2” $15.00
Echo And The Bunnymen “A Promise” $5.00
Eibon “II” $7.00
Estrogen Highs “Friends And Relatives” $4.00
Family, The “The Family” (Paisley Park/Prince Related) $8.00
Fat Boys “The Twist” $3.00
Fluid, The “Roadmouth” $8.00
Gang Of Four “Another Day / Another Dollar” $6.00
Genisis “Three Sides Live” (UK Pressing) $8.00
Ghostface Killah “More Fish” $8.00
Glass, Philip “The Photographer” $6.00
Glass, Philip “Glassworks” $12.00
Glass, Philip “Songs From Liquid Days” $8.00
Grandmaster & Melle Mel “White Lines” (Picture Disc) $9.00
Grateful Dead “Steal Your Face” $17.00
Harrison, George “All Those Years Ago” (Promo) $9.00
Harry, Debbie “Rockbird” $8.00
Hudson-Ford “Daylight” $15.00
Indian “The Unquest Sky” (Red / Yellow Mix, /100) $26.66
Indian “The Sycophants” $13.00
Isis “Rebel Soul” $2.00
Jackson, Michael And The Jackson 5 “14 Greatest Hits” (Picture Disc) $12.00
Jandek “Telegraph Melts” (Old Radio Copy With Writing On It) $35.00
Karma To Burn “Karma To Burn” (2014 Reissue) $10.00
Kiss (K.I.S.S.) “Ace Frehley” (Picture Disc 1978 Pressing) $21.00
Klingman, Mark Moogy “Moogy” $10.00
Larosa, Julius “Words” $8.00
Lecherous Gaze “Lecherous Gaze” $6.66
Lennon, John / Ono, Yoko “Milk And Honey” (UK Pressing, Picture Disc) $12.00
Lennon, John / Ono, Yoko “Double Fantasy” (1989 Pressing) $12.00
Lightnin’ Hopkins “The Best Of Lightnin’ Hopkins” $9.00
Mabley, Moms “The Best Of Moms Mabley” $2.00
Majority Rule “Interviews With David Frost” (First Pressing, White) $16.00
Malmsteen’s Rising Force, Yngwie J. “Odyssey” $7.00
McCartney, Paul “This One” (UK Single) $12.00
Megadeth “In My Darkest Hour” $6.66
Mingus, Charles “Charlie Mingus” $8.00
Mingus, Charles “Mingus Moves” $14.00
Mingus, Charles “Right Now: Live At The Jazz Workshop” $12.00
Moore, Gary “Wild Frontier” $5.00
Morrissey “Your Arsenal” (2014 Repress) $14.00
Murphy, Peter “Love Hysteria” $7.00
Murphy, Peter “Should The World Fail To Dall Apart” (UK Pressing) $5.00
Myrkur “Myrkur” (Silver) $14.00
Neufeld, Sarah “Hero Brother” $9.00
New Order “Brotherhood” (US Pressing) $12.00
New Order “Shellshock” (UK) $5.00
New York Dolls “Personality Crisis” (UK Pressing) $12.00
No Artist “Environments Disc 1” (In Promotional Hotel Sleeve) $5.00
O, Karen “Crush Songs” (Sealed, Blue) $16.00
Old Man Gloom “Seminar II: The Holy Rites Of Primitivism Regressionism” (Clear Orange) $35.00
Parker, Little Junior / Bobby Blue Bland “Blues Consolidated” $7.00
Phantom Glue “Phantom Glue” (Green w/ Splatter, /100) $10.00
Pharaoh “Negative Everything” (Tri-Color) $7.00
Places To Hide “Almost Nothing” $8.00
Police, The “Every Breath You Take The Singles” (Club Edition) $8.00
Prine, John “Sweet Revenge” $8.00
Pyres “Year Of Sleep” $8.00
Radio Flyer “In Their Strange White Armor” $5.00
Rainbow “Down To Earth” $4.00
Rainbow “Long Live Rock N Roll” $8.00
Raindance “New Blood” (Purple) $14.00
Rapture “In The Grace Of Your Love” (Blue Vinyl – 2011) $20.00
React / Spazm 151 “React / Spazm 151” $6.00
Saintseneca “Dark Arc” $12.00
Savages “Silence Yourself” $10.00
Saxon “Northern Lady” $6.00
Saxon “Broken Heroes” (Promo) $10.00
Scrotum Grinder “The Greatest Sonic Abomination Ever” (Purple) $5.00
Senior Fellows “Ecclesiastical Servitude” (140g, Clear With Green) $7.00
Slave Raider “Take The World By Storm” $6.00
Slave Raider “Youngblood” $5.00
Slaves, The “The Slaves” $8.00
Sleep Of Reason “Building 27” $6.00
Soned Youth Band “Soned Youth Band” (Sealed) $16.00
Swallow “Swallow” $7.00
Thunders, Johnny “Que Sera, Sera” (Picture Disc) $18.00
Today Is The Day “Animal Mother” $5.00
Tomb And Thirst “Wrath” $5.00
Traveling Wilburys “Handle With Care” (UK Single) $6.00
Twisted Sister “You Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll” $6.00
Tyton “Mind Over Metal” $8.00
UB40 “UB40” $2.00
Uriah Heep “Salisbury” $7.00
Uzala “Tales Of Blood And Fire” $6.66
Van Halen “5150” (Club Edition) $6.00
Various Artists “Single Carbon Based Life Form” $7.00
Various Artists “Billy Jack” $3.00
Various Artists “School Daze” $4.00
Various Artists “Sheffield Track Record” $10.00
Various Artists “Wipe Out” $6.00
Weir, The “Clamness Of Resolve” $9.00
Wormwood “Wormwood” (Red) $6.00
Wormwood “Starvation” $8.00
Xutos E Pontapes “1978-1982” (Original Portuguese Pressing) $30.00
Yaz “Upstairs At Eric’s” $10.00
Young Black Teenagers “Roll With The Flavor” $2.00
Zappa, Frank “Orchestral Favorites” $7.00


Bad Secrets “Bad Secrets” (Metallic Red 9″ + CD) $1.50
Cradle Of Filth “Thornographic – Album Sampler” (Picture Disc) $8.00
Ghost B.C. “Zero Year” (Picture Disc) $18.00
Head Of David “Soul Spark” (1991 UK Pressing) $8.00
Mooloodjee / Minos Pour Main Basse “Les 10 Jours Fous” $1.00


Augurs / Deathgrave “Augurs / Deathgrave” (Clear) $4.00
Bane “Boston 6:58PM” (Orange / White) $4.00
Blatz “Cheaper Than The Beer” $5.00
Blister “Stitches EP” $2.00
Broken “We’re Fucked” $2.00
Broken / Boiling Man “Broken / Boiling Man” $2.00
Broken / The Restarts “The Assassination Of Mayer Giuliani” $3.00
Brother Inferior / N.O.T.A “Brother Inferior / N.O.T.A” $2.00
Buzzov-en “Useless” $6.00
Capsule / Furnace “Capsule / Furnace” $4.00
Captain Lockheed & The Starfighters “Ejection” (UK Pressing) $8.00
Carry The Torch / Signs Of Hope “Carry The Torch / Signs Of Hope” (Red) $2.00
Christdriver “Your Vision Leave Me Blind” $1.00
Coliseum “True Quiet” (Green) $4.00
Coliseum “Sister Chance” (Purple) $6.00
Conflict “To A Nation Of Animal Lovers” $6.00
Cowboy Killers “KKK Wives On Holiday” $3.00
Daysgone “Gold” $1.00
Daysgone “Gold” $1.00
Denied, The “The Denied” $3.00
Dry Insides “Sacrifice” (Blue) $2.00
Duck Duck Goose “Phil” $6.00
Enabler “War Begins With You” (3/50) $3.00
Enabler / Yautja “Enabler / Yautja” $4.00
External Menace “Early Demos” (Green) $6.00
Filth / Submachine “This IS Why We Are The Drunks” $6.00
Fistula “Never Trust A Cop” (Black / Blue) $3.00
Fleetwood Mac “Dragonfly” (Purple) $6.00
Fucked Uo / Haymaker “Fucked Up / Haymaker” (Marbled) $3.00
Fucked Up “Byrdsdale Garden City” $2.00
Furnace / Relics “Furnace / Relics” (Blue) $3.00
Give “I Am Love” (Red) $4.00
Glazed Baby “Dead Men Don’t Felch” $4.00
Golden Earring “Instant Poetry” (UK Pressing) $2.00
Guns N Roses “Sweet Child O’Mine” $5.00
Hard Skin “We Are The Wankers” (Pink) $8.00
Hatewaves “Taste The Beast” $1.00
Health Hazard “Not Just A Nightmare” $2.00
Health Hazard / Sawn Off “Health Hazard / Sawn Off” $2.00
House Of Large Sizes / Treepeople “House Of Large Sizes / Treepeople” $1.00
I.R.D. “Aldrig Kopt” $2.00
Instead “We’ll Be Remembered” (Grey) $5.00
Instead “We’ll Be Remembered” (Black) $5.00
Instead “We’ll Be Remembered” (Blue) $5.00
Kids, The “No Monarchy” (2013 Pressing) $8.00
Killers, The “Human” (White) $6.00
Kowloon Walled City / Batillus “Kowloon Walled City / Batillus” $6.00
L’Antietam / Furnace “L’Antietam / Furnace” (White) $3.00
Lemonheads “Luka” (Black / White) $3.00
Magic Circle “Scream Evil” $3.00
Marmalade “Our House Is Rockin'” (UK Pressing) $4.00
Masters Of The Obvious “Hammeroid” $8.00
Mudhoney “Blinding Sun” (Promo) $4.00
My Morning Jacket “Off The Record” $1.50
Needles “Desastre” $4.00
Needles “Twisted Vision” $3.00
Needles “Desesperacion” $6.00
New Rose “New Rose” $4.00
Nightporters “Mona Lisa” $6.00
Over the Top / Terlarang “Over the Top / Terlarang” $1.00
Pearl Jam “Wishlist” $2.00
Pearl Jam “Spin The Black Circle” $2.50
Pearl Jam “The Fixer” (White) $4.00
Pearl Jam “Not For You” $3.00
Pearl Jam “State Of Love And Trust” (Import) $10.00
Pearl Jam “Off He Goes” $6.00
Pickett, Wilson “Hey Joe” $2.00
React “Disturbing The Souls” $2.00
React / Greed “React / Greed” $3.00
Restarts “Frustration” $4.00
Revolt “Brutally Familiar” $2.00
Right Brigade “Right Brigade” (Pink) $3.00
Ross, Diana “Remember Me” $3.00
Rot In Hell / Moloch “Rot In Hell / Moloch” $5.00
Rumbleseat “Picker” (Root Beer) $4.00
Severed Head Of State “Jedem Das Scene” $2.00
Shocking Blue “Mighty Joe” $2.00
Silencer “Fear And Drinking” $1.00
Sterilized “Chemical Dust” (White) $2.00
Swarm “Swarm” $4.00
Sweet Apple “Elected” (Green) $4.00
Three Man Army “Polecat Woman” (UK Pressing) $3.00
Trial “I’m Still Screaming – Live” (Black) $3.00
Unholy Swill “Tapeworm” $2.00
Various “Destroy Power Not People” $3.00
Various “We Love You Jeff” $2.00
Various “Collective Conscious” $1.00
Various “Ten Year Anniversary Omnibus 2012” (Tor Johnson Records) $1.00
Vicious, The “Igein” $3.00
Vicious, The “Obsessive” $5.00
White, John Paul / Donnie Fritts “John Paul White / Donnie Fritts” $4.00
Wilco “I Might” $2.00
Worship / Loss “Devived” $5.00

Cassette Tapes

Cure, The “Japanese Whispers” $5.00
Led Zeppelin “Profiled” $2.00
Lovett, Lyle “Joshua Judges Ruth” $1.00
Madder Rose “Panic On” $3.00
Osbourne, Ozzy “Blizzard Of Ozz” $3.00
R.E.M. “Chronic Town” $5.00
Radiohead “Pablo Honey” $8.00
Smashing Pumpkins “Siamese Dream” $5.00
Thin Lizzy “Jailbreak” $4.00
Westerberg, Paul “14 Songs” $2.00