21st Of September 2018 Update

21st Of September 2018 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Review
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s

Active Bird Community “Amends” (+D/L)
Adult. “This Behavior” (+D/L)
Alpha Steppa / Nai-Jah “The Great Elephant”
A-Moms “Algebra Mothers”
Amorphis “Queen Of Time” (Clear/Orange/Black Splatter Vinyl)
Aviador Dro, El “Tesis”
Aviador Dro, El “Alas Sobre El Mundo”
Beak> “>>>”
Beanpole “All My Kin” (Les Claypool Project)
Beckers, G.B. “Walkman”
Bender, John “Pop Surgery” (1983 Album Reissue)
Beowulf “Beowulf” (1986 Venice Thrash)
Black Slate “Ogima”
Cassegrain “Collabs01”
Cherry, Don “Home Boy, Sister Out”
Clutch “Impetus” (Reissue)
Coil / Zos Kia / Marc Almond “How To Destroy Angels”
Cole, Holly “Temptation” (Quality Record Pressing Ltd. Ed.)
Converse, Bill “Hulled”
Curry, Denzel “Ta13oo”
Cyrnai “1980-1990” (6xLP Box)
Davachi, Sarah “Gave In Rest”
De Roubaix, Francois “Daughters Of Darkness” (Original Soundtrack /1000 Blood Red Vinyl)
Death Grips “Year Of The Snitch”
Disfear “Live The Storm”
Djrum “Portrait With Firewood”
Douglas, Amy “Never Saw It Coming”
Dream Theater “When Dream And Day Unite” (180 Gram Red Vinyl Reissue /3500)
Editors “The Back Room” (+D/L)
Flur, Wolfgang “Eloquence: Complete Works” (Ltd. Ed. Double Clear Vinyl + D/L)
Fullwod, Phillip “Words In Dub”
Glass, Jay Dubs “Plegnic”
Goon Sax, The “We’re Not Talking”
Guilt “We Thought We Were”
Holley, Lonnie “Mith” (Smoke Vinyl Ltd. Ed.)
I-Mo-Jah “Rockers From The Land Of Reggae”
Infernal Coil “Within A World Forgotten”
Insolate “Proletarijat05”
Joyce Manor “Million Dollars To Kill Me” (Ltd. Ed. Red Vinyl)
K2 “The Rust”
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard “Polygondwanaland” (Fuzz Club)
Kone, Hiro “Pure Expanditure” (+D/L)
Kuti, Femi “One People One World” (+D/L)
Less Bells “Solifuge”
Los Iniciados “Todo Ubu”
Los Iniciados “La Marca De Anubis”
LVL UP “Space Brothers” (Color Vinyl + D/L)
MC5 “Total Assault: 50th Anniversary Collection – Limited Edition” (Red/White/Blue Vinyl 3 LP Set)
Medistation “Medistation” (Fuzz Club)
Metric “Art Of Doubt” (White Vinyl Ltd. Ed.)
Morne “To The Night Unknown” (180 Gram + D/L)
Mountain Man “Magic Ship”
Negra, Alma “Conversation”
Night Shop “In The Break”
P “Dub Planet Orbit 1”
Pile “Odds And Ends”
Pirani, Ben “How Do I Talk To My Brother?” (Blue /1000)
Pollard, Robert “Waved Out” (+D/L)
Popera Cosmic “Les Esclaves”
Prince “Piano & A Microphone” (1983)(180 Gram)
Prince “Piano & A Microphone” (1983)(Deluxe Box Set CD + 180 Gram LP + Exclusive Print)
Ribeiro, Catherine + Alpes “Ame Debout” (Anthology Recordings Reissue)
Ribeiro, Catherine + Alpes “Paix” (Anthology Recordings Reissue)
Ribeiro, Catherine + Alpes “No. 2” (Anthology Recordings Reissue)
Rosali “Trouble Anyway”
Sev Dah “Proletarijat06”
Sha La Das “Love In The Wind” (+D/L)
Sherpa The Tiger “Great Vowel Shift” (Fuzz Club)
Shifters, The “Have A Cunning Plan” (Orange)
Skarhead “Drugs, Music & Sex” (Ltd. Color + D/L)
Story So Far, The “Proper Dose” (White/Purple + D/L)
Sumac “Love In Shadow”
Tarp “Part”
Thou “Summit”
Thou “Tyrant”
Throbbing Gristle “Heathen Earth” (Ltd. Ed. Blue Vinyl + D/L With Additional Audio)
Throbbing Gristle “Mission Of Dead Souls: The Last Live Performance Of TG” (White Vinyl Ltd. Ed. + D/L)
Throbbing Gristle “Journey Through A Body” (Silver Vinyl + D/L)
Too $hort “Shorty The Pimp”
Uncle Acid “Mind Control” (Purple Vinyl Reissue)
Various “Ska Authentic From Jamaica” (Studio 1: Ska-Talites, Tommy McCook, Delroy Wilson…)
Villagers “The Art Of Pretending To Swim” (180 Gram + D/L)
Warm Drag “Warm Drag” (+D/L)
Way, Brocker “Wild Wild Country: Original Music From The Netflix Documentary Series” (Maroon/Orange Vinyl + D/L)
Wickham, Chip “Shamal Wind”
Zedek, Thalia Band “Fighting Season” (Purple)


Alone In A Crowd “Alone In A Crowd”
American Nudism “Negative Space”
D.A. Stern / Jacuzzi Boys “Nosh Lately?”
Jr. Thomas & The Volcanoes “Chin Up / Spellbound” (Yellow)
Kingpin “Kingpin”
Rat Columns “Sometimes We’re Friends”
Trappes, Penelope “Carry Me” (+CD)


Aborted “Terrorvision”
Band Of Pain “Abbey Rd”
Beak> “>>>”
Beta Band, The “The Best Of Beta Band Music”
Colored Music “Colored Music”
Deicide “Overtures Of Blasphemy”
Eminem “Kamikaze”
Escovedo, Alejandro “The Crossing” (Ltd. Ed.)
Field, The “Infinite Moment”
Joyce Manor “Million Dollars To Kill Me”
Kingston All-Stars “Rise Up”
Necks, The “Body”
Pirani, Ben “How Do I Talk To My Brother?”
Prince “Piano & A Microphone 1983”
Ramones “Road To Ruin” (40th Anniversary Edition)
Sauna Youth “Deaths”
Sumac “Love In Shadow”
Sword, The “Live: Hammersmith”
Voivod “The Wake”


Bilge Rat “Pal” (Self Released, Local)
Chasms “Part Time Punks Session” (FLT051)
Jpegmafia “Veteran” (DBA189)
LVL UP “Space Brothers” (DDW001)
Pirani, Ben “How Do I Talk To My Brother?” (Colemine Records)



Menace Beach
Black Rainbow Sound
(Memphis Industries)
Sharing a name with a skateboard-based bootleg NES game from 1990, this Leeds, England based band plays energetic and catchy synth-driven indie/alternative/noise rock. Formed by core members Ryan Needham and Liza Violet in 2012, their revolving lineup currently consists of five members, in addition to some guest work: the opening and closing tracks on this new album feature The Fall singer-guitarist Brix Smith. The title track’s lively, dance-able electro-surf vibe sets the enticing tone, with other favorites including the memorable, effective synth-line of “Crawl In Love” and the clattering guitars of “Hypnotiser Keeps The Ball Rolling”.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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