T-USED-DAY Update for September 25th, 2018

T-USED-DAY Update for September 25th, 2018
at Redscroll Records

Here are some of the latest used arrivals at the shop. Keep in mind this doesn’t include any of the CDs or many of the LPs in the general rock/pop/jazz/anything-in-the-back-room that we get in. This list also builds over the course of a week so sometimes some items are no longer in stock by the time this is posted. We try to avoid that, but it happens. Call ahead if there’s a particular release you’re curious about. These are the in-store prices – if you’d like to find any of these online please visit us here: http://www.discogs.com/seller/Redscroll

LPs & 12″s

16-17 “16-17” $17.00
Aboriginals “Number Theory” $1.00
Abyss “Heretical Anatomy” $8.00
Alt-J “An Awesome Wave” $12.00
Atlas Kopko “Atlas Kopko” $14.00
Atmosphere “Cats Van Bags” $5.00
Back Track “Bad To My World” (Grey) $10.00
Baker, Aiden / Leah Buckareff / Nadja “Trinitarian” $4.00
Band, Richard “HP Lovecraft’s Re-Animator” (Green) $40.00
Baxter, Les “Moog Rock” $12.00
Bear, Fred / Curt Gowdy “Fred Bear America’s Number 1 Bowhunter Tells His Secrets To Kurt Goldy America’s Number 1 Sportscaster” $1.00
Best Coast “Crazy For You” $8.00
Bestial Raids “Prime Evil Damnation” $12.00
Beyonce “Krazy In Luv” $2.00
Bird And The Bee, The “Interpretating The Masters Volume 1” $70.00
Blue Oyster Cult “Fire Of Unknown Origin” $8.00
Blue Oyster Cult “Spectres” $5.00
Blue Oyster Cult “Some Enchanted Evening” $5.00
Blue Oyster Cult “On Your Feet Or On Your Knees” $4.00
Bonnie Prince Billy “I See A Darkness” $13.00
Borns “Dopamine” $15.00
Borns “Live At KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic” (Clear) $14.00
Bounty Killer “Deadly Zone” $1.00
Bucket Full Of Teeth “IV” (Green) $9.00
Burning Star Core “Challenger” $9.00
Bush, Kate “Aerial” (2LP, 2005) $225.00
Canibus “October 23rd” $5.00
Carlin, George “Occupation: Foole” $2.00
Carpenter, John / Alan Howarth “Escape From New York” $25.00
Center Of The Sun “Machine Gun” $6.00
Codeine “When I See The Sun” (6xLP, 3xCD, Booklet Box Set) $65.00
Cold World “How The Gods Chill” (White, Sealed) $7.00
Collins, Phil “…But Seriously” $12.00
Conti, Bill “Rocky” $5.00
Crobot “Something Supernatural” (Splatter) $14.00
Crush “Misfortunes Of A Man” $2.00
Dark Ages “The Tractatus De Hereticis Et Sortilegiis” $10.00
Dead Girl’s Party “The Things I’ve Lost” $8.00
Decemberists “Castaways And Cutouts” $13.00
Def Leppard “Pyromania” (Club Edition) $12.00
DMX “Who We Be” $1.00
Doyle “Abominator” (Misprint First Pressing) $40.00
Drunkdriver “Self-titled” $10.00
Embrace Of Thorns “Atonement Ritual” $12.00
Embrace Of Thorns “Praying For Absolution” (Red) $16.00
Emeralds “Allegory Of Allergies” $17.00
Eyges, David “The Arrows” $9.00
Felice Brothers “Life In The Dark” $8.00
Ferraro, James “Clear” $8.00
Ferreira, Sky “Night Time, My Time” (Green) $45.00
Front 242 “Front By Front” $13.00
Gale’s, Eddie Ghetto Music “Eddie Gale’s Ghetto Music” $23.00
Genius/GZA “Liquid Sword” (Chess Box Set 4xLP) $75.00
Grave Upheaval / Manticore “Grave Upheaval / Manticore” $12.00
Grinderman “Grinderman 2” $28.00
Griswolds, The “Be Impressive” (White, Sealed) $20.00
Harumi “Harumi” $50.00
Health “Disco2” $10.00
Heavy Metal Sextet “Heavy Metal Sextet – Jazz Group” (Polish Pressing) $10.00
Hook, Peter And The Light “Unknown Pleasures: Live In Australia” (Red) $25.00
Horner, James “Star Trek II” $5.00
Husker Du “Savage Young Du” (4LP + Book Box Set) $40.00
Iceage “New Brigade” $9.00
Idol, Billy “Rebel Yell” (Club Edition) $6.00
Idol, Billy “Billy Idol” (Club Edition) $6.00
Illin’ P “You Be Illin'” $1.50
Iron Lung “White Glove Test” $8.00
Jones, MB “By MB Jones” $8.00
Jordan, Clifford “Remembering Me-Me” (Promo) $6.00
Kiiara “Low Kii Savage” (White) $17.00
Laboratorium “The Blue Light Pilot – Live” (Polish Pressing) $8.00
Lamarr, Delvon Organ Trio “Live At KEXP” $22.00
Laraaji “Om Namah Shivaya” (Orange) $15.00
Longshots “If You With Me” $3.00
Lucien, Jon “Rashida” $11.00
Macklemore / Ryan Lewis “The Heist” (Boxset) $22.00
Magic! “Don’t Kill The Magic” $9.00
Mandel, Johnny “MASH” $2.00
Martinez, Cliff “Only God Forgives” (Blue / Red, Sealed) $20.00
Matthews, Dave Band “Come Tomorrow” $15.00
Meco “Music From Star Trek And The Black Hole” $8.00
Misery Index “Live In Munich” $11.00
Murray, David Big Band “Live At Sweet Basil Volume 1” (Italian Pressing) $7.00
Murray, David Big Band “Live At Sweet Basil Volume 2” (Italian Pressing) $8.00
Nadja “Thaumogenesis” $13.00
Nadja / Ovo “The Life And Death Of A Wasp” $5.00
Narrows “Painted” (White) $8.00
Nascimento, Milton & Lo Borges “Clube Da Esquina” $40.00
Never Shout Never “What Is Love?” (Teal) $35.00
Nevermen “Nevermen” (Lilac) $7.00
New Parents “Transient Response” $13.00
No Artist “Sound Effects Volume 6” $2.00
NXWorries “Yes Lawd!” $17.00
O, Karen “Crush Songs” (Blue) $18.00
Ochs, Phil “All The News That’s Fit To Sing” $8.00
Onyx “Last Dayz” $4.00
Pallbearer “Sorrow And Extinction” $17.00
Pink “There You Go” $1.00
Pink “The Truth About Love” $15.00
Pop Evil “Onyx” (Sealed) $13.00
Pop, Iffy “Search And Destroy: Live In Chicago 1988” (Sealed) $12.00
Porn Theatre Ushers “Still PTU / She’s Busted” $2.00
PT “By My Side” $2.00
Public Enemy “Man Plans God Laughs” (Sealed) $7.00
Public Enemy “Give It Up” (Promo) $3.00
Raw Profile “The Feeling Of Now” $5.00
Rota, Nino “The Godfather” $6.00
Run DMC “Crown Royal” (Unofficial) $6.00
Scorpions “Blackout” $3.00
Sheeran, Ed “X” $12.00
Shyheim “Club Wax” $3.50
Silver, Horace “The Best Of Horace Silver” $10.00
Sir Sly “You Haunt Me” (Clear / Pearl) $17.00
Slowmotions “The Domes” $8.00
Smiths, The “Louder Than Bombs” (Sealed) $21.00
Soul Assassins “Puppet Master” $2.00
Stooges, The “The Stooges” $16.00
Stooges, The “Fun House” $15.00
Stott, Andy “Passed Me By” $17.00
Subhumans “The Day The Country Died” (2008 UK Pressing) $25.00
Sultana, Tash “Flow State” (Orange / Pink) $20.00
Sword, The “Greetings From” $10.00
Thou “Summit” (White) $24.00
Throbbing Gristle “Heathen Earth” (2011 UK Pressing) $12.00
Today Is The Day “Temple Of The Morning Star” (2017 Pressing) $17.00
Today Is The Day “Supernova” (2010 Pressing) $14.00
Tortoise “Million Now Living Will Never Die” $18.00
Train “Bulletproof Picasso” (Sealed) $7.00
UMC’s “Time To Set It Straight” $1.00
Uncle Acid “Mind Control” (Purple) $19.00
Unsane “Wreck” $10.00
Various “Charred Remains” $12.00
Various “Bollywood Steel Guitar” $28.00
Various “The Bridge School Concerts Volume 1” $37.00
Various “Televisions Greatest Hits 70’s-80’s” $8.00
Various “Stereophonic Demonstration & Sound Effects” $2.00
Various “Contemporary Jewish Music” $1.00
Various “Jesus Christ Superstar” (German Pressing) $5.00
Whodini “Back In Black” $3.00
Wilson, Clay “Osho” $8.00
Witchchrist “Curses Of Annihilation” $10.00
Witchchrist “The Grand Tormentor” $15.00
Witchchrist “Beheaded Ouroboros” $5.00
Wolves In The Throne Room “Live At Roadburn 2008” $17.00
Y&T “In Rock We Trust” $4.00


Holy Molar “Holy Molar” (Picture Disc) $6.00
Phobia “Destroying The Masses” $5.00
Ruination “Ruination” (USA Shaped Clear Disc) $6.00
Sacrilegious Impalement “Sacrilegious Impalement” $7.00


Barren Womb / Grizzlor “Tour Edition” $4.00
Beach Boys “California Girls / Good Vibrations” $3.00
Black Sunday “Cut Out” $2.00
Blightobody “Badcat Waters” (White) $1.00
Blues Traveler “Hook /Run Around” $3.00
Bosom Divine “Im Your Animal” $1.00
Brooks, Garth “Ain’t Going Down” $1.00
Brooks, Garth “The River” $1.00
Bucket Full Of Teeth “I” (Blue) $12.00
Bucket Full Of Teeth “II” (Pink) $4.00
Bucket Full Of Teeth “III” (Green) $4.00
Common Enemy / Aggressive Force “Party On” (White) $3.00
Common Enemy / Weot Skam “When Cops Attack” $2.00
Cooke, Sam “Bring It On Home To Me” (Promo) $4.00
Dopebody “Saturday” $2.00
Fontana “I Feel Like A Jerk” $1.00
Grizzlor “When You Die” $3.00
Heavenly Beat “Faithless” $0.75
Hooded Menace “Necrotic Monuments” (Orange) $8.00
Jefferson Airplane “White Rabbit” $1.00
Mealticket “Lisa Marie” $1.00
NoNoYesNo “Guns Don’t Argue” $1.00
Not So Fast “Outta My Face” $2.00
Perkins, Carl “Birth Of Rock And Roll” $1.25
Pillowtalk “Downtown Unga Wunga” $1.00
Police, The “Roxanne” $2.00
Pretenders “Brass In Pocket” $1.00
Pretty Faces “Pretty Faces” $1.00
Saddest Landscape, The/ We Were Skeletons “The Saddest Landscape / We Were Skeletons” (Green / Black) $3.00
Sensefield “Fun Never Ends” (Grey, Autographed) $4.00
Sensefield / One Line Drawing “Sensefield / One Line Drawing” (Blue, Autographed) $5.00
Slngs / Caddywhompus “Slngs / Caddywhompus” $1.00
Sonic Dolls “Loveletters From Tour” $1.00
Summer Nationals “Carleton Sheets And Me” (Gold) $2.00
Sun God “(S)pain” (Blue) $1.00
Thankless Dogs “Yesterday Is Gone” $1.00
Two Men A Drum Machine And A Trumpet “I’m Tired Of Getting Pushed Around” $1.00
Uhoh “Underneath The Stupid Sun” $2.00
Young, Neil “Heart of Gold” $1.00

Cassette Tapes

Aosoth “III – Violence & Variations” $7.00
Breeders, The “Last Splash” $5.00
Breeders, The “Pod” $5.00
City Medicine “Catch Me” $2.00
Elliott, Lana “Know Your Bird Sounds: Volume 2” $1.00
Gordon, Grey / Chris Farren “Grey Gordon / Chris Farren” $2.00
Grateful Dead “Go To Heaven” $6.00
Hope-Evans, Peter “Cast Offerings Visitations Fetches Revenants” $4.00
Jamal, Ahmad “Live At The Montreal Jazz Festival” $4.00
Kirk, Rahsaan Roland “The Man Who Cried Fire” $3.00
Lopez, Francisco / Zan Hoffman “Concept For 300 Magnetic Tapes” $7.00
Marshall, Philip “Casse-tete” $4.00
Palmer, Steve “Unblinking Sun” $4.00
Perfume River “Concrete Winter” $5.00
Shadows “A Death In The Family” $3.00
Ultra Dome “Home Videos” $2.00
Various “Ohio Volume One” $6.00
Wish For Skin “Live At WMUA” $4.00
Wish For Skin / Belltone Suicide “Wish For Skin / Belltone Suicide” $4.00