16th Of November 2018 Update

16th Of November 2018 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
Ambarchi, Oren / Jim O’Rourke / U-Zhaan “Hence”
Antonioni, Michelangelo “Colonne Sonore Originali 1957-1962” (Soundtracks)
Boogarins “Desvio Onirico (Live 2016)”
Brotzmann, Peter / Heather Leigh “Sparrow Nights”
Bush, Kate “Kate Bush Remastered In Vinyl 1” (180 Gram Vinyl Box Set Of First Four Albums)
Cannibale “Not Easy To Cook”
Causa Sui “Free Ride” (LTd. Ed. /1000 2LP + D/L)
Cortini, Alessandro & Lawrence English “Immediate Horizon”
Current 93 “The Light Is Leaving Us All”
Current 93 “The Light Is Leaving Us All” (Color Vinyl)
Demdike Stare “Passion”
Die Angel “Yon Magneetti Sine”
DMX Krew “Stellar Gateway”
Dopplereffekt “Athanatos”
Drake “Scorpion”
Eno, Brian “Ambient 1: Music For Airports”
Eno, Brian “Ambient 4: On Land”
Eno, Brian “Discreet Music”
Erosion “Maximum Suffering”
Fleet Foxes “First Collection 2006-2009” (Box Set)
Fukui, Ryo “Mellow Dreams” (Standard Reissue Of 1977 Album)
Gogo Penguin “A Humdrum Star”
Gucci Mane “Trap House” (Classsic Debut 2LP First Time On Vinyl)
Habibi “Habibi” (Red)
Idles “Joy As An Act Of Resistance” (+D/L)
I-LP-ON “Äänet”
Joseph “Merry Christmas To You” (Numero Reissue – Gold Color Vinyl)
Korwar, Sarathy & Upaj Collective “My East Is Your West”
Lenker, Adrianne “Hours Were The Birds” (First Time On Vinyl + D/L – 2014 Debut Album)
Lenker, Adrianne & Buck Meek “A-Sides And Besides” (+ D/L)
Little Dragon “Lover Chanting EP”
Lucas, Ted “Ted Lucas / The OM Album” (Reissue)
Maciunas Ensemble “Maciunas Ensemble”
Mad Professor “Ariwa Riddim Series 2018”
McCraven, Makaya “Universal Beings”
Melville, Jean-Pierre “Bandes Originales 1956-1963” (Soundtracks)
Mills, Jeff “Waveform Transmission”
Mindforce “Excalibur”
Missing Earth “Gold Flour Salt”
Mmph “Serenade EP”
Mumford & Sons “Delta”
Mutant Beat Dance “Mutant Beat Dance” (6 Record Set)
Perturbator “B-Sides & Remixes Vol. I”
Perturbator “B-Sides & Remixes Vol. II”
Peverelist “Bluez”
Pinhas, Richard “East West” (Reissue)
Pinhas, Richard “Chronolyse” (Reissue)
Primus “Brown Album” (2LP 180 Gram Remastered)
Primus “Pork Soda” (2LP 180 Gram Remastered)
Rabelais, Akira “Eisoptrophobia”
Racetraitor “Burn The Idol Of The White Messiah”
Rainer Maria “Catastrophe Keeps Us Together” (180 Gram + D/L)
Rainer Maria “Look Now Look Again” (180 Gram White Vinyl + D/L)
Rainer Maria “Past Worn Searching” (180 Gram Maroon + D/L)
Reto A Ichi “The Lapse Of The Exchange”
Scott, Travis “Astroworld”
Shabason, Joseph “Anne” (Blue Vinyl + D/L)
Shook Ones “Body Feel” (Color Vinyl)
Siouxsie & The Banshees “Tinderbox” (Reissue)
Slugfest “Buffalo Style” (Pink)
Smashing Pumpkins “Shiny & Oh So Bright Vol. I” (Mystery Vinyl /500 Ltd. Ed.)[WE ARE ACTUALLY OUT OF THIS ALREADY BUT LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT MORE FOR NEXT WEEK!]
Smith & Mighty “Ashley Road Sessions 88-94”
Spontaneous Overthrow “All About Money” (Numero Reissue)
Sultana, Tash “Notion” (Green)
Sunn Trio “Fayrus”
Superette “Tiger” (Reissue Of New Zealand Indie Rock)
Sworn Enemy “As Real As It Gets”
Taraval “Aardvark”
Terrorizer “Caustic Attack”
This Will Destroy You “New Others Part Two” (Red)
Those Damn Crows “Murder And The Motive”
Various “Unusual Sounds (The Hidden History Of Library Music)”
Various “Kreaturen Der Nacht”
Vasicka, Veronica “In Silhouette”
Walker, Ryley “The Lillywhite Sessions” (+D/L)
Warzone “Open Your Eyes” (Grey Marble)
Worku, Asnakech “Asnakech” (Awesome Tapes From Africa)
Zuli “Terminal”


Broderick, Peter “Two Balloons”
Zouma, Yumi “EP III”


Bowie, David “Breaking Glass (Live E.P.)” (Picture Disc)
Cigarettes After Sex “Crush / Sesame Syrup”
Khruangbin “Christmas Time Is Here” (Green)


Black Tape For A Blue Girl “To Touch The Milky Way”
Causa Sui “Free Ride”
Fleet Foxes “First Collection 2006-2009” (Box Set)
Funeral Chic “Superstition”
Internal Bleeding “Corrupting Influence”
Iron Maiden “The Number Of The Beast” (The Studio Collection Remastered – Deluxe With Figurine And Patch)
Iron Maiden “Piece Of Mind” (The Studio Collection Remastered)
Iron Maiden “Iron Maiden” (The Studio Collection Remastered)
Iron Maiden “Killers” (The Studio Collection Remastered)
La Dispute “Somewhere At The Bottom Of The River Between Vega And Altair”
Mkwaju Ensemble “Mkwaju” (Midori Takada Group)
Mumford & Sons “Delta”
Parker, William “Flower In A Stained-Glass Window & The Blinking Of The Ear” (2xCD)
Racetraitor “2 0 4 2”
Smashing Pumpkins “Shiny & Oh So Bright Vol. I”
Stevens, Sufjan “The Greatest Gift Mixtape: Outtakes, Remixes & Demos From Carrie & Lowell”
Tangerine Dream “The Pink Years Albums 1970-1973”
Those Damn Crows “Murder And The Motive”
Worku, Asnakech “Asnakech” (Awesome Tapes From Africa)


Black Taffy “Parlour Arcana”
DNTEL “Hate In My Heart”
Pointbreak “Pointbreak / Forgiver” (CTR-24)
Queen / Smile “Bohemian Rhapsody: Original Soundtrack”
Various “Rick And Morty” (Sub Pop, Soundtrack)


The Wire #418 December 2018 Magazine



Ty Segall
Fudge Sandwich
(In The Red)
Originating from Laguna Beach, California, this singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has been extremely prolific over the course of his decade-long career, with 2018 being no different: the covers album Fudge Sandwich is his fourth record of the year. Considering that Segall’s success can be attributed to his irresistible blend of garage, psychedelic, punk and folk rock, it’s no surprise that the songs selected for this album (all ones that he loves, covered for the fun of it) come from the late 60s to early 80s. Some of his most unique spins include a particularly unorthodox take on War’s summertime favorite “Low Rider” with Marilyn Manson-style growl-vocals and a melted synth chorus, as well as a fuzzed-up punk rock reimagining of Neil Young’s “The Loner”.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Spider Bags
Someday Everything Will Be Fine
Hailing from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, this band plays spirited rock and roll that blends indie, punk, garage and country elements. This new album was recorded and mixed using a vintage device called the Tascam 388 also used by bands like Dinosaur Jr. for a more intuitive and natural sound for their varied music. One contributing musician is Titus Andronicus frontman Patrick Stickles, providing guitar on the uplifting mid-tempo “Burning Sand” and backing vocals on two tracks: the blistering minute-long hardcore burst “Cop Dream / Black Eye (True Story)” and the engaging six-and-a-half country-rock narrative “My Heart is a Flame in Reverse”.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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