T-USED-DAY Update for February 5th, 2019

T-USED-DAY Update for February 5th, 2019
at Redscroll Records


Here are some of the latest used arrivals at the shop. Keep in mind this doesn’t include any of the CDs or many of the LPs in the general rock/pop/jazz/anything-in-the-back-room that we get in. This list also builds over the course of a week so sometimes some items are no longer in stock by the time this is posted. We try to avoid that, but it happens. Call ahead if there’s a particular release you’re curious about. These are the in-store prices – if you’d like to find any of these online please visit us here: http://www.discogs.com/seller/Redscroll

LPs & 12″s

Barge “Barge” (Green) $14.00
Barry, John “A View To A Kill: James Bond 007” (Soundtrack) $4.00
Black Army Jacket “222” $6.00
Blacklisted “Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God” (Clear Blue) $9.00
Blacklisted “No One Deserves To Be Here More Than Me” (Green / Purple) $12.00
Blind To Faith “The Seven Fat Years Are Over” $9.00
Blues Boy Willie “Be-Who?” (Sealed) $4.00
Boris “Pink” (Pink) $28.00
Boris “Smile” (Orange) $20.00
Borror, Donald J. “Songs Of Eastern Birds” (Sealed) $3.00
Brigades “Indefinite” (Orange / Black) $12.00
Brigades “Crocodile Tears” (White / Green) $5.00
Burial Chamber Trio “Burial Chamber Trio” (Green) $6.66
Cable “Gutter Queen” $6.00
Cable “Never Trust A Gemini” $15.00
Cable “Northern Failures” $15.00
Cable “Variable Speed Drive” $8.00
Cain, Jeffrey “Whispering Thunder” $7.00
Cam’ron “Hey Lady” (Sealed) $1.00
Capone-N-Noreaga “Def Jam Vendetta” (Sealed) $1.50
Champion “Promises Kept” (Yellow, Warehouse Edition, 125/205) $30.00
Converge “Jane Doe” (White) $27.00
Crucified “Coldest Winter, Darkest Reaches Of The Mind” (Purple) $5.00
Cursed “Three – Architects Of Troubled Sleep” $17.00
Cursed “Two” $33.00
Dark Funeral “De Profundis Clamavi Ad Te Domine” $18.00
Death From Above 1979 “The Physical World” $11.00
Death Threat / Rude Awakening “Death Threat / Rude Awakening” (Record Release Cover) $18.00
Del Rey, Lana “Paradise” $13.00
Detroit Cobras “Mink Rat Or Rabbit” $12.00
Diiv “Is the Is Are” $16.00
Diiv “Oshin” $13.00
Dillinger Four “This Shit IS Genius” (Mixed) $12.00
Dropdead “Dropdead” $6.00
Emarosa “Relativity” (Beer / Black, 10th Anniversary Pressing) $24.00
Emarosa “Versus” (Clear, Sealed) $15.00
Envy / Jesu “Envy / Jesu” (White) $10.00
Evian Christ “Waterfall” $7.00
Feinberg, Ezra “Pentimento And Others” $15.00
Figure Four “Suffering The Loss” (Clear / Yellow / Black) $15.00
Four Year Strong “Enemy Of The World” (Orange) $30.00
Freedom “USA Hardcore” (Orange) $12.00
Future “Evol” $10.00
Gee, Al “Rap N’ Rhythm With Al Gee: Presented By The US Army Reserve” $8.00
Ghostface Killah “The Big Doe Rehab” $16.00
Gorillaz “Humanz” $12.00
Graveyard “Lights Out” (Orange) $13.00
Grayscale “What We’re Missing” (Baby Blue /200) $18.00
Grimes “Geidi Primes” (Reissue) $7.00
Hecker, Tim “Dropped Pianos” $8.00
Hecker, Tim “Mirages” $12.00
Hecker, Tim “Ravedeath, 1972” $16.00
Hecker, Tim “Virgins” $17.00
Hecker, Tim “Harmony In Ultraviolet” $16.00
Heroin “Heroin” $6.00
Herrero, Victor “Atrolabio” $14.00
Ilsa “Tutti Il Colori Del Buio” $9.00
Iron Reagan “Worse Than Dead” (White Vinyl) $14.00
Jacobs, Ron “A Child’s Garden Of Grass: A Pre-Legalization Comedy” $4.20
Jarre, Maurice “Witness” $5.00
Jay, Stephen “Africa – Drum. Chant & Intrumental Music” $5.00
Jesu / Battle Of Mice “Jesu / Battle Of Mice” (Silver / Clear) $15.00
Kills, The “Midnight Boom” $13.00
King Jr, Dr. Martin Luther “His Greatest Speeches” (Sealed) $10.00
Kishi Bashi “Sonderlust” $10.00
Kollias, George “Invictus” $14.00
Korn “The Paradigm Shift” (Picture Disc) $14.00
Kostal, Irwan “Fantasia” $14.00
Kylesa “From The Vaults Volume 1” (Mixed) $17.00
Kylesa “To Walk A Middle Course” $8.00
Letlive “The Blackest Beautiful” $8.00
Lewd Acts “Black Eye Blues” $6.00
Locrian / Mamiffer “Bless Them That Curse You” (Clear) $13.00
Lord Dying “Poisoned Altars” (Silver) $10.00
Loudness “Thunder In The East” $5.00
Main Attrakionz “Bossalinis & Fooliyones” $6.00
Marge “Bruise Easy” $8.00
Most Precious Blood “Do Not Resuscitate” (Clear) $12.00
Mother Of Mercy “III” (Black / Red) $9.00
Municipal Waste “The Fatal Feast” (Clear Yellow) $15.00
My Morning Jacket “Evil Urges” $18.00
Nelson, Willie “Red Headed Stranger” $12.00
New Morality “Fear Of Nothing” $6.00
New Order “Shellshock” (1986 US Pressing) $5.00
Nitzer Ebb “Control Im Here Edition Number One” $5.00
Noisem “Blossoming Decay” (Aqua) $10.00
Pig Destroyer “Natasha” (Clear / Red Splatter) $30.00
Placebo “Life’s What You Make It” (Sealed) $8.00
Radio Flyer “In Their Strange White Armor” $10.00
Rainbow “Difficult To Cure” $4.00
Rainbow “Straight Between The Eyes” $6.66
Reigning Sound “Break Up… Break Down” $20.00
Rubella Ballet “Ballet Bag” $15.00
Sargentelli “A.G. Do Samba” $8.00
Seraphim “The Light In The Distance” (Blue) $8.00
Severed Heads “Come Visit The Big Bigot” $8.00
Shin 2 Shin “Shin 2 Shin” (White / Splatter) $6.00
Sleater-Kinney “All Hands On The Bad One” $15.00
Sleigh Bells “Treats” (180 Gram) $14.00
Sly & The Family Stone “A Whole New Thing” (1967 Stereo) $27.00
Software “Digital-Dance” (Sealed) $35.00
Some Nerve “Sense Of Control” (Clear) $6.00
Sterling, Maxwell “Hollywood Medieval” $18.00
Stick Together “Stick Together” (Brown / Orange) $9.00
SunnO))) “Domkirke” (Red) $25.00
T.I. “I’m Serious” $4.00
Take Offense “Tables Will Turn” (Purple) $8.00
Tamlins, The “I’ll Be Waiting” $8.00
Tears For Fears “Rule The World” $18.00
Terror “Always The Hard Way” $17.00
UFO “Lights Out” $6.00
Various “America’s Hardcore Volume 3” (Red) $6.00
Various “America’s Hardcore Volume 2” (Red) $5.00
Various “America’s Hardcore Volume 4” (Purple / White) $7.00
Various “Twin Peaks” (Picture Disc) $17.00
Various “Nettwork Sound Sampler (Food For Thought)” $7.00
Various “Girl Zone!” (Red) $15.00
Various “Hardcore Matinee” (Clear) $8.00
Warfare “Declaration” $7.00
Westpoint “Westpoint” (Yellow) $5.00
Wolves In The Throne Room “Malevolent Grain” $14.00
Wolves In The Throne Room “Diadem Of 12 Stars” (Green) $40.00
Youth Code “Commitment To Complication/s” (Yellow / Clear Splatter) $26.66


Sights & Sounds “Silver Door” (Clear / Black / White) $8.00


Bayonettes, The “Stuck In This Rut” $0.75
Boris “Japanese Heavy Rock V1” $3.00
Boris “Japanese Heavy Rock V2” $3.00
Boris “Japanese Heavy Rock V3” $2.00
Born Annoying “Living How You’re Not” (Clear) $2.00
Bracewar “Colossal” (Bronze) $4.00
Buttercups / Creteens “Buttercups / Creteens” (2005) $1.00
Cattle Decapitation “Ten Torments Of The Damned” $8.00
Cave In “Lift-Off” $4.00
Civic Duty “Burden Of Hate” $3.00
COA / Product Of Waste “COA / Product Of Waste” (Yellow) $9.00
Coalesce “Salt And Passage” (Red / Black) $8.00
Common Enemy /Aggressive Force “Party On” (White) $3.00
Converge / Dropdead “Converge / Dropdead (Vinyl Bong Color) $3.00
Create Avoid “Pastime” (Red) $4.00
Criminal Instinct “Sweet Dreams” $3.50
Criminal Instinct “Fever” $3.00
D.C. Disorder “Naïve To A World” (Blue) $7.00
Depths Of Reality “Depths Of Reality” (Red) $6.00
Die Young “Survival Instinct” (Clear) $4.00
Discourse “Discourse” (Gray) $2.00
Discourse “Curse Of Consciousness” (White) $5.00
Disrupt “Deprived” (Grey) $8.00
Dry Hump “Dry Hump” $1.00
EL-P “Truancy” $3.00
Ergs, The “Blue” (Transparent Blue) $4.00
Evergreen “These Last Days” $6.00
Eyehategod “New Orleans Is The New Vietnam” (Orange/Black) $8.00
Faze “In Silence” (Sea Blue) $3.00
Fields, E.L., Gospel Wonders “Heaven Bound” (Sealed) $5.00
Flaming Lips, The / Mastodon “A Spoonful Weighs A Ton” (Pink) $4.00
Forever Came Calling / Family Thief “Acoustic Split 7″” (Clear w/ Electric Blue Splatter) $4.00
Friend Or Foe “Friend or Foe” $2.00
Friend Or Foe “Foe” (Swamp Green) $6.00
Friend Or Foe “Outsider” (Red / White / Black) $3.00
Full Of Hell “Amber Mote In The Black Vault” $6.00
Fury “Live On KXLU 2015” $3.00
Gehenna / California Love “Gehenna / Califorina Love” $1.50
Good Clean Fun “Shopping For A Crew” (White w/ Splatter) $3.50
Grief / 13 “Falling Apart / Wither” (2006 Reissue) $7.00
Hard Stripes “Hard Stripes” (White) $3.00
Hard Stripes “Hard Stripes” (Clear) $4.00
Harvest “Years of Defiance. Years Of Disgust.” (Clear) $8.00
Head And The Heart, The “All We Ever Knew” (Coke Bottle, Promo) $3.00
Headcoats, Thee “Time Will Tell” (Blue) $7.00
Hold X True “Nothing Can Destroy Me, Nothing Can Stop Me!” (Pink) $3.00
Homestretch “Comatose” (Blue Vinyl w/ Cloth Bag) $2.00
I Call Fives “Someone That’s Not You” (Maroon) $3.00
Infest “Infest” $8.00
Infest “Living In Squalor” $16.00
Integrity “March Of The Damned” $4.00
Integrity “We Are The End” (Gray /100) $8.00
Integrity / Lock Weld “Lockweld / Serenity Of The Once Lost” $4.00
Integrity / Psywarfare “Integrity / Psywarfare” (Picdisc) $5.00
Jacuzzi Boys “Island Ave” (Red) $4.00
Jacuzzi Boys / Woven Bones “Jacuzzi Boys / Woven Bones” (Clear) $6.00
Joy Division “Love Will Tear Us Apart” (White) $6.00
Lemonade “Pink” $5.00
Les Savy Fav “Accidental Deaths” $4.00
Life Of Reilly “Break The Silence” $2.00
Living With Lions “Some Of My Friends” (Clear / Electric Blue) $3.00
Lords / Coliseum “Maximum Louisville Split Series, Vol. 1” (Red) $4.00
Lovesick / Aloha “Lovesick / Aloha” $4.00
Macronympha “Sex And Death” $8.00
Magnitude “Era Of Attrition” $4.00
Meltdown “Demolition” (Purple w/ White Splatter) $4.00
Meltdown “Meltdown” (Silver) $2.00
Minus “Demo 2009” (Blue) $4.00
Modest Mouse “King Rat” $3.00
Moutheater / Vegas “Moutheater / Vegas” (Red / #10/12) $13.00
Mummies, The “Only Sold At The Show” (Uncut) $18.00
New Found Glory “Listen To Your Friends” (Red) $1.00
Night Marchers, The “Whose Lady R U?” (Orange) $8.00
Night Marchers, The “Thar She Blows” $6.00
Night Marchers, The / Mrs Magician “Night Marchers / Mrs Magician” $5.00
Oathbreaker “Oathbreaker” (Black Vinyl Repress /70) $10.00
Our Side “Back To Reality” (Clear) $2.00
Out Crowd “Just Us” (Red) $3.00
Pinkback “Information Retrieved PT. B” $5.00
Praise “Two Songs” $6.00
Praise “Growing. Changing. Healing.” (Tan) $3.00
Pulling Teeth “Shin To Shin” (Orange) $3.00
Pulling Teeth / Frightener “Pulling Teeth / Frightener” (Silver) $3.00
Pulling Teeth / Mighty Sphincter “Pulling Teeth / Mighty Sphincter” $10.00
Response “Stand Strong” (Red) $1.00
Rock Bottom “Your Demise” (Orange) $2.00
Rocket From The Crypt / Get Up Kids “Rocket From The Crypt / Get Up Kids” (White) $4.00
Rude Awakening “The Awakening” (Teal) $6.00
Rude Awakening “The Awakening” $0.75
Seraphim “Seraphim” (Gray) $2.00
Seven Sisters of Sleep / Ilsa “Messiah And The IV th Crusade” (Red) $3.00
Sheer Terror “Darkened Days” (White, Flexi Disc) $8.00
Shipwreck “Shipwreck” (Black & Green) $3.00
Shoot to Kill “Shoot To Kill” $3.00
Shotgun Guy/Corvid Canine “Messy Headroom” (#13/27 Lathe) $5.00
Sick Symptom “Demo 2014” (Blue) $2.00
Skid Row “18 And Life” $2.00
Slayer “Psychopathy Red” (Red) $8.00
Snapcase Vs. Boysetsfire “Snapcase Vs. Boysetsfire” (2×7″) $6.00
Snowing “Fuck Your Emotional Bullshit” (Blue) $13.00
So Much For Best Friends / Koala Tea Time “So Much For Best Friends / Koala Tea Time” (Random Color #408/500) $2.00
Social Circkle “Static Eyes” (White) $2.00
Soul Search “Nothing But A Nightmare” (Light Gray) $3.00
Soul Swallower “Soul Swallower” $3.00
Stand Off “Stand Off” (Clear) $3.00
Stand Off “Behind The Wire” (Blue) $6.00
Suicide File “Live On Wers” (White w/ Black Splatter) $10.00
Supertouch “Lost My Way” (Clear Green) $3.00
Take Offense “Live At Social Slam” $2.00
Taking Meds “Demo” (Yellow) $1.00
Tear It Up “Tear It Up” (Purple) $2.00
Thermals, The “No Culture Icons” $4.00
These Arms Are Snakes “Good Friday” (Grey) $4.00
Trapped Under Ice “Stay Cold” (Clear Blue w/ White Splatter) $20.00
Troubled Coast “I’ve Been Thinking About Leaving You” $1.00
Under One Flag / Palehorse “Under One Flag / Palehorse” $3.00
United Youth “Something 2 Prove” $1.00
Various “Winds Of Change” (Gray) $4.00
Various “New London” (Green, Flexi Disc) $3.00
Virgin Witch “Virgin Witch” (Grey /100) $1.00
Withdrawl “Faith, Flesh & Blood” $2.00
Wretched Ones, The “Live On A 5″ (5”) $5.00
Written Off / Out Crowd “Written Off / Outcrowd” (White) $3.00
Wrong Answer “Cross A Black Cats Path” (Coke Bottle / TIH #8/30) $8.00
Wrong Answer “The Wrong Way” (Yellow) $3.00
WVRM “Can You Hear The Wind Howl” (White w/ Blue Splatter # /100 $7.00
Young And In The Way / Withdrawl “YAITW / Withdrawl” (Clear) $4.00
Youth Brigade “First Summer Demo ’81” $4.00

Cassette Tapes

Alex Meets Sand “The Magician’s Saw” $3.00
Alice Cooper “Hey Stoopid” $3.00
Animal Bag “Animal Bag” $3.00
Anthrax “Persistence Of Time” $2.00
Beatles “Live At The BBC” (2xCS Sealed!) $6.00
Blues Traveler “Four” $1.00
C.O.B. “Live At The Old Ash Tree” $3.00
Cocker, Joe “Night Calls” (Sealed) $1.00
Danzig Danzig III: How The Gods Kill” $8.00
Dio “Lock Up The Wolves” $4.00
Dio “Dream Evil” $3.00
Dose Lonely Boys “Dose Lonely Boys” $3.00
Elkhorn “Lionfish” $5.00
Great White “Twice Shy” $1.00
Guns N’ Roses “Use Your Illusion I” $3.00
Helmet “Betty” $4.00
House Of Pain “Jump Around & House Of Pain Anthem” $1.00
Iron Maiden “Fear Of The Dark” $4.00
Iron Maiden “No Prayer For The Dying” $4.00
Jai-Ma-Kirtan “Songs To The Divine Mother” $2.00
Landing “Complekt” $5.00
M.O.D. “Surfin’ M.O.D.” $3.00
Megadeth “Rust In Peace” $5.00
Metallica “Kill ‘Em All” $3.00
Motorhead “1916” $5.00
Neil, Vince “Exposed” $2.00
Onyx “Bacdafucup” $2.00
Onyx “Slam” $3.00
P!nk “M!ssundaztood” $3.00
Payne, Norman “The Fields Of Athenry” $2.00
Poison “Flesh & Blood” $1.00
Poison “Open Up And Say…Ahh!” $1.00
Prince & The New Power Generation “My Name Is Prince” $2.00
Queen “Innuendo” $3.00
Sacred Reich “The American Way” $4.00
Spread Eagle “Open To The Public” $3.00
Stryper “Against The Law” $2.00
TLC “Fan Mail” $5.00
Trixter “Trixter” $1.00
Uton “Sax On, Sax Off” $5.00
Vai, Steve “Sex & Religion” $2.00
Various “The Beavis & Butt-Head Experience” (Soundtrack) $3.00
White Lion “Big Game” $2.00
Whitesnake “Whitesnake” $0.75