26th Of April 2019 Update

26th Of April 2019 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Review
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s

Altin Gun “Gece” (Ltd. Ed. Cream Vinyl)
Aries “Juramento Mantarraya” (+D/L)
Bartlett, Martin “Anecdotal Electronics: Live Experiments & Other Recordings”
Benin International Musical “BIM #1” (Ltd. Ed.)
Beths, The “Warm Blood” (2015 EP First Time On Vinyl – Pink Vinyl + D/L)
Big|Brave “A Gaze Among Them” (White Vinyl)
Body, The “No One Deserves Happiness” (Clear/Pink)
Body, The & Full Of Hell “Ascending A Mountain Of Heavy Light” (Repress on Clear/Green & Brown)
Broderick, Heather Woods “Invitation” (Ltd. Ed. Coral & Seawater Vinyl + D/L)
Cage The Elephant “Social Cues”
Cale, JJ “Guitar Man” (180 Gram + CD)
Cale, JJ “Closer To You” (180 Gram + CD)
Carnage “Dark Recollections” (Reissue)
Catfish & The Bottlemen “The Balance”
Cathedral “The Ethereal Mirror”
Cloud Rat / The World Is A Vampire “The World Is A Vampire / Cloud Rat”
Comet Is Coming, The “Channel The Spirits” (+ D/L)
Congos, The “Back In The Black Ark” (First Time On Vinyl Ltd. Ed.)
Craft “Void” (Black Vinyl 2LP Reissue /550)
CV313 “Glass City Sessions”
Deadbeat & Camara “Trinity Thirty” (2LP 180 Gram + Poster + D/L)
Death Ray Vision “Negative Mental Attitude”
Discharge “Live At The City Garden New Jersey” (Ltd. Ed. Clear Vinyl)
DJ Nate “Take Off Mode”
Doherty, Pete & The Puta Madres “Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres”
Dwarfs Of East Agouza / Corsano & Orcutt “Electric Smog”
End Of Data “Sahrah”
Fall, The “Mark’s Personal Holiday Tony Tapes”
Finnigan, Kelly “The Tales People Tell” (Red & Standard Black Vinyl Varieties Available + D/L)
Fontaine, Claude “Claude Fontaine”
Foxygen “Seeing Other People” (Deluxe Pink 2LP Edition With Bonus Demo LP)
Garum “Garum EP”
Ghastly City Sleep “Lulling Skulls 1”
Gibbs, Freddie & Madlib “Flat Tummy Tea”
Gustafsson, Mats & Christian Marclay “Link”
Harding, Aldous “Designer”
Helms Alee “Noctiluca”
Hogan, Anni “Lost In Blue” (Ltd. Ed. Blue Vinyl)
Home Body “Spiritus”
Homler, Anna “Deliquium In C”
Hoodna Afrobeat Orchestra “Ofel”
Iced Earth “Enter The Realm” (Clear Vinyl Reissue Of 1989 Demo)
Khidja “In The Middle Of The Night”
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard “Fishing For Fishies” (U.S. Toxic Landfill Edition)
Lafawndah “Acestor Boy”
Lakker “Epoca”
Laswell, Bill “City Of Light” (Ltd. Color)
Legendary Pink Dots, The “Come Out From The Shadows” (Ltd. Ed. White Vinyl)
Local Natives “Violet Street” (+ Lyric Booklet & Poster)
Lundvall, Tor “A Strangeness In Motion – Early Pop Recordings: 1989-1999” (Ltd. Ed. /400 Clearwater Blue Vinyl + D/L)
Mana “Seven Steps Behind”
Mars “N.N. End (Mars Archives Volume Three)”
Metric “Fantasies” (Reissue)
Minimal Violence “InDreams”
Ministry “With Sympathy” (Music On Vinyl 180 Gram Reissue)
Modern Nature “Nature EP”
Morby, Kevin “Oh My God” (Sky Blue Vinyl + D/L)
Moreschi, Alessandro “The Last Castrato: Complete Vatican Recordings” (Numbered/500)
Mountain Goats, The “In League With Dragons” (Hardcore Edition / Dragon Scale Sleeve, Green & Yellow Marble Vinyl + 7″ … +D/L)`
Mountain Goats, The “In League With Dragons” (2LP + D/L)
Mt. Gemini (Yannick Franck Presents) “Just Like A River” (Marbled Vinyl /400)
Mumdance & Logos “Proto (Shapednoise Remixes)”
Nadler, Marissa & Stephen Brodsky “Droneflower” (Ltd. Ed. Clear/Black Marble + D/L)
Neon “Rituals”
Ohrn, Josefin & The Liberation “Sacred Dreams” (Ltd. Orange Vinyl)
Opeth “My Arms Your Hearse” (Ltd. Ed. Dual Colored Vinyl)
Orange 9mm “Driver” (Music On Vinyl Flame Coloured Vinyl /1000)
Pistol McFly “Road Trip” (+D/L)
Plotkin, James “The Joy Of Disease: Demos & Remixes”
Potter & Tillman “…Space …Rapture” (Swiss Reissue)
Prince “Rave In2 The Joy Fantastic” (First Time On LP Ltd. Ed. Purple)
Proem “Until Here For Years”
Quantic “Atlantic Oscillations”
Quarantine “Regressive Thoughts”
Reigning Sound “Abdication… For Your Love” (Peak Vinyl Ltd. Ed. Red Vinyl)
Reptaliens “Valis”
Richman, Jonathan “Sa!”
Ritter, Josh “Fever Breaks” (Clear Mint Vinyl Ltd. Ed.)
Rolling Stones, The “Honk: The Very Best Of The Rolling Stones (’71-’18)”
Ruby Rushton “Ironside”
Sanction “The Infringement Of God’s Plan”
Santaolalla, Gustavo “The Last Of Us Vol. II” (Soundtrack)
Soak “Grim-Town”
Spheeris, Chris ~ Paul Voudouris “Passage”
Sutekh Hexen “Sutekh Hexen”
Svart Katt “Nar Allt Ar Over”
Temple, Paula “Edge Of Everything”
Uranium Club “The Cosmo Cleaners: The Higher Calling Of Business Provacateurs”
Various “Bulawayo Blue Yodel”
Various “Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse” (Soundtrack, Picture Disc)
Various “We Made The Future For You” (Jpegmafia, Black Pus, Ka5sh, William Hutson, SB The Moor, Clipping…)
Various “Harde Smart: Flemish & Dutch Grooves From The 70’s” (+ Mixtape Download Code)
Various / Motorhead “Tribute To Lemmy 1945-2015”
Wand “Laughing Matter”
Waste Of Space Orchestra “Syntheosis” (Oranssi Pazuzu & Dark Buddha Rising Members – Ltd. Orange Vinyl)
Waterson, Jack “Adrian Younge Presents Jack Waterson”
Weirdos, The “Destroy All Music” (Starburst Vinyl)
Wizards, The “Full Moon In Scorpio”
Xen “Pere Adam”
Young Scientist “Results, Not Answers”
Youth Fountain “Letters To Our Former Selves”


Abner Jay “Terrible Comedy Blues: Depression / I’m So Depressed”
Big Stick “Drag Racing”
Lady Wray “Come On In / Piece Of Me”
Linna, Sami Quartet “Mode For Tomorrow / Umoya”
Night People “I Can’t Keep Crying”
NMCP Studio “ZaRecord 2”
Peelander-Z “Beaver Fever: 20th Anniversary” (Yellow)
Rolling Blackouts C.F. “In The Capital / Read My Mind”
Terminal Nation / Neckbeard Deathcamp “One Party System” (Scene Support 2019 Edition)
Wavves / Beach Fossils “Enter Still / Silver Tongue” (Translucent Red)


Abrams, Joshua Natural Information Society “Mandatory Reality” (2xCD)
After The Burial “Evergreen”
Alberich “Quantized Angel”
Altin Gun “Gece”
Amacher, Maryanne “Petra”
Another Michael “Land”
Bibio “Ribbons”
Big Business “The Beast You Are”
Big|Brave “A Gaze Among Them”
Budos Band, The “V”
Burr, Anthony & Charles Curtis “Chamber Music: Alvin Lucier And Morton Feldman”
Catfish & The Bottlemen “The Balance”
Cold Cave “Cremations”
Crowhurst “III”
Deadbeat & Camara “Trinity Thirty”
DJ Nate “Take Off Mode”
Doombringer “Walpurgis Fires”
Dunn, Trevor “Nocturnes”
Finnigan, Kelly “The Tales People Tell”
Foxygen “Seeing Other People”
Garcia Peoples “Natural Facts”
Gold “Why Aren’t You Laughing?”
Harding, Aldous “Designer”
Helms Alee “Noctiluca”
Hogan, Anni “Lost In Blue”
Home Body “Spiritus”
Inter Arma “Sulphur English”
Jakuzi “Hata Payi”
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard “Fishing For Fishies”
Lage, Julian & Gyan Riley “Chesed”
Les Chasseurs De La Nuit “Les Chasseurs De La Nuit”
Les Chasseurs De La Nuit “Nebel Leben”
Local Natives “Violet Street”
Lord Dying “Mysterium Tremendum”
Lucier, Alvin “Orpheus Variations”
Lussuria “Scarlet Locust Of These Columns”
Mana “Seven Steps Behind”
Mineva “The First Years”
Morby, Kevin “Oh My God”
Mountain Goats, The “In League With Dragons”
Nadler, Marissa & Stephen Brodsky “Droneflower”
New Blockaders, The “Live At Sonic City” (CD+DVD)
Nilsson, Molly “History”
Of The Wand And The Moon “Sonnenheim”
Of The Wand And The Moon “Tunes For A Twilight Tears For A Lifetime”
Of The Wand And The Moon “Live At The Lodge Of Imploded Love”
Proem “Until Here For Years”
Psychic TV “Live In Toronto”
Psychic TV “Live In Thee Subterrania”
Psychic TV “Live In Thee East Village”
R. Ring (Kelley Deal & Mike Montgomery) “Ignite The Rest”
Radigue, Eliane “Triptych”
Reigning Sound “Abdication… For Your Love”
Reptaliens “Valis”
Rome “Anthology”
Ruby Rushton “Ironside”
Soak “Grim-Town”
Sun Kil Moon “I Also Want To Die In New Orleans”
Tiger & Woods “A.O.D.”
Trepaneringsritualen “Kainskult”
Wand “Laughint Matter”
Wormwitch “Heaven That Dwells Within”
Year of the Knife “Ultimate Aggression”


Another Michael “Land” (TSR195)
Ar-Kaics, The “In This Time” (BRGR1386)
Cradle, The “The Glare Of Success” (NNA118)
Doherty, Peter & The Puta Madres “Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres” (SOCASS1)
False Positive Crew “False Positive Crew” (DBA186)
Finnigan, Kelly “The Tales People Tell” (CLMN 12025)
Foxygen “Seeing Other People” (JAG327)
Home Body “Spiritus” (FTR 354CS)
Morby, Kevin “Oh My God” (DOC191)
Perennial & Mineva “Split” (Howling Frequency)
Sabbat “Disembody” (ANTI-GOTH 436)
Sabbat “Evoke” (ANTI-GOTH 422)
SB The Moor “Spirit Realm.Final” (DBA888)
SB The Moor “DYBR.pnk / MNFST.dstnii” (DBA201)
Wand “Laughing Matter” (DC744C)



Sunn O)))
Life Metal
(Southern Lord)
Formed in Seattle in 1998 and still based around core members Stephen O’Malley and Greg Anderson, Sunn O))) have established themselves as icons of the drone metal genre, with their unmistakably loud and monolithic sound leaving audience shaken. For this eighth studio album (along with the sister album Pyroclasts scheduled for release later this year), the band enlisted producer Steve Albini: in keeping with his ethos of capturing a “live” feeling in the studio, Life Metal is Sunn O)))’s first all-analog album. As Anderson explained in an interview, the songs are intended to feel like they have more grandeur than darkness as a reflection of the positive things happening in the bands’ lives (such as having children). The result is fittingly epic, like standing before a massive wall of speakers for their trademark slow-burning heaviness.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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