T-USED-DAY Update for 23rd Of April, 2019

T-USED-DAY Update for 23rd Of April, 2019
at Redscroll Records

Here are some of the latest used arrivals at the shop. Keep in mind this doesn’t include any of the CDs or many of the LPs in the general rock/pop/jazz/anything-in-the-back-room that we get in. This list also builds over the course of a week so sometimes some items are no longer in stock by the time this is posted. We try to avoid that, but it happens. Call ahead if there’s a particular release you’re curious about. These are the in-store prices – if you’d like to find any of these online please visit us here: http://www.discogs.com/seller/Redscroll

LPs & 12″s

16 “Drop Out” $11.00
AC/DC “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” $8.00
AC/DC “Let There Be Rock” $7.00
AFI “Black Sails In The Sunset” (grey marble-2014 reissue) (disc has slight warp) $10.00
AFI “The Art Of Drowning” (grey marble, 2014 reissue) $14.00
Alice Cooper “Welcome To My Nightmare” (Club Edition) $6.00
Ash Borer “2009 Demo” $6.66
Ballin’ Jack “Ballin’ Jack” $5.00
Ben, Jorge “A Tabua De Esmeralda” (Original Brazilian Pressing) $60.00
Black Sabbath “Master Of Reality” (180 Gram) $16.66
Black Sabbath “Mob Rules” $16.66
Black Sabbath “Volume 4” $18.00
Black Sabbath “We Sold Our Soul For Rock ‘N’ Roll” $10.00
Black Sabbath “Mob Rules” $20.00
Bowlus, Donald E. “What It Means To Grow Up: A Boys Introduction To The Physical Changes Of Adolescence” (Yellow) $6.00
Brightside “Now And Loud” (Yellow) $7.00
Butthole Surfers “Psychic Powerless Another Mans Sac” $19.00
Buzzov-en “To A Frown” $27.00
Cash, Johnny / Jerry Lee Lewis / Carl Perkins “The Survivors” $7.00
Celtic Frost “Morbid Tales” (EU Pressing) $50.00
Cheech & Chong “Up In Smoke” (Soundtrack) $10.00
Citycop “Loner” $10.00
Collins, Albert “Don’t Lose Your Cool” $8.00
Cooder, Ry “Crossroads” $3.00
Da Viola, Paulinho “Nervos De Aco” $13.00
De Negra, Enrico “La Divinia Commedia Inferno” $8.00
Donato, Joao “The New Sound Of Brazil” $18.00
Doors, The “An American Prayer” (Club Edition) $12.00
Doors, The “The Soft Parade” (EU Pressing) $16.00
Drive-By Truckers “Decoration Day” $17.00
Earle, Steve “Early Tracks” $7.00
Elder “Elder” (EU Pressing) $33.00
Estes, Sleepy John “Broke And Hungry” $15.00
Explosions In The Sky “Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Die” $11.00
Eyehategod “Dopesick” $18.00
Gismonti, Egberto & Academia De Danccas “Feixe De Luz ‘Todo Comeco E Involuntario'” (1988 Brazilian Pressing) $24.00
Great Speckled Bird “Great Speckled Bird” $10.00
Grey Skull “Damaged III” (#177/200) $6.66
Grupo Niche “Cielo De Tambores” (1990) $12.00
Guy, Phil “The Red Hot Blues Of Phil Guy” (UK Pressing) $19.00
Hendrix, Jimi Experience “Electric Ladyland” (2015 Reissue) $17.00
Hitchcock, Robyn “S/T” (2017) $12.00
Holly, Buddy “S/T” (picture disc, import) $6.00
Hoopsnake “Knucklehead” $10.00
Hopkins, Lightnin’ “Something Blue” $35.00
Inter Arma “Destroyer” $20.00
Interpol “Turn On The Bright Lights” (2014 reissue) $12.00
Japandroids “Celebration Rock” (White) $7.00
Johnson, Robert “King Of The Delta Blues Singers Volume 2” $5.00
Johnson, Robert “King Of The Delta Blues Singers” $8.00
Johnson, Robert “The Complete Recordings” $27.00
Killdozer “Intellectuals Are The Shoeshine Boys Of The Ruling Elite” $45.00
Killdozer “Twelve Point Buck” $15.00
La Identidad “Salsa Con Energia” (Colombian Pressing) $10.00
Larsen, Tom Blues Band “All The Way Live” $10.00
Lords, The “The Method To Our Madness” $7.00
Lynyrd Skynyrd “Legend” $9.00
Mad Hatters, The / The Apollos “Washington DC Garage Band Greats” $13.00
Madonna “True Blue” (Club Edition) $7.00
Meader, Vaughn “The Second Coming” $3.00
Mellencamp, John Cougar “Small Town” (UK 2×12″ Single) $5.00
Memphis Slim “Memphis Slim” $6.00
Metal Feathers “Handful Of Fog” $7.00
Modern Baseball “You’re Gonna Miss It All” (Pink / White) $18.00
Monty Python “Live At City Center” $4.00
Monty Python “The Monty Python Instant Record Collection… Vol. II” $5.00
Mothers, The “Just Another Band From LA” $10.00
My Bloody Valentine “Isn’t Anything” $23.00
Oh Sees “Floating Coffin” $13.00
Panic At The Disco “Pretty Odd” (Sealed) $15.00
Perkins, Carl “Sun Sound Special” (UK Pressing) $5.50
Phillips, Shawn “I’m A Loner” (UK Pressing) $40.00
Pity Sex “Feast Of Love” (Blue / White) $9.00
Plonquitte, Georges & Cie “Nous Cail Limer Dife” $6.00
Rainbow “Bent Out Of Shape” $6.00
Rainbow “Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow” $8.00
Ratt “Out Of The Cellar” $5.00
Regina, Elis “Elis” $12.00
Rich, Buddy “At Ronnie Scotts” (1984 European Reissue) $6.00
Rose, Tim “Tim Rose” (promo, 1972) $5.00
Rush “Rush” $15.00
San Fermin “San Fermin” $12.00
Scaphe “Forking Path” $6.00
Scaphe “Long Way Down” $9.00
Schickele, Professor Peter “The Wurst Of P.D.Q. Bach” $3.00
Schulze, Klaus “Dune” $15.00
Segall, Ty “Singles 2007-2010” $14.00
Segall, Ty / Mikal Cronin “Reverse Shark Attack” (Turquoise) $50.00
Seven Sisters Of Sleep “Ezekiel’s Hags” $9.00
Sir Lord Baltimore “Kingdom Come” (2010 Pressing) $33.00
Sivuca “Live At The Village Gate” $6.00
Sleep “Holy Mountain” (White / Gray Splatter 2007 Pressing) $80.00
Son House “The Real Delta Blues” $12.00
Sorority Noise “Forgettable” (Marbled Pink) $18.00
Storm Of Light, A / Nadja “Primitive North” (Glacier) $13.00
Szalinkski, Wayne “Black Mirror” $14.00
T.Rex “Tanx” (Promo) $14.00
Technotronic “Pump Up The Jam” $1.00
Thee Open Sex “Thee Open Sex” $10.00
Tiny Moving Parts “This Couch Is Long & Full Of Friendship” (Caramel /150) $33.00
Transit “Something Left Behind” (White / Red Swirl /150) $33.00
USA Is A Monster “Tasheyana Compost” $4.00
Van Halen “5150” $8.00
Van Halen “OU812” $7.00
Van Zandt, Townes “Townes Van Zandt” $14.00
Vandenberg “Heading For A Storm” $4.00
Various “Cruisin’ 1960” (compilation, sealed) $6.00
Various “Simla Beat 70/71” (1999 German Import) $75.00
Various “Roots Of Rock” $10.00
Various “Delaware Garage” (Red) $9.00
Various “Garage Punk Unknowns Volume 2” $26.00
Various “Crude PA Volume 2” $14.00
Various “The Concert For Bangla Desh” $20.00
Various “Key West Psychedelic Daze” (#411/600) $20.00
Various “Garage Punk Unknowns Volume 3” $26.00
Various “Boulder’s #2” $20.00
Various “Hoosier Hotshots” $20.00
Various “The Chosen Few Volume 1” $38.00
Various “Flashback Volume 1” $20.00
Various “Boulders 7” $10.00
Various “Bad Vibrations Volume 2” $11.00
Various “Nuggets Volume 1” $9.00
Various “The Flamingo Kid” $4.00
Various “Cruisin’ 1957” $3.00
Various “Cruisin’ 1967” $8.00
Various “Cruisin’ 1963” $10.00
Various “Cruisin’ 1966” $8.00
Various “Cruisin’ 1965” $10.00
Various “The Blues – A Real Summit Meeting” $8.00
Various “14 Canonazos Bailables Volume 18” (Colombian Pressing) $12.00
Various “Mississippi Delta Blues Volume 2” $36.00
Weed “Deserve” $8.00
Weezer “Pinkerton” (EU Pressing) $18.00
Wells, Junior “Southside Blues Jam” $15.00
Weston, Kim “Kim Kim Kim” (Promo) $15.00
Young M.C. “Principal’s Office” $3.00
Zappa, Frank “Sheik Yerbouti” $12.00
Zappa, Frank “Waka / Jawaka” $13.00


Pacer “Pacer” $3.00
Front Bottoms “Front Bottoms” $32.00


27 “Try / Night” (pink vinyl) $4.00
Absinthe “Absinthe” $3.00
Aerosmith “Angel” (Promo) $2.00
Alice Cooper “Poison” (Promo) $6.00
Another Wall “Another Wall” $1.00
Arrows “Say It Isn’t True” (Promo) $2.00
Atlantic Starr “One Lover At A Time” (Promo) $1.00
Baby Gopal “Shiva” $3.00
Bane “Forked Tongue” (1996 repress) $9.00
Bastard Sapling “A Sepulcher To Swallow The Sea” $2.00
Berlin “You Don’t Know” (Promo) $2.00
Birkin, Jane / Serge Gainsbourg “Je T’Aime…” (UK Pressing) $3.00
Bleed “True Colors Running” $1.00
Blitz “All Out Attack” $5.00
Bloarzoyd “Blomaardzofnynda” $4.00
Boris “Japanese Heavy Rock Hits” $3.00
Botch “The John Birch Conspiracy Theory” (yellow) $12.00
Bound “Bound” $1.00
Boy Sets Fire “Consider” $1.00
Buzzov-en “Useless” $5.00
By The Grace Of God “For The Love Of Indie Rock” $3.00
Contagium “Contagium” $4.00
Contempt “A Call For Revolution” $8.00
Culture / Roosevelt “Culture Roosevelt” $4.00
Damad “Centric” $2.00
Despair “As We Bleed” $3.00
Despair / New Day Rising “Despair / New Day Rising” $3.00
Destroy “Burn This Racist System Down” (Grey) $8.00
Disbelief / Outcome “Leaders Of The Agnostic Revolution” $1.50
Doors, The “Gloria” (Promo) $8.00
Dreams “Kiss Me Red” (Promo) $1.00
Endpoint / Sunspring “Written In Rock” $5.50
Enkindel / Empathy “Vinyl For Fools” $1.00
Ensign “Ensign” $1.00
Envy “Envy” $2.00
Erasure “Chains Of Love” (Promo) $2.00
Ex-Ignota “Amy’s Day” $2.00
Fabulous Thunderbirds “How Do You Spell Love” (Promo) $3.00
Fall Silent “Nineteen Hundred Ninety Seven” $3.00
Falling Forward “Falling Forward” $3.00
Falling Forward / Metroschifter “Acoustic” $2.00
Fiona “Hearts Of Fire” (Promo) $1.00
Floor “Loanin” (Grey) $5.00
Fortune “98 In The Shade” (Promo) $1.00
Gene Loves Jezebel “The Motion Of Love” (Promo) $1.00
Genocide Pact “Genocide Pact” $6.00
Get Up Kids / Coalesce “The Get Up Kids / Coalesce” $3.00
Gleeson, Patrick / Alan Price “Rowf And Sniffer Run To The Sea” (Promo) $2.00
Goanna “Solid Rock” (Promo) $2.00
Godflesh “F.O.D.” (Flexi) $3.00
Godflesh “Slateman” (Red) $10.00
Gowl “Buzzbox” $3.00
Green Machine / Thug “Green Machine / Thug” (Grey) $5.00
Green Rage “Disinfect” (repress) $9.00
Grip “Friction Burn Fatal” $2.00
Groundwork “Groundwork” $2.00
H2O “94-95 Four Song Demo” $5.00
Harvest “Worn Through The Layer Of Separation” $8.00
Hell Is Heaven / Weald “Hell Is Heaven / Weald” (Green) $2.00
Hooters “Karla W/ A K” (Promo) $1.00
Iam Siam “Talk To Me” $2.00
Idol, Billy “Rebel Yell” (Promo) $3.00
In Vain / Council Of Five Nations “In Vain / Council Of Five Nations” $2.00
Integrity / Hatebreed “Integrity / Hatebreed” (Black Vinyl) $5.00
Intensive Care “Everything Has Its Place” $5.00
Iron Lung “Savagery” (Green) $3.00
Isle Of Man “Am I Forgiven” (Promo) $1.00
Lauper, Cyndi “I Drove All Night” (Promo) $2.00
Line Drive “Lead On” $1.00
Los Broncos De Reynosa “El Naranjo” $1.00
Man Will Surrender “Castrato” $2.00
Michael, George “I Want Your Sex” (Promo) $1.00
Michael, George “Faith” (Promo) $2.00
Milhouse / C.R. “Milhouse / C.R.” $2.00
Molly Hatchet “Satisfied Man” (Promo) $1.00
Moore, Sam / Lou Reed “Soul Man” (Promo) $1.00
Mouthpiece “Mouthpiece” (1994 repress) $3.00
New Kids On The Block “I’ll Be Loving You” (Promo) $2.00
New Kids On The Block “You Gor It” (Promo) $2.00
New Kids On The Block “Cover Girl” (Promo) $1.00
New Kids On The Block “Hangin’ Tough” (Promo) $2.00
New Order “Round & Round” (Promo) $3.00
None Left Standing “Laura” $1.00
Noothgrush / Suppression “Noothgrush / Suppression” (5″) $3.00
Order Of Importance / Never Again “Order Of Importance / Never Again” (Red) $3.00
Ordination Of Aaron “Acoustic” $4.00
Prince “U Got The Look” (Promo) $3.00
Prince “Glam Slam” (Promo) $2.00
Prince “Kiss” (Promo) $4.00
Prince “Purple Rain” *(Purple, Promo) $15.00
REO Speedwagon “In My Dreams” (Promo) $2.00
Robertson, Robbie “Showdown At Big Sky” (Promo) $1.00
Rockin’ Sidney “My Toot-Toot” (Promo) $1.00
Roth, David Lee “California Girls” (Promo) $1.00
Sade “Paradise” (Promo) $3.00
Santana “Vera Cruz” (Promo) $1.00
Scaphe “Scaphe” (Green) $4.00
Sheer Mag “Sheer Mag” $3.00
Simple Minds “Don’t You Forget About Me” (Promo) $4.00
Skid Row “I8 And Life” $2.00
Slade “My Oh My” (Promo) $2.00
Spagna “Call Me” (Promo) $3.00
Spawn “Spawn.” $2.00
Spoke “Not Without” $2.00
Summer, Donna “Only The Fool Survives” (Promo) $1.00
Technicolor Teeth “Sage” (Marbled) $2.00
Temperance “Temperance” $3.50
Ten Yard Fight “Hardcore Pride” (blue vinyl) $20.00
Tenement “Freak Cast In Iron” $3.00
Tenfold “Vengeance Will Be Ours” $13.00
Tenfold / Sum Of All Fears “Tenfold / Sum Of All Fears” $5.00
Tomorrow “One Brighter Sky / Clavos” $6.00
Traveling Wilburys “End Of The Line” (Promo) $4.00
Turning Point / No Escape “Split EP” $10.00
Tyler, Bonnie “Here She Comes” (Promo) $1.00
Unbroken / Groundwork “Split” (blue cover) $10.00
Undertow / Struggle “Undertow / Struggle $3.00
Union “Shall Fall” $5.00
Union “…You Fell For It” $1.00
Universal Order Of Armageddon / Born Against “Universal Order Of Armageddon / Born Against $2.00
Unruh “Friendly Fire” $3.00
Vandross, Luther “Stop To Love” (Promo) $2.00
Various “Hamster Compilation” $1.00
Various “A Reason For Living Compilation” $2.00
Various “Warriors Rising… A Benefit Compilation” $2.00
Vent “Vent” $2.00
Warrant “Down Boys” (Promo) $5.00
Warrant “Heaven” (Promo) $4.00
Waters, Roger “Sunset Strip” (Promo) $4.00
Wham! “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” (Promo) $4.00
Whitesnake “Give Me All Your Love” (Promo) $2.00
Whitesnake “Still Of The Night” (Promo) $3.00
Whitesnake “Is This Love” (Promo) $2.00
Worlds Collide “Worlds Collide” $1.50
Zager, Michael Band “Shot In The Dark” (Promo) $1.00

Cassette Tapes

Beatles, The “Revolver” $7.00
Beatles, The “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” $8.00
Beatles, The “Abbey Road” $6.00
Bravebird / Pity Sex “Bravebird Pity Sex” (38/100) $40.00
Citycop / Les Doux “Citycop / Les Doux” $4.00
Cruise, Julee “Floating Into The Night” $4.00
Deer Leap / The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die “Are Here To Help You” $4.00
Lemonheads “Come On Feel” $2.00
Loner Chic “Pretty Void” $3.00
Marley, Bob “At His Best” $2.00
Marley, Bob “More Of Bob Marley At His Best” $2.00
O’Connor, Sinead “I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got” $1.00
Prefab Sprout “Two Wheels Good” $6.00
Rolling Stones, The “Hot Rocks 1964-1971” $2.00
Simon, Paul “Graceland” $2.00
Sorority Noise “Young Luck” (White Shell) $14.00
Talking Heads “Talking Heads ’77 / More Songs About Buildings And Food” (Two On One) $8.00
Various “Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?” (Soundtrack) $3.00