T-USED-DAY Update for June 18th, 2019

T-USED-DAY Update for June 18th, 2019
at Redscroll Records

Here are some of the latest used arrivals at the shop. Keep in mind this doesn’t include any of the CDs or many of the LPs in the general rock/pop/jazz/anything-in-the-back-room that we get in. This list also builds over the course of a week so sometimes some items are no longer in stock by the time this is posted. We try to avoid that, but it happens. Call ahead if there’s a particular release you’re curious about. These are the in-store prices – if you’d like to find any of these online please visit us here: http://www.discogs.com/seller/Redscroll

LPs & 12″s
16 “Drop Out” $8.00
2 Live Crew “Private Personal Parts” $2.00
7 Seconds “The Crew” $12.00
Accept “Accept” $8.00
Accept “Russian Roulette” (Belgian Pressing) $6.00
Accept “Metal Hearts” $10.00
Allison, Luther “South Side Safari” (UK Pressing) $9.00
Another Day “Uh-Oh” $15.00
Arctic Flowers “Reveries” (Blue) $9.00
Atomic Rooster “This Is Atomic Rooster” (German Pressing) $9.00
B-52’s, The “The B-52s” (MOFI Pressing) $23.00
Badalamenti, Angelo “Blue Velvet” (Blue) $22.00
Big Eyes “Almost Famous” (Gold) $10.00
Black Flag “Family Man” $13.00
Black Sabbath “Sabotage” $10.00
Black Wizard “Young Wisdom” $9.00
Blind Blake “A Fifth Album Of Songs By Blind Blake” $18.00
Boards Of Canada “Hi Scores” (Sealed) $10.00
Body, The “I Shall Die Here” $12.00
Boston Strangler “Primitive” $8.00
Bright Eyes “There Is No Beginning To The Story” $10.00
Bukkake Boys “Bukkake Boys” (Magenta) $7.00
Burchette, Wilburn “Guitar Grimore” $28.00
Burning Sensation “Burning Sensation” $17.00
Cactus “Cactus” (Japanese Pressing) $25.00
Camper Van Beethoven “Take The Skinheads Bowling” $5.00
Central Line “Walking Into Sunshine” $6.00
Ceremony “Rohnert Park” (White) $13.00
Chelsea Light Moving “Chelsea Light Moving” $5.00
Child Support “Come To America” $5.00
Child’s Art “Un-Cut” $15.00
Clay, Andrew “Dice” “Dice” $8.00
Clayton, Paul “Whaling Songs & Ballads” $7.00
Clayton, Paul & The Foc’sle Singers “Foc’sle Songs & Shanties” $5.00
Coffins / Otesanek “Coffins / Otesanek” (Blue / Clear) $8.00
Corrosion Of Conformity “Eye For An Eye” $18.00
Crowded House “Crowded House” $8.00
Dams Of The West “Youngish American” (Blue Clear) $4.00
Dark Ages “Can America Survive?” (Purple) $11.00
Dark Dark Dark “Who Needs Who” $9.00
Dead End “Junk” (Promo) $5.00
Deep Purple “Deep Purple” (UK Pressing) $18.00
Deep Sleep “Turn Me Off” (White) $6.00
Degenerics “Generica” (Red / Black) $6.00
Dilloway, Aaron “Pyschic Driving Tapes” $11.00
Discharge “Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing” $9.00
Double Negative “Daydreamnation” (Pink) $6.00
Evens, The “The Evens” (Sealed) $12.00
Fleshtones, The “Hexbreaker!” $7.00
Floorpunch “New Jersey” (Gold) $18.00
Frank, Stuart M. / Stuart Gillespie & Ellen Cohn “Sea Chanteys & Forecastle Songs At Mystic Seaport” $7.00
Fucked Up “David Comes To Life” $9.00
Future Virgins “Western Problems” $7.00
German, Luebeck “Sea Chanties” $5.00
Gismonti, Egberto “Danca Do Escravos” $18.00
Gorilla Biscuits “Start Today” $14.00
Gurdjieff “Improvisations” $10.00
Haino, Keiji “Watashi Dake?” $15.00
Hoax “Hoax” $9.00
Holly Hunt “Prometheus” $7.00
Hookers “It’s Midnight… The Witching Hour” $9.00
Hornss “Telepath” (Die Hard Edition) $18.00
J.J. Fad Supersonic” $3.00
Jam, The “Snap!” $15.00
Johnston, Daniel “Yip / Jump Music” $16.00
Kaset, Jasmin “Quiet Machine” $8.00
Kylesa “Kylesa” (White) $15.00
Legendary Wings “Do You See” (Blue) $10.00
Lieutenant “Lieutenant” (Marble /100) $5.00
Lilith Velkor “Shame” $5.00
Loudness “Hurricane Eyes” (Sealed) $10.00
Loussier, Jacques “Dark Of The Sun” (Promo) $10.00
Low & Dirty Three “In The Fishtank 7” (RSD Edition, Gold) $12.00
MacColl, Ewan & A.L. Lloyd “Off To Sea Once More Volume 2” $7.00
MacColl, Ewan & A.L. Lloyd “Whaler Out Of New Bedford” $5.00
Marley, Bob & The Wailers “Kaya” $8.00
MDC “This Blood’s For You” $7.00
Mina “Attila” $7.00
Mina “All Heart” (Sealed) $10.00
Miss Abrams And The Strawberry Point 4th Grade Class “Miss Abrams And The Strawberry Point 4th Grade Class” (Promo) $11.00
Modern Life Is War “Witness” (Blue / Clear) $13.00
Modern Life Is War “Fever Hunting” (Mint / Olive)` $12.00
N.A.S.A. “The Spirit Of Apollo” (Purple / Green) $17.00
New Order “The Perfect Kiss” (UK Pressing) $9.00
Night Birds “Fresh Kills Volume 1” $12.00
Night Birds “The Other Side Of Darkness” $6.00
No Statik “We All Die The End” (Brown) $5.00
Noothgrush “Failing Early, Failing Often” (Grey) $10.00
Noothgrush “Live For Nothing” $7.00
Northern Star “I” (Sealed) $30.00
OBN III’s “The One And Only” $5.00
Omegas “Blasts Of Lunacy” (Yellow) $8.00
Opium Lord “The Calendrical Cycle: Eye Of The Earth” (Clear Blue) $8.00
Parker, Dr. Paul “How To Use Tact And Skill In Handling People” $7.00
Pet Shop Boys “Please” $9.00
Pujol “Kludge” (Fishbowl Color) $5.00
R.E.M. “Green” (Club Edition) $14.00
Rail “Arrival” $5.00
Ranieri, Massimo “Erba Di Casa Mia” (Italian Pressing) $8.00
Red Fang “Whales & Leeches” (Picture Disc) $12.00
Redolfi, Michel “Desert Tracks” $8.00
Respighi / London Symphony Orchestra / Antal Dorati “The Birds / Brazilian Impressions” $9.00
Rites, The “The Rites” (Blue) $5.00
Rucker, James “Sparky” “Drive Back The Night” (German Pressing) $15.00
Rvivr “The Joester Sessions 08-11” $10.00
Satriani, Joe “Dreaming #11” $5.00
Saviours “Warship” (Clear) $10.00
Schenker, Michael Group “Cry For The Nations” (UK Pressing) $2.00
Schenker, Michael Group “Built To Destroy” (EU Pressing) $8.00
Schimpfluch-Gruppe “Paris Aktionen” $7.00
Scorpions “Blackout” $6.00
Screaming Females “What If Someone Is Watching Their TV?” $11.00
Sectarian Violence “Upward Hostility” (Blue) $5.00
Shitty Limits “Beware The Limits” $5.00
Shriekback “My Spine Is Bassline” $12.00
Sick Sick Birds “Gates Of Home” $5.00
Skitsystem “Enkel Resa Till Rannstenen” $6.00
Skitsystem “Stigmata” $7.00
Smart Cops “Per Proteggere E Servire” $6.00
Something Fierce “Don’t Be So Cruel” (Green) $6.00
Soundgarden “Ultramega OK” $14.00
Splits, The “II” (Gold) $12.00
Splitting Headache “Night Terrors” (Red) $5.00
SSD “The Kids Will Have Their Say” $5.00
Straker, Nick Band “A Little Bit Of Jazz” $8.00
Stripmines “Crimes Of Dispassion” (Clear Smoke) $6.00
Sugarhill Gang “Rapper’s Delight” $4.00
Suspect “Suspect” (Orange) $8.00
Tallest Man On Earth, The “Shallow Grave” $7.00
Tancred “Out Of The Garden” (Teal) $6.00
Trashies, The “What Makes A Man Get Trashed” $5.00
U2 “New Years Day” (French Pressing) $8.00
U2 “Sunday Bloody Sunday” (EU Pressing) $9.00
UFO “Lights Out” $5.00
Van Halen “Diver Down” $6.00
Van Halen “Fair Warning” $7.00
Various “City Limits – Down & Out In Toronto & Montreal” (Purple Mix) $4.00
Various “Yes L.A.” $21.00
Various “Foxes” $6.00
Various “Iron Eagle” $4.00
Various “The Best Of Louie Louie” $4.00
Various “9 1/2 Weeks” $4.00
Velvet Underground “1969 VU With Lou Reed” $18.00
Venom “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” $15.00
Victims “A Dissident” (Clear, Numbered Edition) $18.00
Video “Leather Leather” $9.00
Warrior Kids “Les Enfants De L’espoir” $26.00
Watson, Doc “Home Again” $8.00
Watson, Doc Family “The Doc Watson Family” $8.00
Wilson, Jackie “Baby Workout” $10.00
Wolves In The Throne Room “BBC Session Annd Domini” (Purple Splatter) $13.00
Worm Ouroboros “Come the Thaw” $9.00
X-Seamans Institute “Sings At South Street Seaport $5.00
Youth Brigade “Sound & Fury” $17.0


My Morning Jacket “Celebracion De La Ciudad Natal” $12.00
OMD “Messages” (UK Pressing) $10.00
XTC “Ball And Chain” (Green, Canadian Pressing) $10.00


Atlas Moth / Wolvhammer “Atlas Moth / Wolvhammer” (Grey) $2.50
Born Dead Icons “Modern Plague” $1.50
Churchburn / Opium Lord “Churchburn / Opium Lord” $1.00
Damad “Centric” $2.00
Fates Warning “Anarchy Divine” $2.00
Fucked Up “David’s Plan” $3.00
Fucked Up “Police” $2.50
Furnace “Furnace” $1.00
Goya “The Sun” $11.00
Hail Of Rage “Fucking Pissed” (Yellow) $4.00
HCP “Anti Drugs” $8.00
Heavenly “She Says” $4.00
Helmet “In The Meantime” $11.00
Hot Water Music “Alachua” $2.50
Hull “Legend Of The Swamp Goat” (Blue) $4.00
Kylesa “No Ending” (Blue) $3.00
Kylesa / Victims “Kylesa / Victims” (Red) $5.00
Mammoth Grinder “No Results” (Clear / Red) $6.00
MC5 / Melvins “Rocket Reducer No 62.” (Red) $3.00
Molina, Jason “The Black Sabbath Covers” $4.00
Molina, Jason “The Townes Van Zandt” $7.00
Mutilation Rites “Suffer The Children” $4.00
No Funeral “Mankind Is Carrion, Fit For Nothing” (Red) $4.00
No Hope For The Kids “Angels Of Destruction” $2.00
Official Hooligans “Campus Safety” (Local) $4.00
Psycotic Pineapple “I Wanna Get rid Of You” $9.00
Rorschach “Needlepack” $8.00
Ruine “Winter 2014 Demo” (Red) $1.00
Satan’s Satyrs “Black Souls” (Orange) $4.00
Scatha “Fuck The System” $2.50
Seven Sisters Of Sleep “SSOS” (Blue) $2.50
Spray Paint “Bogans & Hoons” (Clear) $4.00
Spray Paint / Exek “Spray Paint / Exek” $4.00
Tad “Jinx” (Yellow) $4.00
Tigers Jaw “Spirit Desire” (White / Yellow / Purple) $5.00

Cassette Tapes

Alastor “Black Magic” $4.00
Bastard “From The Dark Ages” $5.00
Crazy Doberman “Milwaukee” $8.00
Festerday “Demo II-III” $6.00
Frozen Tear “White With Frost” $6.00
Heptones, The “Party Time” $2.00
Jenzeits “Cosmic Lifeforms” $4.00
Jones, Rev. Jim “In Praise Of Jim” $6.00
Manson Family “The Manson Family Sings the Songs Of Charles Manson” $6.00
Manson, Charles “Lie” $6.00
Manson, Charles “Saints Are Hell On Earth” $5.00
Scant “Contrary To Reason” $5.00
Various “Dirty Dancing” $1.00
Various “Milk Of The Seer Beast” $8.00