Announcing: Phemale “Mono No Aware Pt. 1” Cassette

We are releasing a cassette version of Phemale, “Mono No Aware Pt. 1” and it comes out on July 19th! Next Friday! It is a very limited release of just 25 tapes so you’ll want to hop on this one. The “City Silk” release on LP we did with Phemale in 2013 still gets a steady play here and we’re super stoked to be able to do this one!

As opposed to “City Silk” this one (Mono) is without vocals and is a soundtrack component to a short film (if you came to the sold out Boy Harsher show at State House you got a viewing of it). If you’re familiar with the theatrical aspect of the Phemale live show the next step in his metamorphosis into a beautiful lunar moth is here (ok, I might be reaching now, but you get it).

Still very much in the cold wave minimal style with leanings toward other otherworldly beat-makers and still very compelling and begging for a re-listen often.


Phemale on bandcamp.
Phemale on Free Music Archive.