27th Of September 2019 Update

27th Of September 2019 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Review
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s

Afrodeutsche “Break Before Make” (Red)
Alex G (Sandy) “House Of Sugar” (Purple)
Allien, Ellen “Alientronic RMXS 2”
Automatic “Automatic” (Red)
Banhart, Devendra “Ma”
Barker “Utility” (+D/L)
Bayete “Blue Monday” (Maxi Single)
Beak> “Life Goes On EP” (+D/L)
Beatles “Abbey Road” (Anniversary Edition”
BJ The Chicago Kid “1123”
Black, Steve “Happy Birthday To ‘U'”
Blink 182 “Nine”
Brass Box “The Cathedral” (Bone)
Cenotaphe “La Larve Exulte”
Coltrane, John “Blue World”
Creeping Death “Wretched Illusions”
Daso “Meine Idee”
Dewitt, Keegan “Her Smell: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” (2LP Pink & Black Vinyl + 7″ White Vinyl)
El Ten Eleven “El Ten Eleven” (Amber)
Evans, Bill “The East End”
Eye “Cocktail Mexico” 10″
Eyes Of The Lord “Misery Feels Like Home”
Freezing Cold “Glimmer”
Garrett “Private Life II”
Ghania, Maleem Mahmoud / Pharoah Sanders “The Trance Of Seven Colors” (2LP + D/L)
Ghost “Prequelle Exalted” (Box Set)
Glaare “To Deaf & Day” (Black/Gold)
Goldfrapp “Black Cherry” (Purple)
Golding, Binker “Abstractions Of Reality Past And Incredible Feathers”
Harbor Lights “Isolation Ritual” (Gold / Light Blue)
Hataya, Naofumi & Masafumi Ogata “Sonic CD” (Soundtrack)
Hersh, Kristin “Crooked” (Remastered/Remixed + D/L)
Hinata, Toshifumi “Broken Belief”
Industrialyzer “Moonstone”
Infinity Cult / Void Omnia “Contemplation In Discordance”
James, Loraine “For You And I”
Kal Marks “Let The Shit House Burn Down”
Kaleidoscope “After The Futures”
Kerbaj, Mazen “Trumpet Solo Vol. 2.1”
Kerbaj, Mazen “Trumpet Solo Vol. 2.2”
Killswitch Engage “Atonement” (Cream With Green Splatter)
Klock, Ben “Subzero / Coney Island”
Le Butcherettes “Live At Clouds Hill”
Lee, Felix “Inna Daze”
Les Choc Stars Du Zaire / Ben Nyamabo “Nokombe Nga / What Did She Say?”
Litter, The “Distortions”
Lizzo “Cuz I Love You”
Los Piranas “Historia Natural” (+D/L)
Lvger “Lvger”
M83 “DSVII” (Digital Shades Volume II)
Maddigan, Kristopher “Cuphead: Don’t Deal With The Devil” (Soundtrack)
Marnie “Songs Hurt Me”
McNeill, Lloyd “Elegia” (1980 Album Reissue + D/L)
McVinnie, James & Tom Jenkinson (Squarepusher) “All Night Chroma / Royal Festival Hall” (Numbered Ltd. Ed.)
Melvins “The Maggot / Bootlicker”
Mezmerist, The “The Innocent, The Forsaken, The Guilty” (Bill Ward on Drums! Reissue)
Montgomery, Roy & Emma Johnston “After Nietzsche”
Moon Duo “Stars Are The Light” (Red)
Mosser, Jordan “Long Night”
Nemesis “Lo Que Siento Por Ti… / Hombre: Oveja Negra Del Universo”
New Pornographers “In The Morse Code Of Brake Lights”
Night Force & The Tom Cats “Dance”
No One Knows What The Dead Think “No One Knows What The Dead Think”
Nosaj Thing “Drift”
Obsessio “Obsessio”
Palmer, Amanda “There Will Be No Intermission” (Pink)
Partial Traces “Low Definition”
Pinback “Summer In Abaddon” (Ltd. Ed. Olive Green + 7″)
Primitive Man / Steel Casket “Steel Casket / Primitive Man”
Prine, John “In Spite Of Ourselves” (Pink)
Rainbow Grave “No You”
Red River Dialect “Abundance Welcoming Ghosts” (Ghost White)
Regional Justice Center “Institution”
Reidy, Julia “In Real Life”
Restless “Restless”
Rev, Martin “Cheyenne”
Roberts, John “Can Thought Exist Without The Body”
Sanction “Broken In Refraction” (White / Deep Purple Pinwheel)
Seer “No Resurrection”
Simpson, Sturgill “Sound & Fury” (Red & Black Variants Available)
Sirom “A Universe That Roasts Blossoms For A Horse”
Sui Zhen “Los1ng, L1nda”
Sure Fire Soul Ensemble, The “Build Bridges” (Ltd. Ed. Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl or Black Vinyl Available + D/L)
Tegan & Sara “Hey, I’m Just Like You” (Yellow)
Telefon Tel Aviv “Dreams Are Not Enough” (Standard Black And Transparent Gold Splatter Variants Available)
Theodorakis, George “The Rules Of The Game: Original Studio Recordings (1978-1996)”
Thrice “Vheissu”
Togo All Stars “Way Out Of Sadness”
Tribe Of Colin “Age Of Aquarius”
Utopia Strong, The “The Utopia Strong” (Fireball Orange Vinyl)
Various “House Of 1000 Corpses: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” (2LP 180 Gram Colored Vinyl)
Various “The Devil’s Rejects: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” (2LP 180 Gram Colored Vinyl)
Various “Visible And Invisible Persons Distributed In Space” (Numero)
Various “Studio One DJ Party” (Lone Ranger, Dennis Alcapone, Prince Jazzbo, Dillinger…)
Various “Testimony” (Kneklhuis)
Vibrators, The “Garage Punk”
Weeping Icon “Weeping Icon” (Indie Exclusive)
Wolf Whistle “Private Hell – Or The Afternoon Blueness From A Windowsill In A Acushnet”
XLNT “High Tide”
Zombie-Chang “Petit Petit Petit”


Anxious “Never Better”
De Ambassade “Wat Voel Je Nou”
E.F.A. “Arachno / Move To Trash”
Entry “No Relief” (Red)
Evil / Siege Column “Siege Column / Evil” (Anti-Goth 450)
Scone Cash Players “Canned Champagne”


Afrodeutsche “Break Before Make”
A-Sun Amissa “For Burdened And Bright Light”
Beatles “Abbey Road” (Anniversary Edition)
Cortini, Alessandro “Volume Massimo”
Creeping Death “Wretched Illusion”
Dead Kennedys “Iguana Studios Rehearsal Tape – San Francisco 1978”
Disgrace “Grey Misery”
Golding, Binker “Abstractions Of Reality Past And Incredible Feathers”
Grateful Dead “Saint Of Circumstance” (3XCD)
Harbor Lights “Isolation Ritual”
Hecker “Inspection II”
Lebenden Toten “Near Dark”
Lee, Felix “Inna Daze”
Miyashita, Fumio “Wave: Sounds Of The Universe”
Monolord “No Comfort”
Moon Duo “Stars Are The Light”
Mystagogue “And The Darkness Was Cast Out Into The Wilderness”
New Pornographers “In The Morse Code Of Brake Lights”
Protoje “Ancient Future”
Simpson, Sturgill “Sound & Fury”
Tegan And Sara “Hey I’m Just Like You”
Telefon Tel Aviv “Dreams Are Not Enough”
Telescopes, The “Stone Tape”
Tragedy “Fury” (Import/Japan)
Trepaneringsritualen “Algir, Eller Algir I Merkstave”
Weeping Icon “Weeping Icon”


Ancestors “Neptune With Fire” (DA-001)
Body/Negative “Epoche” (DA-014)
Del Rey, Lana “NFR!” (0250811072)
Harbor Lights “Isolation Ritual”
Hunx And His Punx “Too Young To Be In Love”
Nearr “624” (DA-008)
Smog “Knock Knock” (DC161C)
Sure Fire Soul Ensemble “Build Bridges” (CLMN12024CASS)
Various “House Sounds: A Funnybone Records Compilation”



Ana Roxanne ~~~
Born and raised in the Bay Area and now based in Los Angeles, Ana Roxanne creates experimental electronic music that incorporates ambient and new age elements. After listening to her mother’s collection of albums from 80s/90s R&B divas, she began singing in church and touring as a choral singer, eventually training with a vocal teacher in India to truly discover her voice as an art form. Her background definitely shows on this EP of meditative and immersive electronic textures and aquatic field recordings: “Nocturne” is a good example of her hauntingly beautiful voice shining with thick, sensual synth notes. “Slowness” is fascinating as well: as organ-like tones and tiny bubble-like sounds take over, a speaking voice ponders “existential mathematics” through the relationship between slowness and the intensity of memory.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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