Friday the 13th Of December 2019 Update

Friday the 13th Of December 2019 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Review
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s

125, Rue Montmartre “(Discography)” (180 Gram Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl)
75 Dollar Bill “Wooden Bag”
Agnostic Front “Get Loud!” (Red)
Andrews, Courtney Marie “May Your Kindness Remain (Acoustic)”
At The Heart Of The World “Reaching Perfection, Tasting Death” (White)
Avett Brothers, The “Closer Than Together”
Bjork / Fever Ray “Country Creatures”
Bodywash “Comforter” (Marble Vinyl + D/L)
Bystander “Where Did We Go Wrong?” (Sea Blue)
Cash, Johnny “American V: A Hundred Highways”
Cattle Decapitation “Death Atlas” (Amber Marble & Metallic Gold With Black Splatter Variants Available)
Cautious Clay “Table Of Context”
Chameleons, The “Why Call It Anything” (Special Edition)
Clipping. “The Deep” (Single)(+D/L)
Cold Cave “Love Comes Close” (Anniversary Edition, Electric Blue)
Coltrane, John “Stardust” (180 Gram Ltd. Ed.)
Czarface “The Odd Czar Against Us”
Davis, Miles “Steamin'” (180 Gram Deluxe Ltd. Ed.)
Death “Live In L.A. Death & Raw”
Deceased “The 13 Frightenedd Souls”
Deceased “Luck Of The Corpse”
Demuir “An Artist Thinketh EP”
Doldrey “Invocation Of Doom”
Donaggio, Pino “The Sect (La Setta)” (Soundtrack)
Emerson, Donnie & Joe “Dreamin’ Wild” (Blue)
Facta “Rose Red / Scales & Measures / 4C Loop”
Fl0rist “4 Letter Word”
Glorious Sons, The “A War On Everything”
Green, Al “Greatest Hits”
Green, Al “I’m Still In Love With You”
Greet Death “New Hell” (Splatter)
Gun Club “Moonlight Motel” (Pink)
Hajali, Issam “Mouasalat Ila Jacad El Ard”
Heavy Heavy Low Low “Courtside Seats To The Greatest Fuck Of All Time” (Green)
Hemphill, Jessie Mae “Run Get My Shotgun”
Iggy & The Stooges “Death Trip” (Coloured Vinyl Ltd. Ed.)
Kuti, Fela “No Agreement”
Kuti, Fela “Yellow Fever”
Kuti, Fela “V.I.P.”
Kuti, Fela “Coffin For Head Of State”
Kuti, Fela “Army Arrangement”
Kuti, Fela “J.J.D.”
Kuti, Fela “Underground System”
L’Epee “Ghost Rider”
Lopatin, Daniel “Uncut Gems: (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Mastodon “Call Of The Mastodon” (Coke Bottle Green With Away Blue Pinwheels With Splatter)
Merzbow “Pulse Demon” (1996 Album Remastered)
Miller, Lloyd / Press Keys Quartet “Oriental Jazz”
Motorcycle Boy “Scarlet”
Mower “Mower” (Japanese Edition)
Muga “There Is Nothing Eternal Exists”
Necrot “Blood Offerings”
Necrot “The Labyrinth”
Outkast “Southernplayalistcadillacmuzik” (20th Ann. Ed.)
Outkast “Stankonia”
Perry, Lee “Scratch” & Mr. Green “Super Ape Vs. 緑 : Open Door”
Perverted Ceremony / Witchcraft “Witchcraft / Perverted Ceremony”
Pop.1280 “Way Station”
Preservation Hall Jazz Band “A Tuba To Cuba” (+D/L)
Raime “Planted”
Rainbow Kitten Surprise “Seven & Mary”
Rainbow Kitten Surprise “RKS”
Regis “Delivered Into The Hands Of Indifference”
Satyricon “Rebel Extravaganza”
Screaming Trees “Buzz Factory”
Screaming Trees “Invisible Lantern”
Slaughtbbath “Alchemical Warfare”
Soccer Mommy “Collection” (+D/L)
Space Dimension Controller “Love Beyond The Intersect”
Tits, The “Great Punk Tits”
TR/ST “The Destroyer Part One” (Indie Color)
TR/ST “The DEstroyer Part Two” (Indie Color)
Ultramarine “Meditations”
Van Zandt, Townes “Flyin’ Shoes”
Van Zandt, Townes “Rear View Mirror”
Van Zandt, Townes “Delta Momma Blues”
Various “Mogadisco: Dancing Mogadishu – Somalia 1972-1991”
Various “Every Winter Is Cold (A New England Hardcore Compilation)”
Various “Cool World (Songs From The…)” (Soundtrack, Flesh Colored Vinyl)
Vomitor “Devils Poison”
Von Hausswolff, Anna “Ceremony” (+D/L)
Von Hausswolff, Anna “The Miraculous” (+D/L)
Vulfpeck “The Beautiful Game”
Yuck “Yuck” (2-LP Set With Bonus B-Sides LP)
Zonal “Wrecked”


Coltrane, Alice “Carnegie Hall ’71”
Exhumed / Gatecreeper “Gatecreeper / Exhumed” (Neon Green)


Agnostic Front “I Remember”
Candy “Super Stare” (Royal Blue)
Finnigan, Kelly “Merry Christmas To You / Heartbreak For Christmas” (Green)
Hot Nerds “Generic Plans For A New Blunder”
Twilight Sad, The “Rats” (Numbered)


Abysmal Lord “Exaltation Of The Infernal Cabal”
Adversvm “Dysangelion”
Agnostic Front “Get Loud!”
Cannabis Corpse / Ghoul “Splatterhash”
Death “Vivus!”
Entombed “Wolverine Blues” (Full Dynamic Range Reissue)
Faustcoven “In The Shadow Of Doom”
Fever Ray “Plunge Remix”
Function “Existenz”
Greet Death “New Hell”
Lopatin, Daniel “Uncut Gems: (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
McFarland, Ian “The Godfathers Of Hardcore” (Blu Ray)
Moonspell “Sin / Pecado // Deluxe Version”
Necrophagia “Here Lies Necrophagia: 35 Years Of Death Metal”
Necrot “Blood Offerings”
Necrot “The Labyrinth”
Rainbow Kitten Surprise “Seven & Mary”
Rainbow Kitten Surprise “RKS”
Satyricon “Rebel Extravaganza”
Tool “Fear Inoculum” (Expanded Book Edition)
TR/ST “The Destroyer Part One”
TR/ST “The Destroyer Part Two”
Various “Mogadisco: Dancing Mogadishu – Somalia 1972-1991”
Vaultwraith “Light The Candle In Honor Of Devils”
Warriors, The “Monomyth”
Zonal “Wrecked”


Dumpster Coffin “Dumpster Coffin”
Fakesch, Michael “Marion” (2xCS)
Greet Death “New Hell”
Hands Of God “Promo 2019”
Perverted Ceremony / Witchcraft “Witchcraft / Perverted Ceremony”



Ways of Seeing
(Planet Mu)
Borrowing his moniker from the name of a 1907 essay by British occult icon Aleister Crowley, Glasgow musician and visual artist Tom Scholefield explores a head-spinning variety of experimental electronic textures as Konx-Om-Pax. Opener “L.A. Melody” combines a hip-hop beat with crystalline layers eventually joined by rougher synth that all meld together. “Paris 5am” is based around a pulsing beat that, coupled with the ambient electronics, is like driving a slick car down a jungle highway while basking in the various trippy sights. Another favorite is closing track “The Paleontologist”, with a lovely, gently shimmering melody and breezy atmosphere that makes it feel like triumphantly admiring an archaeological discovery in the desert.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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