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6th Annual Blackout at Sunrise Sale

Redscroll Records 6thAnnual Blackout at Sunrise Sale

November 23rd (6AM-10PM), 24th (10AM-9PM), 25th (10AM-9PM)
25% Off Everything Used
$1 Used CDs (all of them)
15% Off All New Stock
Spend $100 And Get A Free Redscroll Shirt
Record Tent In The Back!
Secrets, Surprises, Hot Cider & Snacks
||event on Facebook||
There are also plenty of Record Store Day Black Friday releases coming. Yes, we will be carrying those (no holds, first come, first served while supplies last). 


We’re also doing a contest to get the word spread. What is that contest?  Read on. (If you’re reading this on our blog or in an RSS feed click “Read More.” If you came directly to this post then you just have to keep scrolling.)


We’re on a variety of social media sites and many (wouldn’t be a stretch to say most) of the people who walk through our doors are as well. What we’re doing for a contest is a very simple thing. What you can get in return is a Redscroll T-Shirt and a $20 Gift Certificate. You can enter for each site you’re on (listed below) and it is possible to win more than once.  We’ll announce the winners by posting a video of us picking the winners out of a hat (may not actually be a hat) on our YouTube Channel. The ways in which you can enter are the following:
  1. Share our event on Facebook
  2. Retweet the sale announcement on Twitter
  3. Reblog the sale flyer post on Tumblr

So, three ways to enter and possibly win. 3 T-Shirts & $60 in Gift Certificates in total. Get the word out and possibly get something for yourself in return! We’ll be picking the winners a week from today (Tuesday, the 23rd of October 2012).

This contest does apply to our online patrons as well. If you, an online customer, enters using one of the listed methods and you end up winning we’ll assign you $20 worth of credit (to use towards merchandise and/or shipping) and we’ll send a T-Shirt of your designated size (we’ll ask before sending) with your order.

Blackout Sale Day 1

Blackout At Sunrise Sale Day 1
Good day today.  Lots of friendly faces.  Thanks everyone. Looking forward to seeing many more faces tomorrow.  
(Rick (left) and Josh (right) ready to get things started)
We put all the dollar records out front; we’ll do the same for the rest of the weekend too.
6AM brought a rush of people we had not yet seen on Black Friday before.  The Record Store Day releases went rather quickly and we have very little of that left.
After we dealt with the initial flood of people we got DJs going at about 11AM with our friend Tim Daltrey (bottom right of above picture; below looking at a record):
DJ Lokash picked it up from there for a couple.
  Always an enjoyable and varied set.  Love it.
Shopping continued to happen:

Our friend Anthony of The Needle Drop stopped by and played some records:

Some more shopping:

Charles/Fresh Cut laid down a hip-hop set of some classic jams:

And then Maroje finished the night in style with deep bass dubbed out sounds:

And the night finished off with a fun bunch of rowdiness in a not so far off not so secret spot:


(Living Laser)

(Bust It!)

Sold a few more things and called it a night.

Fun times. And the sale does indeed continue for another 2 days! Our racks are still fairly full!

Blackout at Sunrise T-Shirt Give-Away

Blackout at Sunrise T-Shirt Give-Away
As stated on the flyer for the sale if you spend $100 you get one of these for free (or the symbol design we did earlier this year).  This new simple design was requested by more than a handful of people so I hope you all like it.  We think it came out pretty great.  It’s the basic idea from our first square bumper sticker.  
We have white ink on black Next Level brand shirts or yellow ink on Gildan brand green shirts (y’ know, like the Oakland Athletic baseball club? Like Rickey Henderson. Rickey Henderson wearing this would love the way Rickey Henderson looks).
If you don’t spend $100 or more at the sale you can still get them for $10.
Oh yea, and we have some pins that we made up that are free for everyone that comes into the store next weekend for the sale
Here’s what those look like:
Thanks to Shogun for doing a great job on the shirts and Just Buttons for the outstanding buttons. As per usual Todd Rogers did a great job designing all of this too (as well as the Blackout Sale flyer). Thanks abounding.

SALE! Blackout at Sunrise #5

SALE! Blackout at Sunrise #5
On November 25-27th we’ll be having our annual Blackout at Sunrise Sale. It’s the 5th one so far! 
On Black Friday we’re opening up at 6AM and closing at 10PM.
On Saturday and Sunday we’re opening at 10AM and closing at 9PM.
25% Off Everything (Excluding Turntables)
The $1 Records are marked down to 10 cents.
A fun new thing we’re doing this year is giving out a free Christmas LP (there might be other winter holiday LPs mixed in too, but mostly Xmas) to anyone who spends $20 or more.
We’ve lowered the amount total in order to get a free Redscroll T-Shirt to $100.
We’ll have some free refreshments while they last on Friday morning – cider & chocolate covered sandwich cookies.
We’ll have some more secrets and surprises as well.  We’ll be dropping hints leading up to the event so stay tuned.

We are participating in the Record Store Day Black Friday releases as well.  A full update including these releases will be up by Wednesday evening (November 23rd). 

And here’s a fun video we made with our friend Kyle to celebrate this announcement!

4th Annual Blackout At Sunrise Sale

November 26th: 6AM-10PM
November 27th: 10AM-9PM
November 28th: 10AM-9PM
$1 Bins Marked Down To 10 Cents
Spend $200 = Free T-Shirt
Free Snacks By Little Monster Cakes
Free Coffee
We’re doing a new T-Shirt design that will be ready for this.  If you want to see some examples of what Little Monster Cakes does click that link for their site.  We’ll also be dropping hints about secrets leading up to the event.  If you are on Facebook you can also join the event page here