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Blackout At Sunrise Sale Weekend CONTINUES!!


As Day 1 of our Blackout At Sunrise Sale comes to a close, we’d like to thank everyone who’s stopped by for making the day great and being excellent to each other! Even though Black Friday is over, we’ve got some more treats in store for Day 2 of our sale (Saturday):

  •  All back room records and outside table records will be 50% off the marked price!
  • There are still a ton of Black Friday releases available, and beginning Saturday, there will be NO per person limit on any of these items!
  • We’re bringing up dozens of crates of 25 CENT LPs from THE VAULT (otherwise known as the basement)!!!!

Black Friday 2014

Happy digging!

26th Of November 2014 Update (Black Friday RSD Ed.)

26th Of November 2014 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
BLACKOUT AT SUNRISE SALE EDITION (With Black Friday RSD Special Releases)
at Redscroll Records


(Link to sale details should you need a refresher.)

Hi all, we just wanted to write a quick note and say happy holidays and explain briefly how Friday and its special releases work. Happy Holidays! Happy Thanksgiving / Indigenous People’s Day! Enjoy your day Thursday and rest up to get a jump on things Friday.

Note 1. Friday – we open at 6AM. We can contractually start selling RSD Black Friday items at 8AM (and we will be abiding by that strictly as we have no desire to break that contract). There will be 2 lines. The line to enter at 6AM does not allow you to keep a space in line in the line for the 8AM line. They will be clearly delineated and if you’re coming for normal holiday shopping you’ll have first picks at the regular stock for 2 hours!

Note 2. Please be understanding that we have ordered every desirable release that we could think of or that anyone has asked about (true fact – not hyperbole or even slight exaggeration). We did not get everything we ordered. Some things will be arriving late. The ones we know about are listed below with a note after them (those three items should be here Friday afternoon). Invariably, some things will show up next week, but let’s not actually count on that (if it happens we’ll let everyone know through our social medias). Some things are so super limited that when they allocate them to all the different stores some stores just get left out. It happens continuously. We’ve been pretty fortunate and had a strong streak of getting most of the major high-desirable titles. This go-round, we fear we must mention we did not get any DEATH GRIPS LPs. NONE! We ordered many many more than 0, but we got none. There were just 900 of those LPs and there are definitely several thousand stores participating, but it’s not the be all & end all. We’ll push on and have a great day. If we ever can track some of those down we will (as with other titles).  We hope you understand and come out for all the other great music we have, eat some chocolate, score some deals and retire all to our homes to collapse into a cacophony of blissful stereo emanations.

UPDATE TIME – First the Black Friday Update followed by our normal stock update.:

Black Friday RSD LPs & 12″s
Aaliyah    “Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number”
Acacia Strain    “The Dead Walk”
Afghan Whigs    “Gentlemen At 21” (3LP Set)
Bambaata, Afrika & The Soul Sonic Force    “Planet Rock” (Glow In The Dark)
Barry, Tim    “Lost & Rootless” (Ltd. Ed. Colored + D/L)
Bleachers    “Strange Desire – The Demos”
Bug, The / Earth    “The Bug Vs. Earth”
Chvrches    “Under The Tide” (180 Gram Yellow)
Dead Milkmen, The    “Big Lizard In My Backyard”
Dio & Friends    “Stand Up And Shout For Cancer” (Picture Disc)
Diplo    “Florida” (10th Anniversary Ed. 3LP)
Dissevelt, Tom     “Fantasy In Orbit: Round The World With Electronic Music” Continue reading 26th Of November 2014 Update (Black Friday RSD Ed.)

Contest! Win stuff! Help Us Promote!

We’ve got our 8th Annual Blackout at Sunrise Sale coming up.  We want to spread the word to the ends of the earth.


You can help us and in doing so you’ll enter our contest to win a PRIZE PACK!


How do you enter?
Easy! There’s 4 ways!
1. Share the event on Facebook!
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Always make sure to tag us to make sure we see your entry.
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DJs On Black Friday

DJs On Black Friday
Throughout the day on day one of our 6th Annual Blackout at Sunrise Sale we’re having some local musically inclined friends play some records. Here’s a quick rundown:

Mr. Anthony Fantano will join us. You might know him from the Needle Drop. He’ll play records that he has probably reviewed favorably (with a chance that he’ll play favorable things he hasn’t reviewed at all).

You might remember the free Shaki Presents: Sunday night concert series that occurred at BAR (New Haven) that came to a bit of an abrupt end a couple years back. Or maybe you’re familiar with Rick Omonte as a musician playing with Crooked Hook or the Mountain Movers (among others). However you’re familiar with him (even if it’s just because of this short write up) you can check out his selections for you this Friday. 
Our friend Tony used to do sound for a lot of shows around CT. He went on to become a rocket scientist of sound (that’s not a real thing, but you get the idea). He’s going to be DJing on Friday during the Blackout at Sunrise Sale from 4:30PM-5:30 PM. DJ BIG $$ starts with “some silly gangster rap. go to gangster soul, go to some soul indie, go to some indie. so go some post rock go to some soul shit, some electronic sh*#, some jazz, some post rock jazz and end with some of the best new sh*#.”
 [gize, this is really DJ Big $$. This is real. There is absolutely no trickery.]
 Chuck Fresh steps up to the decks. This gentleman is currently in a band called Hunger Strike though that has little to do with what he’ll be playing. I’m guessing golden age of hip-hop and party jams.
  Hartford Party Starters Union’s finest, PK Ripper and Dirty D. (Pat and Dustin) will be finishing off the night with fine selections (drum solos and Amon Duul II the whole time for Pat? Come find out) from their respective collections.  Also, check out their link for information on the party they have going on at Mad Dawgs this Wednesday (Thanksgiving Eve).