$1 45 Dive – Saturday & Sunday, September 2nd & 3rd 2023

Hey all! We have too many 45s / 7″s and we want to have less of them! We have 42 unprocessed unpriced boxes full of 45s we have not scoured through. We have not cherry picked or even looked through these. We’re going to put them all out next weekend and you can dig through to find gems and they’ll all be $1.
(The 45 rack with priced records withstanding; just talking about these untouched boxes.)

FaFa “Fafa (Demo 2023)” Cassette Tape Out Now!

Stoked to have this release out immediately! The bandcamp stream of this has been in heavy rotation for a while now and we even had the crew on the podcast recently: listen here!

You can buy the tape right now from us on our Big Cartel here:

Fafa Demo 2023 Tape
Fafa Demo 2023 Tape

Bandcamp link to stream/buy digital: https://fafabandct.bandcamp.com/album/fafa-demo

Chat Pile “This Dungeon Earth / Remove Your Skin Please” GREEN MARBLE REDSCROLL EXCLUSIVE

We’re excited to announce that we’ve been honored to have a Chat Pile exclusive color for their 2020 noise rock opus “This Dungeon Earth / Remove Your Skin Please” on green marble vinyl. Sent this way from Reptilian Records headquarters.


Order on our Big Cartel here! 

Order on our Big Cartel here! 

October 8th, 2023: Record Fair at Counter Weight Brewing

Announcing the latest installment of our annual Record Fairs at Counter Weight Brewing Co!

Flyer for Record Fair at Counter Weight Brewing
Record Fair at Counter Weight Brewing

October 8th, 2023 11AM-5PM, FREE ADMISSION
Redscroll Records Presents:
Record Fair @ Counter Weight Brewing Co.
7 Diana Court, Cheshire, CT 06410
1000s of Records from our favorite music dealers in the North East.
Food Trucks. DJs creating a fun atmosphere.

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/829397138791037

Instagram Post about Record Fair @ Counter Weight Brewing Co.


RSR PC 069 FaFa is Allie, Alex, Kevin & Ren

FaFa joins us this month on the podcast. The full band! Allie, Alex, Kevin & Ren!

We talk about what we’re all listening to. We talk to Ren about the closing of the WamLeg (she & Andreas owned it most recently; formerly Wallingford American Legion). We talk about some food and general Wallingford and general CT hot spots. Oh yeah, and playing music and what brought these particular individuals to form this band and how they’re style came to be and so on! And we stretch the conversation all directions out from all those odd directions.


Music on this episode:

FaFa “Red Knuckles” Demo (self released)

Khanate “Like a Poisoned Dog” To Be Cruel (Sacred Bones)
Body of Light “This Conversation” Bitter Reflection (Dais)
Black Eyes “Deformative” Black Eyes (Dischord)
Bendik Giske “Start” Bendik Giske (Smalltown Supersound)

The Body “A Cloud Broken Open” I Shall Die Here / Earth Triumphant (Rvng Intl.)
Mandy, Indiana “Drag [Crashed]” I’ve Seen A Way (Fire Talk)

Alex (drummer):
Beach Goons “Choker” Boisad (Grndvw Recordings)

Kevin (guitar):
Cocomelon “Daddy Finger Song”….

Allie (singer):
Pastel Ghost “Underwater” Ethereality (Cleopatra)

Ren (bass):
Sona Jobarteh “Gambia” Badinyaa Kumoo (African Guild)

Ulterior Motif “Down to the Bottom” Down to the Bottom (self released)
Sofwalls “Shadowdance” Shadowdance Single (self released)

FaFa “Poppin Titties at the Beach” Demo (self released)

The Redscroll Podcast is a monthly show (new episodes on the first of the month) that works as a companion to what we do at Redscroll Records in Wallingford, CT USA. We are a record store that has a heavy emphasis on the left of center / underground music of the world. Whether it be underappreciated or just has a niche audience, marginalized or just off the radar it’s all of interest to us. With the show we’ll generally have a localized focus. We’ll discuss what is in our personal rotation at the moment. We’ll talk to guests who have to do with all of the above. And we’ll talk about specific dealings with the store. If you have input you’re welcome to contact us through email (redscroll@gmail.com). Oh, and please do subscribe! New episodes on the first of every month! (Subscribe on Android)(Subscribe elsewhere just by searching for us please!