26th Of November 2014 Update (Black Friday RSD Ed.)

26th Of November 2014 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
BLACKOUT AT SUNRISE SALE EDITION (With Black Friday RSD Special Releases)
at Redscroll Records


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Hi all, we just wanted to write a quick note and say happy holidays and explain briefly how Friday and its special releases work. Happy Holidays! Happy Thanksgiving / Indigenous People’s Day! Enjoy your day Thursday and rest up to get a jump on things Friday.

Note 1. Friday – we open at 6AM. We can contractually start selling RSD Black Friday items at 8AM (and we will be abiding by that strictly as we have no desire to break that contract). There will be 2 lines. The line to enter at 6AM does not allow you to keep a space in line in the line for the 8AM line. They will be clearly delineated and if you’re coming for normal holiday shopping you’ll have first picks at the regular stock for 2 hours!

Note 2. Please be understanding that we have ordered every desirable release that we could think of or that anyone has asked about (true fact – not hyperbole or even slight exaggeration). We did not get everything we ordered. Some things will be arriving late. The ones we know about are listed below with a note after them (those three items should be here Friday afternoon). Invariably, some things will show up next week, but let’s not actually count on that (if it happens we’ll let everyone know through our social medias). Some things are so super limited that when they allocate them to all the different stores some stores just get left out. It happens continuously. We’ve been pretty fortunate and had a strong streak of getting most of the major high-desirable titles. This go-round, we fear we must mention we did not get any DEATH GRIPS LPs. NONE! We ordered many many more than 0, but we got none. There were just 900 of those LPs and there are definitely several thousand stores participating, but it’s not the be all & end all. We’ll push on and have a great day. If we ever can track some of those down we will (as with other titles).  We hope you understand and come out for all the other great music we have, eat some chocolate, score some deals and retire all to our homes to collapse into a cacophony of blissful stereo emanations.

UPDATE TIME – First the Black Friday Update followed by our normal stock update.:

Black Friday RSD LPs & 12″s
Aaliyah    “Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number”
Acacia Strain    “The Dead Walk”
Afghan Whigs    “Gentlemen At 21” (3LP Set)
Bambaata, Afrika & The Soul Sonic Force    “Planet Rock” (Glow In The Dark)
Barry, Tim    “Lost & Rootless” (Ltd. Ed. Colored + D/L)
Bleachers    “Strange Desire – The Demos”
Bug, The / Earth    “The Bug Vs. Earth”
Chvrches    “Under The Tide” (180 Gram Yellow)
Dead Milkmen, The    “Big Lizard In My Backyard”
Dio & Friends    “Stand Up And Shout For Cancer” (Picture Disc)
Diplo    “Florida” (10th Anniversary Ed. 3LP)
Dissevelt, Tom     “Fantasy In Orbit: Round The World With Electronic Music”
Dissevelt, Tom / Kid Baltan    “El Fascinante Mundo De La Musica Electronica”
Djawadi, Ramin    “Game Of Thrones: Music From The HBO Series”
Doors, The    “Honor The Treaties”
Echosmith    “Cool Kids” (Picture Disc)
Fishbone    “Truth And Soul”
Fitzgerald, Patrik    “Safety-Pin Stuck In My Heart”
Fiver Finger Death Punch    “Purgatory: Tales From The Pit”
Flaming Lips, The    “Imagene Peise: Atlas Eets Christmas” (Red Vinyl)
Genesis    “From Genesis To Revelation”
Gov’t Mule    “Stoned Side Of The Mule Vol. 1”
Grateful Dead    “Houston, Texas 11-18-1972” (2LP 180 Gram)
Green Day    “Kerplunk” (Color Vinyl + 7″)
Green Day    “Tune In, Tokyo… (2001 Live Recording)”
Hazlewood, Lee     “Lee Hazlewood Industries: There’s  A Dream I’ve Been Saving 1966-1971” (Mega-Box Set)
Hendrix, Jimi    “Hear My Music”
Holiday, Billie    “At Storyville”
Hound    “out Of Time”
Husker Du    “Warehouse: Songs And Stories”
Ignite    “Our Darkest Days”
Imagine Dragons    “Night Visions” (Picture Disc)
Iron Butterfly    “Heavy” (Mono)
J.B.’s, The    “These Are The J.B.’s”
Jay Z    “Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions Of Jay Z” (+ D/L Colored Vinyl)
Kinks, The    “Muswell Hillbillies”
Korn    “The Paradigm Shift” (Picture Disc)
Korn    “Korn” (20th Anniversary Ed.)
Little Richard    “Little Richard” (White Vinyl)
M.D.C.    “Millions Of Dead Cops”
MacFarlane, Seth    “Holiday For Swing! Arranged And Conducted By Joel McNeely”
Mastodon    “The Motherload” (Picture Disc)
McGhie, Wayne & The Sounds Of Joy    “Wayne McGhie & The Sounds Of Joy” (Toronto Funk)
Metallica    “Lords Of Summer” (Etched B-Side + D/L)
Metronomes, The    “Time Keeping 1979-1985”
MewithoutYou    “East Enders Wives (Maxi Single)”
Morricone, Ennio    “The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” (Marble Colored)
New Order    “1981-1982 (FACTUS 8R)”
Presley, Elvis    “Showroom Internationale: Live At The International Hotel – Dinner Show – August 12, 1970”
Rammellzee Vs. K-Rob    “Beat Bop” (Produced & Arranged By Jean-Michel Basquiat)
Ramones    “Morrissey Curates The Ramones”
Robinson, Chris Brotherhood    “Try Rock And Roll”
Satriani, Joe    “Joe Satriani”
Spector, Phil    “A Christmas Gift For You From Philles Records” (Ronettes, Crystals, Bob B Soxx And The Blue Jeans)
Tenebrae / Panzerbastard    “The Sons Of Belial”
They Might Be Giants    “Flood”
Toxic Reasons    “Independence (V.2)”
Type O Negative    “Slow, Deep And Hard”
Various    “American Hustle – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” (Blue & Red Vinyl)
Various    “The Big Lebowski: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” (White Russian Vinyl)
Various    “This Warm December – A Brushfire Holiday Vol. 1”
Various    “Little Miss Sunshine: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”  (ARRIVING MID-DAY FRIDAY – NOT HERE YET!)
Velvet Underground, The    “Live MCMXCIII” (4LP Box Set /7500)
War Of Ages    “Supreme Chaos”
Wilson, Jonathan    “Slide By EP”
Wu-Tang Clan    “C.R.E.A.M.” (Shaped Disc)
Young, Neil    “Official Release Series Discs 5-8” (Box Set)

Black Friday RSD 10″s
Bon Jovi    “Live 2” (Picture Disc)
Bowie, David    “Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime)”
Davis, Miles    “The Prestige 10″ LP Collection Volume One” (Box Set)
Davis, Miles    “Enigma”
First Aid Kit    “America”
Game Theory    “Distortion” (Green)
Game Theory    “Pointed Accounts Of People You Know” (Clear)
Hynde, Chrissie    “Stockholm – Live At The 229 Club London, England”
Judas Priest    “5 Souls”
Los Straitjackets    “Play The Great Instrumental Hits”
Matthews, Dave Band (Dave Matthews Band)    “Recently” (+ D/L)
Murphy, Peter    “Mr. Moonlight Tour: 35 Years Of Bauhaus”
Outkast    “Player’s Ball” (Green)
Ramone, Joey    “Christmas Spirit… In My House” (Red)
Sneakers    “Sneakers”
St. Vincent    “Pieta / Sparrow”
Thunders, Johnny    “Real Times EP”

Black Friday RSD 7″s
Against Me!    “The Daytrotter Sessions”
Anderson-Lopez, Kristen And Robert Lopez    “Frozen: Frozen Holiday” (Disney; Picture Disc)
Avantis, The    “Gypsy Surfer”
Beatles, The    “Long Tall Sally” (Mono)
Black Dahlia Murder, The    “Grind ‘Em All”  (Red)
Boz Boorer    “Comic Book Nightmare / Slippery Forces (Christopher Chaplin Remix)”
Davis, Miles    “Blue Xmas” (ARRIVING MID-DAY FRIDAY – NOT HERE YET!)
Decemberists, The    “Make You Better”
Foley, Mick    “Crazy Christmas”
Jennings, Waylon    “Louisiana Man, Kentucky Woman”
Lewis, Jenny    “Just One Of The Guys”
Lone Bellow, The    “Then Came The Morning / Take Me With You When You Go”
Low Threat Profile    “Product Number 3”
M.D.C.    “Millions Of Dead Children”
M.D.C.    “Multi-Death Corporations”
Mascis, J    “Fade Into You / Outside Eyes” (Orange Vinyl)
Mercier Descloux, Lizzy    “Fire / Morning High (W/ Patti Smith)”
Mother Love Bone    “Hold You”  (ARRIVING MID-DAY FRIDAY – NOT HERE YET!)
Oberst, Conor    “Standing On The Outside Looking In / Sugar Street”
Prawn    “Settled”
Ra Ra Riot    “Two Hearts Beat As One” (Ltd. Ed. Yellow Vinyl + D/L)
Rude Awakening    “Dragging The Anchor” (+ D/L /500)
Run DMC    “Christmas In Hollis”
Sheeran, Ed    “Thinking Out Loud / I’m A Mess (Live From Lightship)”
South Park    “James Cameron” (Picture Disc)
Spot    “Sounds Of Two Eyes Opening” (Book + 7″)
Trout, Walter / John Mayall    “Willie / World Gone Crazy”

Black Friday RSD CDs
Diplo    “Florida” (10th Anniversary Ed.)
Hound    “out Of Time”
Leftover Salmon    “High Country”
M.D.C.    “Millions Of Dead Cops”
Wormwood    “Wormwood” (Members Of Doomriders)

Black Friday RSD Tape
Various    “Guardians Of The Galaxy – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Awesome Mix Vol. 1” Cassette

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LPs & 12″s
Aguilera, Christina    “{Bi-On-Ic}” (3LP Deluxe Ed.)
Allen, Kris    “Thank You Camellia”
Allo Darlin’    “We Come From The Same Place” (+ D/L)
Asteroid No. 4, The    “The Asteroid No.  4”
Band, The    “Cahoots”
Band, The    “Music From The Big Pink” (180 Gram)
Band, The    “StageFright” (180 Gram)
Barker, Roland    “Shredder Orpheus” (+ DVD Movie & Trailer)
Barker, Travis / Yelawolf    “Psycho White”
Beacon    “L1”
Black Sabbath    “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” (180 Gram)
Blood Orange    “Coastal Grooves” (180 Gram + D/L)
Branca, Glenn    “The Ascension”
Brown, James    “The Payback” (Reissue)
Casablancas, Julian    “Phrazes For The Young”
CFCF    “Cometrue”
Circa Survive    “Descensus”
Coltrane, John    “Sun Ship” (Reissue / Impulse)
Coltrane, John    “Giant Steps” (DMM 180 Gram)
Copeland, Eric    “Ms. Pretzel” (+ D/L)
Crying    “Get Olde / Second Wind”
Davila 666    “Pocos Anos, Muchos Danos”
Davila, AJ Y Terror Amor    “Beibi”
De La Sierra, Jordan    “Gymnosphere: Song Of The Rose”
Deptford Goth    “Songs” (+ D/L)
Dinosaur Feathers    “Control”
Diplo    “Random White Guy Be Everywhere” (Picture Disc)
Dylan, Bob    “Christmas In The Heart” (180 Gram + CD)
Eno – Hyde    “High Life” (2LP Gatefold)
Eno, Brian    “The Drop” (1997 Album)
Eno, Brian    “Nerve Net” (1992 Album)
Eno, Brian    “The Shutov Assembly” (1992 Album)
Evil Conduct    “Today’s Rebellion” (Pink Vinyl)
Exit Verse    “Exit Verse”
Faze Action    “Body Of One”
Field Mouse    “Hold Still Life” (Color Vinyl)
Finch    “Back To Oblivion” (+ D/L)
Flying Lotus    “Los Angeles”
Fugazi    “First Demo” (1988; + D/L)
Gately, Katie / Tlatlon    “Split Series #23” (12FAT093)
Gates    “Bloom & Breathe” (+ D/L)
Green    “Green” (Power Pop Reissue)
Greene, Jacques    “Lay It Down”
Guy, Buddy    “Skin Deep” (2LP)
Haerts    “Haerts” (+ CD)
Hail Mary Mallon    “Bestiary” (Picture Disc)
Hancock, Herbie    “Crossings” (180 Gram)
Harrison, John    “George A. Romero’s ‘Day Of The Dead'” (Soundtrack)
Hawkins, Taylor & The Coattail Riders    “Red Light Fever”
Heads, The    “Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere”
Hookworms    “The Hum” (180 Gram + D/L)
Iron Maiden    “Somewhere In Time” (180 Gram Black Vinyl)
Iron Maiden    “Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son” (180 Gram Black Vinyl)
Kalma, Ariel    “An Evolutionary Music (Original Recordings: 1972-1979)”
Keys, Alicia    “The Element Of Freedom” (Ltd. Ed.)
Kid Millions & Jim Sauter    “Fountain” (+ D/L)
Kinane, Kyle    “Whiskey Icarus” (+ D/L)
Led Zeppelin    “Coda” (200 Gram Quiex SV-P)
Led Zeppelin    “Led Zeppelin (I)” (Quiex SV Super Vinyl)
Lord Raja    “A Constant Moth” (Colored Vinyl + D/L)
Lynn, Barbara    “Here Is Barbara Lynn”
Mansell, Clint    “Last Night: Music From The Motion Picture”
Meatbodies    “Meatbodies” (+ D/L)
Mega Bog    “Gone Banana”
Memories, The    “Hot Afternoon”
Mercyful Fate    “Return Of The Vampire: The Rare And Unreleased”
Monster Magnet    “Milking The Stars: A Re-Imagining Of Last Patrol” (2LP Gatefold)
Morricone, Ennio    “Lizard In A Woman’s Skin: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”
My Fictions    “Stranger Songs” (Grey)
New Basement Tapes, The    “Lost On The River: The New Basement Tapes” (2LP Gatefold + D/L)
Onyeabor, William    “William Onyeabor Vol. 2” (Numbered /3000 Box Set)
Porter, Dave    “Breaking Bad – Original Score From The Television Series: Volume 2” (2LP Gatefold + Poster)
Prince    “Art Official Age” (Gatefold)
Prince & 3rdeyegirl    “Plectrumelectrum” (Gatefold)
Probe 10    “There Is A Universe” (Ltd. Ed. /500)
Rancid    “Let’s Go” (20th Anniversary Reissue)
Rolling Stones, The    “From The Vault: Hampton Coliseum (Live In 1981)” (3LP + DVD)
Rollins Band, The    “Life Time” (Remastered + D/L)
Shorter, Clinton    “District 9: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Deluxe Expanded Edition)”
Simmons, Sylvie    “Sylvie”
Skeletonwitch    “Beyond The Permafrost” (Picture Disc)
Skull, The    “For Those Which Are Asleep” (+ D/L)
Slasher Dave    “Tomb Of Horror”
Songs: Ohia    “Didn’t It Rain” (Deluxe 2LP + D/L)
Squrl    “EP#3” (Ltd. Ed. Picture Disc /1000)
Stockholm Monsters    “All At Once” (2LP + 7″ + D/L)
Swamp Dogg    “The White Man Made Me Do It” (+ D/L)
Tenacious D    “The Pick Of Destiny” (180 Gram + D/L)
Terror    “Always The Hard Way”
Terror    “One With The Underground”
Ttotals    “Let Everything Come Through”
TV On The Radio    “Seeds” (+ D/L)
Various    “Christmas In Soulville” (Stax Records)
Various    “Forrest Gum: The Soundtrack” (3LP Color Vinyl Ltd. Ed. Numbered)
Various    “Master Mix: Red Hot + Arthur Russell” (3LP Tri-Fold)
Various    “Native North Americans Vol. One: Aboriginal Folk, Rock, And Country 1966-1985” (Box Set)
Various    “Summer Records Anthology 1974-1988”
Various    “Cities Of Darkscorch – The Board Game For ‘Warfaring Strangers: Darkscorch Canticles'” (Tremendously put together game with 45 adapters as game pieces.)
Velvet Revolver    “Contraband” (2LP Gatefold)
Voyag3r    “Doom Fortress” (+ D/L)
Whirr / Nothing    “Whirr /// Nothing” (+ DVD)
Wilco    “Alpha Mike Foxtrot: Rare Tracks 1994-2014” (Box Set; 180 Gram + D/L)
Witch Mountain    “Mobile Of Angels”
Wyatt, Robert    “Different Every Time – Ex Machina (Volume 1)” (2LP + D/L)
Wyatt, Robert    “Different Every Time – Benign Dictatorships (Volume 2)” (2LP + D/L)
Young Statues    “The Flatlands Are Your Friend” (Navy/White Marble)
Young-Wuk, Cho    “Oldboy: Original Music To The Film By Park Chan-Wook”

Crosby, David    “Croz” (Ltd. Ed.  Red Vinyl)
Diarrhea Planet    “Aliens In The Outfield”

Alpha & Omega    “Roll River Jordan Roll / Dub River Jordan Dub” (Feat. Don Goliath & Dillinger)
Audacity    “Counting The Days & Minding Your Own Business” (+ D/L)
Coathangers, The / These Arms Are Snakes    “Sexbeat / Energy Drink And The Long Walk Home” (+ D/L)
Drums, The    “I Can’t Pretend”
East Beast    “The Divine Unknown”
Gallagher, Noel (Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds)    “In The Heat Of The Moment”
Iron Maiden    “The Evil That Men Do”
Iron Maiden    “The Clairvoyant”
Iron Maiden    “Can I Play With Madness”
Iron Maiden    “Stranger In A Strange Land”
Mantles    “Memory / Undelivered”
Wand / Meatbodies    “Void”

Fugazi    “First Demo” (1988)
Hail Mary Mallon    “Bestiary” (Aesop Rock & Rob Sonic)
No Line North    “Farther Out Beyond Today”
Schwartz, Debby    “A Garden Of My Own”
Shiny Two Shiny    “When The Rain Stops”
Young, Neil    “Storytone”

Simonetti, Mike    “At The Juncture Of Light & Dark Vol. 3” (Opal Tapes)
Violetpoison    “Sovrastrutture” (Opal Tapes)
Worker/Parasite    “Proletariat EP” (Opal Tapes)

Used Tapes That Missed T-Used-Day’s Update
Black Light    “Black Light” (Brave Mysteries)    Cassette        $5.00
Destroyer 666    “Unchain The Wolves”    Cassette        $9.00
Elisha Morningstar    “Inner Wealth” (Brave Mysteries)    Cassette        $6.00

Dates And Times

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