T-USED-DAY Update for January 20th, 2015

T-USED-DAY Update for January 20th, 2015
at Redscroll Records

T-Used-Day 1-20-15
Here are some of the latest used arrivals at the shop. Keep in mind this doesn’t include any of the CDs or many of the LPs in the general rock/pop/jazz/anything-in-the-back-room that we get in. This list also builds over the course of a week so sometimes some items are no longer in stock by the time this is posted. We try to avoid that, but it happens. Call ahead if there’s a particular release you’re curious about. These are the in-store prices – if you’d like to find any of these online please visit us here: http://www.discogs.com/seller/Redscroll
LPs & 12″s
100 Demons “In The Eyes Of The Lord” (Blue/Red Splatter) LP $20.00
13 & God “Men Of Station / Soft Atlas” 12″ $4.00
A Tribe Called Quest “People’s Instinctive Travels And The Paths Of Rhythm” LP $13.00
AK Skills “Check Tha Flava” 12″ $7.00
Alcatrazz “Live Sentence: No Parole From Rock ‘N’ Roll” LP $4.00
All Pigs Must Die “God Is War” LP $12.00
Apathy “Where’s Your Album?!!” (CT Hip-Hop) LP $15.00
Backtrack “Darker Half” (Yellow) LP $13.00
Bare, Bobby “Drunk & Crazy” LP $4.00
Basie, Count “Count On The Coast Vol. II” (1958 Recording; Swedish Pressing) LP $8.00
Beehive & The Barracudas “Cock Ready” (Picture Disc) LP $9.00
Bibb, Leon “Tol’ My Captain” LP $8.00
Black Flag “Family Man” LP $10.00
Black Flag “Loose Nut” LP $12.00
Black Flag “In My Head” LP $10.00
Black Flag “My War” LP $13.00
Black Flag “Damaged” LP $10.00
Black Keys, The “The Big Come Up” (Orange) LP $29.00
Black Leather Jesus / The Homopolice “Black Leather Jesus / The Homopolice” LP $23.00
Black Sabbath “Mob Rules” LP $8.00
Blood Thirsty Demons “Sabbath – Solve Et Coagula” LP $6.00
Blowfly “Rappin’ Dancin’ And Laughin'” LP $3.00
Bootsy “Ulta Wave” LP $8.00
Braff, Ruby And Scott Hamilton “A First” LP $8.00
Bread And Water “Bread And Water” LP $4.00
Brother Ali “Shadows Of The Sun” (Picture Discs) LP $18.00
Brown, James “Soul Classics Vol. II.” LP $10.00
Brubeck, Dave “Time In” LP $6.00
Bunny Brains “Bunny Brains” LP $6.00
Byrne, David “3 Big Songs” 12″ $5.00
Cacavas, John “Airport 1975: Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack” LP $5.00
Cali Agents “How The West Was One” (Planet Asia & Rasco) LP $8.00
Camouflauge Large “Hitmen Holdin’ Steel / Cocbacda 9″ 12” $10.00
Candy Store “Memories / Escape From Belize” 12″ $25.00
Candy, Icho “Glory To The King” (Jah Shaka Music) LP $18.00
Castle Blak “Babes In Toyland” LP $5.00
Catfish “Get Down” LP $5.00
Celi Bee & The Buzzy Bunch “Celi Bee & The Buzzy Bunch” LP $3.00
Ceschi “Same Old Love Song” (CT Hip-Hop; Picture Disc) LP $30.00
Champs, The “Tequila” LP $15.00
Clegg, Johnny & Savuka “Third World Child” LP $3.00
Cock Sparrer “Bloody Minded… The Best Of Cock Sparrer” LP $22.00
Colder, Ben & Sheb Wooley “Wild & Wooley” LP $7.00
Comeback Kid “Wake The Dead” (Yellow) LP $15.00
Conflict “The Final Conflict” (UK Pressing) LP $13.00
Cramps, The “Bikini Girls With Machine Guns” 12″ $8.00
Crime “Murder By Guitar” LP $14.00
Darin, Bobby “Darin 1936-1973” (Promo) LP $5.00
Def Leppard “High ‘N’ Dry” LP $5.00
Descendents “I Don’t Want To Grow Up” LP $13.00
Devo “Peek-A-Boo!” LP $3.00
Devo “Freedom Of Choice” (Mexico Pressing) LP $10.00
Diddley, Bo “Bo Diddley” (Check Condition) LP $9.00
Dio “Holy Diver” LP $15.00
Dokken “Tooth And Nail” LP $4.00
Doldinger, Klaus “Das Boot (The Boat): Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” LP $3.00
Donati, Roberto “Cannibal Ferox” (Soundtrack; Clear/Green Split Ltd. Cover /500) LP $32.00
Doors, The “Other Voices” LP $10.00
Drifters, The “20 Greatest Hits” (Netherlands Pressing) LP $7.00
Dry Jack “Whale City” LP $5.00
Duke Jupiter “Duke Jupiter 1” (Sealed) LP $6.00
Earth “Hex; Or Printing In The Infernal Method” LP $19.00
Elephant’s Memory “Elephant’s Memory” LP $10.00
Elijah “Elijah Fanfares” LP $5.00
Erickson, Roky / Okkervil River “True Love Cast Out All Evil” LP $12.00
Evidence “The Evidence” LP $8.00
Evil Activities & DJ Panic “Invincible” 12″ $4.00
Fable “Fable” (UK Pressing) LP $10.00
False Prophets “Implosion” LP $6.00
Fedz, The / Rockwell Noel / The Poet “Taking-U-Out” (Promo) 12″ $10.00
Feelies, The “Higher Ground” LP $14.00
Fonograf “FG-4” (Hungarian Pressing) LP $8.00
Foo Fighters “Foo Fighters” (1995 Pressing) LP $36.00
Foo Fighters “The Colour And The Shape” (Repress) LP $30.00
Gandalf “Tale From A Long Forgotten Kingdom” (German Pressing) LP $10.00
Genesis “Historia De La Musica Rock” (Spanish Pressing) LP $6.00
Goldsmith, Jerry “Outland: Original Sound Track” LP $4.00
Grayskull “Bloody Radio” LP $8.00
Ground Zero “Pink” (UK Pressing) LP $5.00
H2O “Nothing To Prove” (Yellow /1200) LP $12.00
Haggard, Merle “Rainbow Stew: Live At Anaheim Stadium” LP $3.00
Haggard, Merle “Big City” LP $3.00
Haggard, Merle “Ramblin’ Fever” LP $4.00
Haggard, Merle And George Jones “A Taste Of Yesterday’s Wine” LP $3.00
Hampton, Lionel “More Hampton’s Stuff Volume 5” LP $4.00
Hawthorne Heights “The Silence In Black And White” (Gold) LP $12.00
Hendrix, Jimi “The Singles Album” (2LP German Pressing) LP $13.00
Hendrix, Jimi Experience “Axis: Bold As Love” (200 Gram) LP $38.00
Highway Chile “Storybook Heroes” LP $7.00
Hodges, Johnny / Charlie Shavers “A Man And His Music” LP $10.00
Hollow Earth “We Are Not Humanity” LP $8.00
Holly, Buddy & The Crickets “The ‘Chirping’ Crickets” LP $10.00
Homeles Gospel Choir, The “You Work So Hard Just To Be Like Everyone Else.” LP $5.00
Hooded Priest “Devil Worship Reckoning” LP $11.00
Hooker, Lohn Lee / Brownie McGhee / Sonny Terry “La Grande Storia Del Rock 26” (Italian Pressing) LP $12.00
Howlin’ Wolf “Cadiallac Daddy: Memphis Recordings, 1952” (Sealed) LP $15.00
Human Sexual Response “Fig.14” LP $4.00
Illusion, The “The Illusion” LP $12.00
In The Colonnades “In The Colonnades” LP $6.00
Indeep “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life” 12″ $5.00
Inhuman Conditions “Secrets” LP $6.00
Inhuman Conditions “Deserve No Respect” LP $8.00
Integrity “The Blackest Curse” (Grey) LP $12.00
Itals, The “Brutal Out Deh” LP $17.00
J.K. & Co. “Suddenly One Summer” LP $10.00
Jaar, Nicolas “Remixes Vol. 1″ 12” $8.00
Jackson, Milt “The Impulse Years” LP $5.00
Jarre “Magnetic Fields” LP $3.00
Jarre, Jean Michel “Oxygene” LP $4.00
Jel “The Meat & Oil EP” 12″ $4.00
Jennings, Waylon “Collector’s Series” LP $4.00
Jess And The Ancient Ones “Jess And The Ancient Ones” (Green) LP $23.00
Jewis, George “Doctor Jazz” LP $5.00
Joe Pop-O-Pie “Joe’s Third Record: Joe Pop-O-Pie” LP $13.00
Jones, Etta “My Mother’s Eyes” LP $6.00
Jones, Hank “Just For Fun” LP $6.00
Journey “In The Beginning” LP $5.00
Judas Priest “Sad Wings Of Destiny” (German Pressing) LP $15.00
Judas Priest “Stained Class” LP $12.00
Kat Thang “No One Stops…” LP $10.00
Kick Axe “Welcome To The Club” LP $6.00
King Of Salem “Prophecy” LP $3.00
Kiss (K.I.S.S.) “Animalize” LP $5.00
Krivda, Ernie & Friends “Satanic” LP $8.00
LA4 “Zaca” LP $6.00
LaBounty, Bill “This Night Won’t Last Forever” (Promo) LP $5.00
Last, James “Goodtimes” LP $6.00
Laurie And The Sighs “Laurie And The Sighs” LP $3.00
Lethal Gospel “Martian Whores” LP $4.00
Lethal Gospel “Equals Jihad” LP $4.00
Little Girls “Thrills” (027/500) LP $3.50
Little Richard “22 Original Hits” (UK Pressing) LP $6.00
Little Richard “The Essential Little Richard” LP $7.00
Lloyd, Charles “Waves” LP $5.00
M. Ward “A Wasteland Companion” LP $11.00
Mammoth Grinder / Hatred Surge “Mammoth Grinder / Hatred Surge” (Red) LP $14.00
Manchild “Manchild 1.” LP $5.00
Mannequin Beach “Don’t Laugh, You’re Next” LP $7.00
Manone, Wingy “Wingy Manone With Papa Bue’s Viking Jazzband” LP $7.00
March Violets, The “Deep” LP $7.00
Marshamallow Overcoat, The “The Inner Groove” LP $10.00
Masters Of Reality “Masters Of Reality” LP $15.00
Medeski, Martin & Wood “End Of The World Party (Just In Case)” (Sealed!) LP $45.00
Meeks, Eddie / Thareeko “Larger Than Life” 12″ $9.00
Mel-O-Tones, The “Melon Headed” LP $6.00
Mel-O-Tones, The “Bomb Sutra EP” LP $7.00
Melted Americans, The “Evil Monkey Bowl” LP $6.00
Milk Music “Beyond Living” LP $17.00
Minott, Sugar “Sugar & Spice” LP $14.00
Mirror Of Deception / Garden Of Worm “Mirror Of Deception / Garden Of Worm” LP $13.00
Mitchell, Grover And His Orchestra “Truckin’ With Grover Mitchell And His Orchestra” LP $5.00
Modern Lovers, The “Longbranch” (Russian Pressing) LP $18.00
Moraz, Patrick “Out In The Sun” (Canadian Pressing) LP $5.00
Mose Jones “Get Right” LP $8.00
Mouse, John “Who Is John Mouse” LP $17.00
Municipal Waste / Toxic Holocaust “Toxic Waste” (PP Spill Vinyl) LP $12.00
Natural Resource “Negro League Base Ball / They Lied” 12″ $6.00
Natural Resource “I Love This World” 12″ $4.00
Nazareth “The Fool Circle” LP $6.00
New Pornographers, The “Challengers” LP $15.00
Newman, David “Heads Up” LP $6.00
NoDoz “Ready To Detonate” (Black) LP $17.00
Northwinds “Great God Pan” LP $28.00
Nugent, Ted “Intesities In 10 Cities” LP $4.00
Numan, Gary / Tubeway Army “The Plan (1978): A Collection Of Unreleased Recordings” LP $13.00
Offenders “We Must Rebel” LP $10.00
Oh’ Dev “You Get What You Deserve” LP $4.00
Ojeda, Eddie “Axes 2 Axes” (Greek Pressing) LP $10.00
Onslaught “Power From Hell” (Green) LP $17.00
Osbourne, Ozzy “Blizzard Of Ozz” LP $8.00
Osbourne, Ozzy “Speak Of The Devil” LP $9.00
Osibisa “Super Fly T.N.T.: The Sig Shore Production” (Soundtrack) LP $9.00
P.S. Eliot “Introverted Romance In Our Troubled Minds” LP $7.00
Pajama Slave Dancers “Pajama Beach Party” (Clear) LP $5.00
Pass, Joe “Portraits Of Duke Ellington” LP $5.00
Pepper, Art “Today” LP $6.00
Pepper, Art And George Cables “Goin’ Home” LP $6.00
PFM “Wash Over Me / Love & Happiness” 12″ $5.00
Pizzarelli, Bucky With Joe Venuti “Nightwings” LP $5.00
President Fetch “The Eternal Need Of…” (Check Condition) LP $7.00
Pretty Things “Freeway Madness” LP $6.00
Prince Jazzbo “Ital Corner” LP $12.00
Procul Harum “Historia De La Musica Rock” (Spanish Pressing) LP $6.00
Pryor, Richard “Are You Serious???” LP $3.00
Pyro “Settle The Score” (White Label) 12″ $15.00
Quiet Riot “QRIII” LP $4.00
Rags, J.P. “Scruffety” LP $7.00
Rainbow “On Stage” LP $5.00
Ratt “Out Of The Cellar” LP $3.00
Rawcotiks “Nevertheless/Real Heads” 12″ $5.00
Red House Painters “Songs For A Blue Guitar” LP $30.00
Rektum “Sakred Danus” LP $4.00
Rektum “Real Horrorshow” LP $10.00
Resistors “Tiny Scars” LP $6.00
Resistors “Pain & Passion” LP $4.00
Riot “Born In America” LP $6.00
Riot “Riot Live” LP $5.00
Roller, The “Wasted Heritage” (White/Swamp Green Haze /100) LP $10.00
Roxy Music “The Atlantic Years 1973-1980” LP $5.00
Rubberoom “Body Snatch’n (On The Isle)” 12″ $10.00
Russell, Pee Wee / Ruby Braff / Red Richards “The Individualism Of Pee Wee Russell” LP $7.00
Ryan, Ross “A Poem You Can Keep” LP $5.00
Saintseneca “Dark Arc” LP $13.00
Sam & Dave “Sam & Dave” LP $15.00
Savage “Loose ‘N Lethal” LP $20.00
Saved Pigs, The “Breakfast Is Served” LP $8.00
Say Anything “Anarchy, My Dear” (Red) LP $14.00
Scorpions “Blackout” LP $5.00
Scorpions “Best Of Scorpions” LP $8.00
Scorpions “Lovedrive” LP $7.00
Seahaven “Ghost” (Purple) LP $10.00
Sebadoh “Weed Forestin” LP $16.00
Set Your Goals “Burning At Both Ends” LP $12.00
Shadez Of Brooklyn “Change / When It Rains It Pours” 12″ $32.00
Shaved Pigs, The “Cheers!” LP $11.00
Shep “Have U Gone Bald Inside Your Head?” LP $10.00
Silversun Pickups “Neck Of The Woods” LP $15.00
Sisters Of Mercy “This Corrosion” (Sealed) LP $7.00
Sliced Pimples “Brains Condemned To Serious Laughter” LP $7.00
Sliced Pimples “Fuckin’ Serious Guess Why…?” LP $18.00
Smith, Jimmy “Midnight Special: The Incredible Jimmy Smith” (Blue Note) LP $26.00
Snake Nation “Snake Nation” LP $6.00
Soft Cell “The Art Of Falling Apart” LP $4.00
Soma “You Ain’t Ready” 12″ $22.00
Spanier, Muggsy “Muggsy Spanier” LP $5.00
Spirit “Farther Along” LP $4.00
Spoon “Kill The Moonlight” LP $14.00
State Faults “Desolate Peaks” (Beige) LP $12.00
Steel Pole Bathtub” “Unlistenable” LP $11.00
Stokowski, Leopold With The Philadelphia Orchestra “Walt Disney’s Fantasia” (3LP Set With 24 Page Full Color Program; Soundtrack) LP $14.00
Strike To Survive “Yesterday’s News” LP $8.00
Stripminers “Stripminers” LP $5.00
Sublime “Sublime” (Back To Black) LP $25.00
Sunshine Company “Sunshine & Shadows” LP $16.00
Supafriendz / Danja Mowf “Vowel Movement / Question” 12″ $3.00
Swan, Billy “I Can Help” LP $3.00
Talkin To The Toilet “Sturdy” LP $5.00
Teibel, Irv “Environments / 3: Totally New Concepts In Stereo Sound – Disc3” LP $7.00
Tell, Diane “Chimeres” (Canadian Pressing) LP $7.00
Temple, Sebastian “The Universe Is Singing: 12 Songs In The Spirit Of Teilhard De Chardin” LP $8.00
Tesla “Little Suzi” LP $8.00
Three Sounds, The “It Just Got To Be” LP $13.00
Tobias “Dream #2” (Promo) LP $7.00
Trash “Burnin’ Rock” (Promo) LP $4.00
Tuff Crew “Danger Zone” LP $13.00
Turtles, The “Best Of The Turtles” (Golden Archive Series) LP $7.00
Twisted Sister “Stay Hungry” LP $5.00
Twisted Sister “Love Is For Suckers” LP $4.50
Universal Order Of Armageddon “The Switch Is Down” LP $8.00
Van Der Graaf “The Quiet Zone / The Pleasure Dome” (UK Pressing) LP $25.00
Vandenberg “Heading For A Storm” LP $4.00
Vanhelgd “Relics Of Sulphur Salvation” (White/150) LP $20.00
Various “Uptown Top Ranking: Joe Gibbs Reggae Productions 1970-78” LP $22.00
Various “Rockers: The Original Soundtrack From The Film” LP $18.00
Various “Raiders Of The Lost Dub” (Island & Mango Pressings) LP $20.00
Various “Joe Gibbs Productions” (Soul Jazz Records) LP $20.00
Various “Beleza Tropical: Brazil Classics 1 Compiled By David Byrne” LP $13.00
Various “Yesterdays Universe” (Madlib) LP $15.00
Various “More Dirty Dancing: More Original Music From The Hit Motion Picture ‘Dirty Dancing'” LP $5.00
Various “Get Hot Or Go Home: Vintage RCA Rockabilly ’56-’59” LP $10.00
Various “The Classic Collection Traditional The Great Jazz Men / Vol. 1” LP $7.00
Various “Reflections: Original Instrumental Hits” LP $3.00
Various “The Soundtrack Music From Clint Eastwood’s ‘Every Which Way But Loose'” LP $2.00
Various “The Muppet Movie: Original Soundtrack Recording” LP $6.00
Various “Let Them Know XXV The Story Of Youth Brigade And BYO Records” (Hardbound Book – 2xLP, Red + CD + DVD + Box, Comp) LP $24.00
Various “Four Old Seven Inches On A Twelve Inch” (Clear) LP $8.00
Various “Egg-Mangel” (Disarm, Svart Parad, Krunch,…) LP $9.00
Various “Mar-Vel’ Masters Volume 2 ‘Hillbilly Boogie'” LP $10.00
Vaughan, Sarah “How Long Has This Been Going On?” LP $5.00
Verse “Aggression” (White/Grey) LP $10.00
Vinson, Eddie “Cleanhead” “Cleanhead’s Back In Town” LP $5.00
Violent Femmes “The Blind Leading The Naked” LP $9.00
Walking Seeds “Bad Orb, Whirling Ball” LP $6.00
Walking Seeds “Skullfuck” LP $5.00
Walking Seeds “Upwind Of Disaster, Downwind Of Atonement” LP $6.00
Walking Seeds “Dwarf L.P.” LP $8.00
Walking Seeds “Shaved Beatnik” LP $5.00
Whitcomb, Ian “Yellow Underground” LP $11.00
Whitesnake “Slow An’ Easy” 12″ $4.00
Wild Seeds “Mud, Lies & Shame” LP $4.00
Williams, Hank “On The Air” LP $5.00
Williams, Hank “I Ain’t Got Nothin’ But Time: December 1946-August 1947” LP $13.00
Williams, Hank “I Won’t Be Home No More: June 1952-September 1952” LP $15.00
Williams, Hank “Rare Takes & Radio Cuts” LP $7.00
Williams, Hank “Wait For The Light To Shine…” LP $7.00
Wisdom “All Star Jam” 12″ $14.00
Wrecking Crew “Balance Of Terror” LP $17.00
X-Caliber “Butta Messenga” 12″ $22.00
Young, Neil “Living With War” (200 Gram) LP $35.00
Zamfir, Gheorghe / Marcel Cellier “Meditations & Celebrations” LP $7.00

… And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead “Festival Thyme” (Picture Disc) 10″ $8.00
Atomizer “Atomic Bloodlust – Live 2003″ (Red/Black Splatter) 10” $4.00
Billy, Bonnie Prince “Chijimi” (Beware Ultraload) 10″ $12.00
Nerve City “I Fucked Death” (/500) 10″ $4.00
Silversun Pickups “Seasick” 10″ $9.00

Anu “Anu” 7″ $15.00
Coffins / Disclose “Grotesque Messiah / Foxy Lady” (5″) 5″ $6.00
Cold Snap “Spice Island Single” 7″ $2.00
Cry Of Terror “Cry Of Terror” (#141/300; Green) 7″ $5.00
Everything Falls Apart “Tension” 7″ $2.00
Hell Cows “G-Spot – Crush” 7″ $1.50
Inhuman Conditions “Support” 7″ $4.00
M.F.D. “Boris The Spider / Passenger Train” (Blue Promo Vinyl) 7″ $4.00
Orthrelm “(Untitled)” 7″ $2.00
Outbreak “Work To Death” (White/Black Splatter) 7″ $4.00
Portrait “Into The Nothingness” (#62/500) 7″ $28.00
Soul Control “Soul Control” 7″ $4.00
Stand Up / On Life “Live To Learn To Live” 7″ $2.00
Strike To Survive “Mirror Mirror” 7″ $2.00
Subklinik “Pt. I : Pt. II” 7″ $2.00
Touche Amore “Crescent-Shaped Depression” (Grey) 7″ $5.00
Touche Amore “Live On BBC Radio 1″ (White) 7” $4.00
Turbo AC’s, The “Gonna Get It” 7″ $5.00
Various “A Dent In The General Mentality” (White) 7″ $5.00
VMJ / Shiv “Trinity / Look Feel Down” 7″ $3.00
Warbrain / Minus “Warbrain / Minus” (Green) 7″ $4.00
Written Off “Written Off” (Maroon) 7″ $5.00

Another Bad Creation “Coolin’ At The Playground” Cassette $2.00
Black Mass Of Absu “XXIX” Cassette $35.00
Budgie “Power Supply” Cassette $4.00
Cooper, Alice “Raise Your Fist And Yell” Cassette $4.00
Duran Duran “Decade” Cassette $3.00
Elders Of The Apocalypse “The Law Of Iron” (In 7″ Packaging) Cassette $5.00
Emerson, Lake & Palmer “Brain Salad Surgery” Cassette $3.00
Everything But The Girl “Temperamental” Cassette $3.00
Heathen Hoof “Promo Tape 2004” Cassette $3.00
Iron Maiden “No Prayer For The Dying” Cassette $4.00
Iron Maiden “The Number Of The Beast” Cassette $5.00
Jackyl “Jackyl” Cassette $3.00
Kiss (K.I.S.S.) “Kiss Alive II” (2xCS) Cassette $4.00
Kiss (K.I.S.S.) “Alive” Cassette $2.00
Kiss (K.I.S.S.) “Lick It Up” Cassette $2.00
Kiss (K.I.S.S.) “Rock And Roll Over” Cassette $2.00
Kiss (K.I.S.S.) “Peter Criss” Cassette $3.00
Kiss (K.I.S.S.) “Carnival Of Souls: The Final Sessions” Cassette $5.00
Kiss (K.I.S.S.) “Animalize” Cassette $2.00
Kiss (K.I.S.S.) “Kiss My Ass” Cassette $2.00
Kiss (K.I.S.S.) “Killers” Cassette $5.00
Kiss (K.I.S.S.) “Paul Stanley” Cassette $3.00
Kiss (K.I.S.S.) “Hotter Than Hell” Cassette $4.00
Metallica “The $5.98 EP – Garage Days Re-Revisited” Cassette $4.00
Motley Crue “Theatre Of Pain” Cassette $3.00
Perturbator “Dangerous Days” (Blue And Black Editions) Cassette $15.98 [NEW]
Pitch Shifter “Desensitized” Cassette $3.00
Pitch Shifter “Submit” Cassette $3.00
R.E.M. “Out Of Time” Cassette $4.00
Rolling Stones “Tattoo You” Cassette $2.00
Set “Dominus Profanam” (Sealed!) Cassette $4.25
Sick Of It All “Just Look Around” Cassette $5.00
Time, The “Ice Cream Castle” Cassette $2.00
Various “The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Original Soundtrack From The Original Motion Picture” Cassette $3.00
Vaughan, Stevie Ray And Double Trouble “Live Alive” Cassette $2.00
Waits, Tom “Blue Valentine” Cassette $4.00
Winwood, Steve “Back In The High Life” Cassette $2.00