T-USED-DAY Update for April 28th, 2015

T-USED-DAY Update for April 28th, 2015
at Redscroll Records
T-USED-DAY  Underground 4-28-15

Here are some of the latest used arrivals at the shop. Keep in mind this doesn’t include any of the CDs or many of the LPs in the general rock/pop/jazz/anything-in-the-back-room that we get in. This list also builds over the course of a week so sometimes some items are no longer in stock by the time this is posted. We try to avoid that, but it happens. Call ahead if there’s a particular release you’re curious about. These are the in-store prices – if you’d like to find any of these online please visit us here: http://www.discogs.com/seller/Redscroll

LPs & 12″s

Actress “Silver Cloud” 12″ $5.00
Agnostic Front “No One Rules” LP $18.00
Ambarchi, Oren “A Final Kiss On Poisoned Cheeks” (Clear) 12″ $11.00
Animal Collective “Centipede Hz” LP $15.00
Animal Collective “Sung Tongs” LP $16.00
Anne “Dream Punx” (Pink) LP $18.00
Aphex Twin “Richard D. James Album” LP $15.00
Asomvel “Knuckle Duster” LP $18.00
Atelecine “Entkopplung: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” LP $4.50
Atelecine “… And Six Dark Hours Pass” (#360/500) LP $8.00
Ayers, Roy Ubiquity “Vibrations” LP $6.00
Ayers, Roy Ubiquity “Everyboody Loves The Sunshine” LP $12.00
Baxter, Les “Hell’s Belles: Motion Picture Soundtrack” LP $18.00
Beatles, The “Talk Downunder” (Interview Disc) LP $7.00
Beatles, The “Hey Jude” (Brazilian Pressing) LP $17.00
Black Sabbath “Sabotage” LP $15.00
Black Sabbath “Vol. 4” LP $15.00
Black Sabbath “Greatest Hits” (Holland Pressing) LP $10.00
Black Sabbath “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” LP $17.00
Black Sabbath “Master Of Reality” LP $17.00
Black Sabbath “Paranoid” LP $15.00
Blackbyrds, The “City Life” LP $6.00
Blank Dogs “On Two Sides” (White/200) LP $6.00
Blank Dogs “Seconds” LP $1.00
Blessed Death “Kill Or Be Killed” (Import) LP $20.00
Bloodstone “Natural High” LP $7.00
Blow, Kurtis “The Breaks” 12″ $7.00
Blue Oyster Cult “Fire Of Unknown Origin” LP $4.00
Bootsy’s Rubber Band “This Boot Is Made For Fonk-n” LP $6.00
Boswell, Simon “Hardware: Music From The Richard Stanley Film ‘Hardware’ (1990)” LP $40.00
Brown, James “Showtime” LP $15.00
Buffett, Jimmy “Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes” LP $5.00
Burnt, The “Where’s My Head?” LP $42.00
Bush, Kate “The Big Sky (Meteorological Mix)” (Canadian Pressing) 12″ $8.00
Bush, Kate “Cloudbusting” (UK Import) LP $7.00
Bush, Kate “Never For Ever” (Canada Press) LP $12.00
Bush, Kate “The Dreaming” LP $15.00
Byrd, Donald “Donald Byrd’s Best” LP $5.00
Calliope “Steamed” (Sealed!) LP $18.00
Carter, Dorothy “Troubadour” LP $15.00
Certain General “Holiday Of Love” LP $7.00
Chateau X “Chained And Desparate” LP $22.00
Cheap Time “Cheap Time” LP $6.00
Cherry, Neneh “Raw Like Sushi” LP $4.00
Chris And Cosey “Take Five” (Import) LP $18.00
Chromatics “Running From The Sun” (Cherry Red) LP $25.00
Chubby Checker “The Chubby Checker Discotheque” LP $6.00
Cloud One “Atmosphere Strut” LP $13.00
Coltrane, John “‘Live’ At The Village Vanguard” LP $15.00
Copernicus “Nothing Exists” (Sealed!) LP $20.00
Creedence Clearwater Revival “Chronicle: The 20 Greatest Hits” LP $11.00
Cretones, The “Snap! Snap!” LP $5.00
Cro-Mags “Alpha Omega” (Purple) LP $15.00
Crosby, David “If I Could Only Remember My Name” LP $5.00
Crumbsuckers “Beast On My Back” (Lime Green) LP $12.00
Cure, The “The Love Cats” 12″ $5.00
Cure, The “Let’s Go To Bed” (Promo) 12″ $5.00
Cure, The “Why Can’t I Be You?” 12″ $5.00
Dead Milkmen, The “Big Lizard In My Backyard” (Fever Records Original Press) LP $25.00
Death Grips “The Money Store” LP $16.00
Denning, Wade / Frank Daniels “Sounds Of Terror” (Non-Music Filed In Soundtracks) LP $6.00
Destruction Unit “Deep Trip” LP $8.00
Devo “Theme From Doctor Detroit” (Soundtrack) 12″ $4.00
Die Kreuzen “Century Days” LP $8.00
Dylan, Bob & The Grateful Dead “Dylan & The Dead” LP $18.00
Earth “Primitive And Deadly” LP $18.00
Echo And The Bunnymen “Heaven Up Here” LP $13.00
Echo And The Bunnymen “Crocodiles” LP $8.00
Electric Indian “Keem-O-Sabe” (Sealed, Cut Corner) LP $15.00
Electricity In Our Homes “We Agree Completely” LP $4.50
Eminem (& Dr. Dre) “Guilty Conscience” 12″ $2.50
Emperor “Emperor / Wrath Of The Tyrant” LP $18.00
Eno, Brian / David Byrne “My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts” LP $15.00
Eno, Brian / Nicloas Jaar / Grizzly Bear “Brian Eno X Nicolas Jaar X Grizzly Bear” 12″ $8.00
Evil Blood “Midnight In Sodom” LP $20.00
Explosions In The Sky & David Wingo “Prince Avalanche: An Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” LP $11.00
Eye To Eye “Eye To Eye” (Promo Stamped) LP $5.00
Failures “Failures” LP $10.00
Fairport Convention “Liege & Lief” LP $8.00
Faith, The / Void “Faith/Void” (Reissue) LP $12.00
Fat Larry’s Band “Feel It” LP $7.00
Flat Duo Jets “Go Go Harlem Baby” LP $22.00
Fleet Foxes “Fleet Foxes” LP $12.00
Flex, The “Wild Stabs In The Dark” (Pink) LP $14.00
Formula V “Phase 1” LP $6.00
Fox, Samantha “Samantha Fox” (Sealed!) LP $5.00
Foxygen “Take The Kids Off Broadway” LP $10.00
Franklin, Rev. C.L. “All Things Work Together For Good To Them That Love God” (Aretha’s Dad, Gospel, Sermon, Non-Music; Filed In Soundtracks) LP $5.00
Franklin, Rev. C.L. / J. Robert Bradley “I Heard The Voice” (Aretha’s Dad! And Someone Else, Gospel, Sermon; Filed In Soundtracks) LP $5.00
Frisch, Johan Dalgas “Symphony Of The Birds” (Non-Music Filed In Soundtracks) LP $6.00
Froese, Edgar “Ages” LP $20.00
Full Of Hell / Merzbow “Full Of Hell – Merzbow” (Orbital Lobe) LP $14.00
Funkadelic “Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On” LP $20.00
Gaye, Marvin “Marvin Gaye Live!” LP $5.00
Give “Sonic Bloom” (Yellow) LP $10.00
Give “Electric Flower Circus” (Adagio 830) LP $10.00
Give “Electric Flower Circus” (Moonflower Records) LP $12.00
Give “Give” (Pink /640) LP $18.00
Godspeed You! Black Emperor “Allelujah! Don’t Bend, Ascend” 7″ $16.00
Gordon, Mike “Green Sparrow” (Sealed! Green Vinyl) LP $13.98
Grateful Dead “Aoxomoxoa” LP $17.00
Grateful Dead “In The Dark” LP $10.00
Hayes, Isaac “Shaft – Music From The Soundtrack” LP $5.00
Hiatt, John “Riot With Hiatt — ‘Live Bootleg'” LP $20.00
Hillage, Steve “Green” (Netherlands Pressing) LP $8.00
Holiday, Billie “Greatest Hits” LP $10.00
Holograms “Holograms” 7″ $14.00
Hooker, John Lee “John Lee Hooker’s Detroit: Vintage Recordings 1948-1952” (Box Set) LP $30.00
Hunter, Robert “Jack O’ Roses” LP $20.00
Hunter, Robert “Live 85” LP $10.00
Hurt, Mississippi John “The Best Of Mississippi John Hurts” LP $16.00
Hypnosia “Horror Infernal” LP $13.00
Immortal “Pure Holocaust” (White/500) LP $30.00
Impetuous Ritual “Unholy Congregation Of Hypocritical Ambivalence” LP $20.00
Instant Funk “Get Down With The Philly Jump” LP $20.00
Jam, The “Sound Affects” LP $9.00
Jarre, Maurice “Villa Rides: Music From The Original Motion Picture Score” LP $10.00
Junie “Freeze” LP $7.00
Juvenile “400 Degreez” 12″ $10.00
Kantner, Paul / Grace Slick / David Freiberg “Baron Von Tollbooth & The Chrome Nun” LP $5.00
K-Holes “Dismania” LP $6.00
K-Holes “K-Holes” LP $5.00
King Diamond “Abigail” LP $25.00
Kool And The Gang “The Best Of Kool And The Gang” LP $6.00
Kuhn, Joachim Band “Sunshower” (Feat. Jan Akkerman & Ray Gomez) LP $8.00
La Sera “La Sera” LP $8.00
Last Poets, The “This Is Madness” LP $7.00
Liars “Sisterworld” LP $12.00
Lost Generation “Return From Incas” LP $15.00
Loverboy “Working For The Weekend” (Picture Disc) LP $5.00
Lynyrd Skynyrd “Skynyrd’s First And.. Last.” LP $5.00
Lynyrd Skynyrd “Gimme Back My Bullets” LP $6.00
Lynyrd Skynyrd “Second Helping” LP $9.00
Mandrill / Michael Masser / George Benson “Muhammad Ali In ‘The Greatest'” LP $3.00
Marley, Bob & The Wailers “Blackout” LP $6.00
Marley, Bob & The Wailers “Survival” LP $8.00
Marley, Bob & The Wailers “Catch A Fire” LP $8.00
Marley, Bob & The Wailers “Survival” (Check Condition) LP $3.00
Mayall, John Blues Breakers “Crusade” LP $9.00
McCartney, Paul & Linda “Ram” LP $5.00
Mission Of Burma “Mission Of Burma” (Clear) LP $25.00
Mono “For My Parents” (Light Grey/300) LP $30.00
Motley Crue “Shout At The Devil” LP $23.00
Motorhead “No Sleep ‘Til Hammersmith” (180 Gram Reissue) LP $12.00
Music Tapes, The “Mary’s Voice” LP $14.00
Negative Approach “Pressure” (Unofficial) LP $9.00
Nelson, Paul “Vortex” (White Splatter) LP $10.00
Neutral Milk Hotel “In The Aeroplane Over The Sea” LP $13.00
New Order “1981-1982” (Factus 8) LP $10.00
New York Dolls “Too Much Too Soon” (Japanese Pressing) LP $22.00
Newsom, Joanna “Ys” 7″ $15.00
Nimoy, Leonard “The Touch Of” LP $14.00
Ocasek, Ric “This Side Of Paradise” (Sealed!) LP $5.00
October Days “Do The Right Thing” LP $10.00
Of Montreal “Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?” (180 Gram) LP $16.00
Of Montreal “Coquelicot Asleep In The Poppies: A Variety Of Whimsical Verse” LP $14.00
Of Montreal “False Priest” 7″ $12.00
Ohio Players “Back” LP $5.00
Otis & The King Pins “Funky Donkey” 12″ $16.00
Oval “Systemisch” (Clear Blue) LP $10.00
Parlet “Pleasure Principle” LP $6.00
Paul, Billy “Live In Europe” LP $5.00
Phillips, Utah “We Have Fed You All A Thousand Years” (With Booklet!) LP $13.00
Phillips, Utah “All Used Up: A Scrapbook” LP $12.00
Players’ Association “The Players’ Association” LP $6.00
Pleasure “Joyous” LP $10.00
Pleasure “Accept No Substitutes” LP $18.00
Portishead “Portishead” LP $12.00
Preston, Billy & Syreeta “Fastbreak: Music From The Motion Picture” LP $2.00
Pretenders, The “Talk Of The Town” (Unofficial) LP $7.00
Price, Seth “Army Jacket” (#113/500) LP $9.00
Public Image Limited “Happy?” LP $10.00
Public Image Limited “Album” LP $12.00
Rare Earth “MA” LP $7.00
Ratatat “Ratatat” LP $14.00
Ratatat “Mirando” 7″ $6.00
Repulsion “Horrified” LP $20.00
Revere, Paul & The Raiders “Something Happening” LP $6.00
Rhythm Devils “The Apocalypse Now Sessions: Play River Music” LP $12.00
Rimshots, The “Down To Earth” LP $5.00
Rodriguez-Lopez, Omar & Jeremy Michael Ward “Omar Rodriguez-Lopez & Jeremy Michael Ward” LP $12.00
Rolling Stones, The “Have You Seen Keef (Standing In The Shadows)” (Unofficial) LP $15.00
Rollo “Pinhole” (/500) LP $7.00
Rustichelli, Carlo “Seduced And Abandoned: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” LP $5.00
Savage “Loose ‘N Lethal” (UK Pressing) LP $25.00
Scorpions “Blackout” LP $6.00
Scorpions “Virgin Killer” (Band Photo Cover; Best Buy Series) LP $15.00
Scorpions “Love At First Sting” LP $4.00
Sensations’ Fix “Fragments Of Light” (Reissue) LP $14.00
Shiflet, Chris “Chris Shiflet And The Dead Peasants” LP $10.00
Shooting Star “III Wishes” LP $4.00
Showcase Showdown “Appetite Of Kings” LP $18.00
Sightings “Terribly Well” LP $9.00
Silver Convention “Silver Convention” LP $4.00
Siriusmo “Dr. Beak’s Rantanplant” 12″ $8.00
Slaughter & The Dogs “Cranked Up Really High” LP $18.00
Soft Machine “Alive And Well Recorded In Paris” LP $18.00
Spicer, Jimmy “Adventures Of Super Rhyme (Rap)” 12″ $4.00
Steel Pulse “Earth Crisis” LP $7.00
Sunday Cannons “Red To The Rind” LP $5.00
Swans “Filth” (2014 Reissue) 7″ $12.00
T. Rex With Marc Bolan “The Greatest Hits Vol. 1” LP $5.00
Talk Talk “Talk Talk” LP $5.00
Tangerine Dream “Sorcerer: Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” LP $6.00
Three Ounces Of Love “Three Ounces Of Love” LP $7.00
Toots & The Maytals “Funky Kingston” LP $16.00
Tower Of Power “Tower Of Power” LP $5.00
Turn Me On Dead Man “We Are The Star People” LP $10.00
Turnstile “Nonstop Feeling” (Green /1000) LP $16.00
Twisted Sister “Under The Blade” LP $8.00
Uriah Heep “Abominog” LP $6.66
Vampire Weekend “Vampire Weekend” 7″ $15.00
Van Halen “Women And Children First” LP $4.00
Vangelis “Heaven And Hell” LP $5.00
Various “I Have A Dream: The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 1929-1968” LP $5.00
Various “Death Might Be Your Santa Claus” (Gospel / Blues) LP $17.00
Various “Fast Times At Ridgemont High: Music From The Motion Picture” LP $5.00
Various “Secretions” (Coffin Break, Crypt Kicker 5, Pure Joy, Skin Yard…) LP $9.00
Various “Ongaku 90” (Underground Music From Japan) LP $18.00
Various “Vanishing Points: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” LP $20.00
Various “A Bunch Of Stiff Records (If They’re Dead – We’ll Sign ‘Em)” (Motorhead, Elvis Costello, Graham Parker…) LP $12.00
Various “The Harder They Come: Soundtrack” (Jimmy Cliff) LP $12.00
Various “Amadeus” (Soundtrack) LP $4.00
Vaughan, Sarah “Belts The Hits” LP $6.00
Violent Reaction “Marching On” (Yellow) LP $10.00
Vivian Girls “Evertyhing Goes Wrong” LP $8.00
Vivian Girls “Live On The Radio WFMU 9/1/2008” LP $5.00
War “The World Is A Ghetto” LP $6.00
Waters, Muddy “Hard Again” LP $13.00
Wilson, Flip “You Devil You” LP $4.00
Wings “Wild Life” LP $5.00
Withers, Bill “Menagerie” LP $6.00
Wolfe, Chelsea “Apokalypsis” LP $18.00
XTC “English Settlement” LP $6.00
Yankovic, “Weird Al” “‘Weird Al’ Yankovic” LP $10.00
Yankovic, “Weird Al” “In 3-D” LP $5.00
YDI “A Place In The Sun / Black Dust” LP $19.00
Zodiac Mindwarp And The Love Reaction “Tattooed Beat Messiah” LP $3.00
Zorba The Greek “Zorba The Greek” (Soundtrack) LP $1.50
Zorch “Zzoorrcchh” (Clear) LP $8.00
Zs “Xe” LP $17.00
Anthrax “Fistful Of Metal / Armed & Dangerous” (Red) 10″ $25.00
Jesus Lizard “Jesus Lizard” 10″ $12.00
Le Tetsuo “Your Elbow” 10″ $4.00
Liles, Andrew “The Equestrian Vortex” (Blue/Yellow Swirl) 10″ $18.00
Pageninetynine “Document #8″ 10” $18.00


Asobi Seksu / Boris “Asobi Seksu x Boris Split EP” 7″ $7.00
Birth Control “Going To Target” 7″ $1.00
Brown, Bobby “Don’t Be Cruel” 7″ $1.25
Cherry, Neneh “Buffalo Stance” 7″ $2.00
Copeland, Eric “Get Along” 7″ $4.00
Dope Body “Saturday” 7″ $3.00
Dum Dum Girls “Coming Down (Exit)” (White Vinyl) 7″ $4.00
Fever Ray “If I Had A Heart” 7″ $6.00
Fox, Samantha “Touch Me (I Want Your Body)” 7″ $1.00
Fugazi “3 Songs” 7″ $4.00
Girlfriends / El Ten Eleven “Brobocop / Falling” (White /500) 7″ $6.00
Hard-Ons With Neil Hamburger “American Exports” (Grey Marble) 7″ $6.00
Idol, Billy “Rebel Yell” 7″ $2.00
Loggins, Kenny “Danger Zone” 7″ $1.50
Mascis, J. “Fade Into You” (Orange) 7″ $7.00
Modeselektor “This” (With Thom Yorke; Yellow Vinyl) 7″ $7.00
Navies “House Ties” 7″ $1.50
Nice Nice “There Will Be Slogans” 7″ $3.00
Orchid / Pig Destroyer “Orchid / Pig Destroyer” 7″ $12.00
Orchid / The Red Scare “Orchid / The Red Scare” 7″ $5.00
Promise Ring / Texas Is The Reason “The Promise Ring / Texas Is The Reason” 7″ $7.00
Punch “Eyeless E.P.” (Army Green) 7″ $8.00
Saddest Landscape, The “Cover Your Heart” (Blue Marble) 7″ $8.00
Saddest Landscape, The “Redefining Loneliness” (Translucent Blue / Screenprinted) 7″ $4.00
Skinjobs “Money In The Bank Vs. Money In My Pocket” 7″ $1.00
Vivian Girls “Tell The World” 7″ $3.00
Vivian Girls “Moped Girls / Death” 7″ $4.00
Vivian Girls “My Love Will Follow Me” 7″ $3.00
Vivian Girls “Wild Eyes” 7″ $3.00
Vivian Girls “I Can’t Stay” 7″ $1.50
Wilson, Brian “Good Vibrations” 7″ $2.50
Wolfe, Chelsea / King Dude “Sing Songs Together” 7″ $7.00


Wings “London Town” (Sealed) Cassette $4.00
K-Holes / Knyfe Hyts “Night Shifter” Cassette $1.00
Lennon, John “The John Lennon Collection” (Sealed) Cassette $3.00