T-USED-DAY Update for December 6th, 2016

T-USED-DAY Update for December 6th, 2016
at Redscroll Records
Here are some of the latest used arrivals at the shop. Keep in mind this doesn’t include any of the CDs or many of the LPs in the general rock/pop/jazz/anything-in-the-back-room that we get in. This list also builds over the course of a week so sometimes some items are no longer in stock by the time this is posted. We try to avoid that, but it happens. Call ahead if there’s a particular release you’re curious about. These are the in-store prices – if you’d like to find any of these online please visit us here: http://www.discogs.com/seller/Redscroll

LPs & 12″s
76% Uncertain “Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Log” (Blue)(CT Punk) $20.00
76% Uncertain “Estimated Monkey Time” (1984 CT Punk, Tan Cover) $37.00
Armored Saint “March Of The Saint” $10.00
Awesome Dre & The Hardcore Committee “You Can’t Hold Me Back” $8.00
Benson, George “Breezin'” (MFSL) $8.00
Blacklisted “Our Youth Is Wasted” $15.00
Blacklisted “Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God” (Blue Clear/Black Haze) $15.00
Bold “Speak Out” (Original Pressing) $24.00
Boogie Down Productions “Edutainment” $12.00
Bracewar “Juggernaut” (Clear) $15.00
Brand Nubian “Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down” $4.00
Bryant, Ray “Solo Flight” $5.00
Budd, Harold / Brian Eno “The Pearl” $30.00
Bush, Kate “Lionheart” (UK Pressing) $12.00
Classix Nouveaux “Classix Nouveaux” $8.00
Cohen, Linda “Leda” (Well Worn Jacket) $4.00
Comeback Kid “Turn It Around” (White) $9.00
Cowell, Stanley “Talkin’ ‘Bout Love” $7.00
Da King & I “Flip Da Sprip” $4.00
Danzig “Danzig” $65.00
Dead Meadow “Dead Meadow” (Green Marble) $20.00
Def Leppard “High N Dry” (Japanese Pressing) $28.00
Deftones “Koi No Yokan” (Clear) $37.00
DYS “Wolfpack” (2002 Belgium Pressing) $12.00
Eno, Brian “Before And After Science” $13.00
Eno, Roger “Voices” $12.00
Fastbreak “Fast Cars, Fast Women” (Blue Vinyl) $19.00
Frost, Frank “Frank Frost” $10.00
Furey, Lewis “The Humours Of:” $5.00
Greenwich, Sonny “Live At Sweet Basil” (Canadian Pressing) $8.00
Hatebreed “Hatebreed” (2009) $11.00
Hatebreed “For The Lions” $10.00
Hatebreed “Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire” (Original Pressing VG Condition) $18.00
Head East “Head East Live” (Japanese Pressing) $30.00
Hooker, John Lee “The Healer” $18.00
Hot Hot Heat “Knock Knock Knock” (Pink) $7.00
Into Another “Into Another” (1991 Repress) $8.00
Into Another “Seemless” $25.00
Iron Maiden “Somewhere In Time” $20.00
Iron Maiden “Killers” $13.00
Iron Maiden “Piece Of Mind” (VG) $13.00
Iron Maiden “Iron Maiden” (VG) $13.00
J.J. Fad “Supersonic – The Album” $6.00
Jarrett, Keith “Dark Intervals” (German Pressing) $7.00
King Diamond “Them” $28.00
King, Freddie “Burglar” $15.00
Kraftwerk “Electric Café” $17.00
Lewis, Ramsey “Maiden Voyage” $6.00
Living Hell “Oblivion” (Pink) $7.00
Living Hell “Oblivion” (Orchid Purple, 21/55) $7.00
Living Hell “The Lost And The Damned” (Red) $9.00
Living Hell “The Lost And The Damned” (Grey) $10.00
Loverboy “Loverboy” (Japanese Pressing) $10.00
Mama’s Pride “Mama’s Pride” (Promo) $5.00
Mastodon “Leviathan” (Repress 2013) $18.00
Mercyful Fate “Don’t Break The Oath” $55.00
Motley Crue “Dr. Feelgood” $20.00
Motley Crue “Shout At The Devil” $16.66
N.N.O. (Nicky North Orchestra) “From ‘Dr. No’ To ‘Octopussy’…. James Bond 21st Anniversary Instrumental Album” (Soundtracks) $5.00
Nattefrost “Blood & Vomit” (German Import 2004) $19.00
New Order “Substance” $32.00
No Warning “Ill Blood” (Original Pressing) $75.00
No Warning “Ill Blood” (Red Blood / Yellow Vinyl 2LP) $27.00
No Warning “Suffer, Survive” (Test Press For Six Feet Under Pressing) $70.00
No Warning “Suffer, Survive” (Red/Orange Splatter) $30.00
No Warning “Suffer, Survive” (Clear/Brown & Orange Splatter) $12.00
Osbourne, Ozzy “The Ultimate Sin” $18.00
Pennywise “Unknown Road” $9.00
Quicksand “Manic Compression” (VG Condition) $15.00
Quiet Riot “Metal Health” (Stained Jacket) $2.00
Rancid “Let The Dominoes Fall” $17.00
Reed, Jimmy “Upside Your Head” (UK Pressing) $12.00
Ringworm “The Promise” (Original Press Orange) $34.00
Ringworm “Justice Replaced By Revenge” (White Vinyl) $16.66
Ringworm “The Promise” (Purple Marble) $12.00
Ringworm “The Promise” (Orange Mix) $11.00
Ringworm “The Promise” (Green Marble) $11.00
Ringworm “Birth Is Pain” (Repress) $10.00
Salt-N-Pepa “Shake Your Thang” $2.00
Santana “Moonflower” (Japanese Pressing) $13.00
Schooly D “Saturday Night The Album” $8.00
Scorpions “In Trance” $15.00
Scorpions “Virgin Killer” (German Pressing) $15.00
Skarhead “Kings At Crime” $23.00
Skinny Puppy “Vivisectvi” $33.00
Sleep “Dopesmoker” (TeePee Records Pressing 2LP) $50.00
Soft Boys, The “A Can Of Bees” (UK Pressing) $25.00
Stiv Bators “Disconnected” $25.00
Strife “In This Defiance” (Original Pressing) $10.00
Supertramp “Breakfast In America” (MFSL) $55.00
Think I Care “Think I Care” $7.00
Token Entry “Jaybird” (Red) $12.00
Toto “Toto” (Japanese Pressing) $14.00
Toto “Hydra” (Japanese Pressing) $20.00
Tragedy “Nerve Damage” $9.00
Tragedy “Vengeance” $10.00
Transplants “Transplants” $15.00
Twisted Sister “Come Out And Play” $8.00
UK Subs “Another Kind Of Blues” (UK Pressing, Blue) $17.00
Vangelis “Chariots Of Fire” (Soundtrack) $3.00
Various “James Bond 007 – 13 Original Themes” (Soundtracks) $3.00
Various “Orchestral Party Act 2: Psyche And Easy Listening From France” $17.00
Various “O Nosso Folclore Portugal” $3.00
Various “New York Hardcore: Where The Wild Things Are” (Includes Inserts) $25.00
Various “Private Lessons” $2.00
Velasquez, Felix “Los Angeles Moon” $5.00
Williams, John “Jurassic Park” (Amber Vinyl Edition) $115.00
Wilson, Jack “Song For My Daughter” $9.00
Winter, Johnny “Step Back” $13.00


AC/DC “You Shook Me All Night Long” $1.00
Agitator “Walls Closing In” (Clear) $3.00
All Out War “Hymns Of The Apocalypse” $20.00
Allin, GG & The Jabbers “Out For Blood” (Pink / Orange) $10.00
Alpha & Omega “Sink” (Clear) $4.00
Alpha & Omega “Devils Bed” (Clear /400) $5.00
American Nightmare “4 Song Demo” (Black W/ Red Labels) $5.00
American Nightmare “4 Song Demo” (Magenta Marble) $4.00
American Nightmare “The Sun Isn’t Getting Any Brighter” (Black W/ Silver Labels, 1st Pressing) $10.00
BackTrack “Can’t Escape” (Clear W/Red Splatter) $5.00
Badfinger “Come And Get It” $1.00
Badfinger “Baby Blue” $1.00
Bane “Forked Tongue” $8.00
Beware “Won’t Get The Best Of Me” (Green /100) $9.00
Bishop “Bless The Dead” (White / Purple) $12.00
Bitter End “Bitter End” (White) $5.00
Bitter End “Mind In Chains” (Red / Black) $5.00
Bitter End “Mind In Chains” (Clear W/ Black & Red Splatter) $6.00
Bitter End “Mind In Chains” (Orange) $5.00
Bitter End “Bitter End” (Red) $3.00
Bitter End “Bitter End” (Brown) $2.50
Blacklisted “Peace On Earth, War On Stage” (White) $4.00
Blondie “Rapture” $1.00
Blood For Blood “Enemy” $8.00
Blood For Blood “Soulless” $20.00
Bloodlet “One And Only” (Red) $4.00
Bruisers, The “Intimidation” (Red) $50.00
Carry On “Roll With The Punches” $10.00
Cash, Johnny “A Boy Named Sue” $1.00
Cause For Alarm “Cause For Alarm” (Red) $6.00
Criminal Instinct “Fever” (Orange) $6.00
Cross Me “Paid In Full” (Clear /250) $3.00
Crystaltones “A Girl I Love” $1.00
Dire Straits “Money For Nothing” $1.00
Donnybrook “Theres No Love For The Insincere” (2004 Tour Pressing, 99/200) $10.00
Duran Duran “The Reflex” $1.00
Dylan, Bob “Mozambique” $1.00
Dylan, Bob “Hurricane” $1.00
Expire “Suffer The Cycle” (Green /106) $18.00
Expire “Suffer The Cycle” (Black) $5.00
Expire “Sink With Me” (Clear) $4.50
Expire “Suffer The Cycle” (Green / Black) $5.00
Expire “Suffer The Cycle” (United Blood 2011, 20/30) $25.00
Expire “Grim Rhythm” (Purple, Spring Tour 2010 45/45) $18.00
Expire “Sink With Me” (Black / White) $7.00
Full Force “Old Flames Never Die” $1.00
Gabriel, Peter “Sledgehammer” $1.00
Go Gos “We Got The Beat” $1.00
Gorilla Biscuits “Gorilla Biscuits” (1992 Pressing) $6.00
Granahan, Gerry “Dance Girl Dance” (Red) $3.00
Guess Who “American Woman” $1.00
Guns Up! “Game Over” $12.00
Guns Up! “Untitled” (Clear /500) $8.00
Hammer Bros “Sleep Forever” $6.00
Harms Way “No Gods, No Masters” (Brown / Black Splatter) $4.00
Harms Way “Harms Way” (Record Release, 44/50) $20.00
Hoax “Hoax” $5.00
Hopkin, Mary “Temma Harbour” $1.00
Hopkin, Mary “Think About Your Children” $1.00
Human League “Don’t You Want Me” $1.00
Inside Out “No Spiritual Surrender” (Red) $12.00
Integrity “Walpurgisnacht” (Grey) $5.00
Integrity “Walpurgisnacht” (Clear) $6.00
Internal Affairs “Deadly Visions” $3.00
Iron Age “The Way Is Narrow” (UK Pressing, Clear /325) $6.00
Iron Age “The Way Is Narrow” (Clear /520) $5.00
Iron Age “The Way Is Narrow” (Black) $3.00
Jackson, Michael “Bad” $1.00
Joel, Billy “Back In The USSR” $1.00
Joel, Billy “Allentown” $1.00
John, Elton / John Lennon “28th November 1974” $1.00
Killing Time “Happy Hour” (Gold) $6.00
Lennon, John “Watching The Wheels” $1.50
Lennon, John / Yoko Ono “Just Like Starting Over” $1.00
Lennon, John / Yoko Ono “Woman” $1.00
Longshot “IV” (Red) $1.00
Madonna “Papa Don’t Preach” $0.75
Madonna “Open Your Heart” $1.00
Madonna “La Isla Bonita” $1.00
Malfunction “Finding My Peace” (Clear) $10.00
Malfunction “Finding My Peace” (Red) $7.00
McCartney, Paul “Spies Like Us” $1.00
McCartney, Paul “Ebony And Ivory” $1.00
McCartney, Paul “Take It Away” $1.00
Minus “Hard Feelings” (Clear) $4.00
Minus “Demo 2009” (Blue) $7.00
Mountain “Mississippi Queen” $1.00
Nelson, Willie “The Party’s Over” $1.00
Nelson, Willie / Merle Haggard “Pancho And Lefty” $2.00
Nicks, Stevie “Talk To Me” $0.50
No Warning “Resurrection Of The Wolf” $10.00
No Warning “No Warning” (Underdog Rip) $40.00
Noose “The War Of All Against All” (Purple /200) $5.00
Out Crowd “Just Us” (Record Release /50) $10.00
Out Crowd “Just Us” (Green) $3.00
Piece By Piece “Primitive As Fuck” (Red) $5.00
Piece By Piece “Primitive As Fuck” (Yellow) $6.00
Power Trip “Power Trip” (Clear Red) $11.00
Power Trip “Demo 2008” $10.00
Rampage “Heads In A Vice” (Red /350) $25.00
Shipwrecked “Arctic Nights” $15.00
Shirelles “Baby Its You” $1.00
Shoot To Kill “Shoot To Kill” (40/50) $7.00
Slumlords “Demo 2003” $3.00
Soul Search / Minus “Soul Search / Minus” (Red) $5.00
Springsteen, Bruce “War” $1.00
Springsteen, Bruce “Glory Days” $1.00
Springsteen, Bruce “I’m Goin Down” $1.00
Steel Nation “The New Nation” $3.00
Stigmata “There Is No Mercy Here” (Red, 161/500) $4.00
Strawberry Alarm Clock “Incense And Peppermints” $1.00
Striking Distance “Striking Distance” $2.50
Take Offense “Peace In Death” (Black, 2nd Pressing) $5.00
Terror “Life And Death – The Demos” (Clear /367) $16.00
Terror “Hard Lessons” (Clear) $4.00
Terror “Rhythm Amongst The Chaos” (Gold /300, PreOrder Cover) $17.00
Terror “The Rise Of The Poisoned Youth – Blood Tracks Demos” (Clear) $4.00
Terror “Rhythm Amongst The Chaos” (Black W/ White Haze) $3.00
Terror / Ringworm “Terror / Ringworm” (White) $7.00
Tone-Loc “Funky Cold Medina” $1.00
Toto “Rosanna” $1.00
Trash Talk “Plagues” (White) $14.00
Trash Talk “Plagues” (Brown / Yellow) $7.00
Underdog “Live From Asbury Lanes” $3.00
Uptones, The “Wear My Ring” $8.00
Various “Bridge Nine MMVI” (Purple) $3.00
Wham! “The Edge Of Heaven” $1.00
Whitesnake “Here I Go Again” $1.00
Wings “With A Little Luck” $1.00
Withdrawal “Faith, Flesh & Blood” (Test Press) $25.00
Wrong Side, The “United Blood” (14/24) $5.00
Wrong Side, The “Dump Truck Demo” (Clear /102) $4.00
Wrong Side, The “Dump Truck Demo” (Raspberry) $5.00
Young, Neil “Wonderin'” $1.00

Cassette Tapes

L7 “The Beauty Process: Triple Platinum” $3.00
REM “Document” $3.00