T-USED-DAY Update for May 2nd, 2017

T-USED-DAY Update for May 2nd, 2017
at Redscroll Records

Here are some of the latest used arrivals at the shop. Keep in mind this doesn’t include any of the CDs or many of the LPs in the general rock/pop/jazz/anything-in-the-back-room that we get in. This list also builds over the course of a week so sometimes some items are no longer in stock by the time this is posted. We try to avoid that, but it happens. Call ahead if there’s a particular release you’re curious about. These are the in-store prices – if you’d like to find any of these online please visit us here: http://www.discogs.com/seller/Redscroll

LPs & 12″s

100 Demons “In The Eyes Of The Lord” (Blue Splatter) $5.00
6 Feet Under “Spaghetti Face” $12.00
AC/DC “Back In Black” $10.00
Action Bronson “Saaab Stories” $10.00
AFI “Burials” $13.00
AFI “Shut Your Mouth And Open Your Eyes” (Yellow Marble) $20.00
Agitator “Bleak” (Pre-Order, Mixed, /75) $20.00
Anastasio, Trey “Traveler” (Gold) (No 7″) $12.00
Animal Collective “Strawberry Jam” $12.00
Animal Collective “Sung Tongs” (2011 Pressing) $24.00
Anti-Flag “American Spring” $7.00
Arctic Monkeys “Favourite Worst Nightmare” $12.00
Arctic Monkeys “Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not” $15.00
Arctic Monkeys “Am” $16.00
Army Of Champions “Animal Versus Man” $8.00
Arrogant Sons Of Bitches “Three Cheers For Disappointment” (Blue/Green Swirl /100) $65.00
At Half Mast “Alive, Alone, and Waiting” $4.00
Atoms For Peace “Default” $5.00
Austra “Future Politics” $14.00
Backtrack “Lost In Life” (Clear w/ Orbs) $18.00
Bad Brains “Into The Future” (Clear w/ Splatter) $14.00
Bad Brains “I Against I” $12.00
Bad Religion “True North” $14.00
Balzac “Out Of The Light Of The 13 Dark Night” (Picture Disc) $5.00
Balzac “バルザック* ‎– 全能ナル無数ノ眼ハ死ヲ指サス” (Google Translates To: Almighty nulls ecstasy eye drowned finger suspension)(2LP Red Vinyl) $14.00
Banos, Roque “Evil Dead: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” (2013 Movie, Clear/Red Splatter) $22.00
Bayside “The Walking Wounded” (Clear, /400) $35.00
Bayside “The Walking Wounded” (Yellow/400) $35.00
Bayside “Bayside” (White, /1300) $27.00
Bayside “Sirens and Condolences” (Smokey Clear, /150) $25.00
Black Dhalia Murder, The “Unhallowed” (Coke Bottle Clear) $16.00
Black Flag “The First Four Years” $12.00
Black Kites “Advancement To Ruins” $4.00
Black Sabbath “Paranoid” (1979 Pressing Of 1970 Album) $12.00
Black Uhuru “The Great Train Robbery” $3.50
Blackened “This Means War” $2.00
Bloody Hammer “Bloody Hammer” $8.00
Bomb The Music Industry “Album Minus Band” (Clear Green) $12.00
Bomb The Music Industry “To Leave Or Die In Long Island” $12.00
Bomb The Music Industry “Goodbye Cool World” (Green/White Swirl) $13.00
Bomb The Music Industry “Vacation” (Hot Pink/Orange Haze /250) $32.00
Bomb The Music Industry “Scrambles” (Red) $16.00
Bomb The Music Industry “Get Warmer” (Picture Disc) $27.00
Bon Iver “22, A Million” $14.00
Boris “Attention Please” $7.00
Bowles, Nathan Nansemond (Sealed) $10.00
Bridge And Tunnel “Rebuilding Year” (Purple / Green) $6.00
Briefs, The “Hit After Hit” (Clear) $32.00
Brother Jump “Anthem Of The Eighties” (Sealed) $8.00
Bruisers, The “Cruisin’ For A Bruisin'” (Red) $10.00
Buckley, Jeff “You And I” $12.00
Cab 20 “Dirty Smiles” $5.00
Cab 20 “Holy Denim Faded Vibrations” (Denim Blue) $4.00
Cirriculum Mortis “Sentencia De Muerte” $8.00
Co La “Daydream Repeater” $6.00
Coathangers “Suck My Shirt” (Creamsicle) $10.00
Coke Weed “Mary Weaver” (White) $7.00
Cooper, Mike “Trout Steel” $15.00
Copper, Mike “Places I Know/The Machine Gun Can Go” $20.00
Crass “Best Before… 1984” (2000’s Repress) $25.00
Croucher, Mel “Pimania” $12.00
Crucified “Coldest Winter, Darkest Reaches Of The Mind” (Grey) $7.00
Cruel Hand “Lock & Key” (White) $12.00
Cruel Hand “Lock & Key” (Grey Mix) $12.00
Cruel Hand “Prying Eyes” (Orange/Teal) $12.00
Cute Lepers “Adventure Time” $7.00
Cute Lepers “Smart Accessories” $5.00
Dag Nasty “Can I Say” $17.00
Dag Nasty “Prying Eyes” (Orange/Teal) $28.00
Dead Reprise “The Unveiled” (Grey) $8.00
Dickies, The “Still Got Live, Even If You Don’t Want It” (Bubblegum Pink Vinyl) $7.00
Dio “Holy Diver” $20.00
Doll Parts “Panty Raid” (Pink) $5.00
Drakkar Nowhere “Drakkar Nowhere” (Crystal Cxlear, Sealed) $8.00
Dustdevils “Rhenyards Grin” $5.00
Eidetic Seeing “Drink The Sun” $6.00
Electric Eel Shock “Electric Eel Shock Go Europe!” $8.00
Eternal Tapestry “Dawn In 2 Dimensions” $17.00
Eternal Tapestry “A World Out Of Time” $18.00
Farm “Farm” (/500) $45.00
Follakzoid “II” $12.00
Follow Through “Taking It Back” (Blue) $18.00
Follow Through “Taking It Back” (Black) $14.00
Foo Fighters “Wasting Light” $13.00
Foxygen “We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors Of Peace & Magic” $10.00
Frahm, Nils “Spaces” (Vinyl Me, Please Club Edition) $14.00
Fucked Up “Couple Tracks” $7.00
Fussel, Jake Xerxes “Jake Xerxes Fussel” (Sealed) $12.00
Gas “1982-1986” $20.00
Gehenna “Upon The Gravehill” (Purple) $15.00
Gehenna “Negotium Perambulans In Tenebris” $10.00
Ghost “Infestissuman” (Red) $12.00
Ghost “Opvs Eponymous” $17.00
Ghost “If You Have Ghost” $13.00
Ghost Box Orchestra “High Plaine” (Pale Blue w/ Pink) $13.00
Ghost Box Orchestra “Vanished” (Sea Foam Green) $28.00
Give Up The Ghost “Year One” (Black/Blue) $12.00
Glow Kit “Glow Kit” $5.00
Goat “Requiem” (Loser Edition, Red/Black Vinyl) $18.00
Goat “Commune” (Gold, No 7″) $24.00
Golden Gold “Golden Gold” (Silver) $20.00
Goldfrapp “Ooh La La” (UK Single) $4.00
Gorilla Biscuits “Start Today” $17.00
Government Issue “Joy Ride” (2010 Reissue) $6.00
Great American Ghost “Great American Ghost”(Blue) $5.00
Great American Ghost “Great American Ghost” (Red, /100) $6.00
Gunn-Truscinski Duo “Sand City/Ocean Parkway” (Sealed) $20.00
Hammer And The Nails “Maxi EP” $18.00
Hank III “Hillbilly Joker” (Grey/Transparent) $25.00
Harms Way “Isolation” (Clear w/ Silver Splatter) $14.00
Harms Way “Reality Approaches” (Clear, /200) $12.00
Hatemail Killerz “Pipe Bombs And Anthrax” $3.00
Heaters “Holy Water Pool” (Splatter) $20.00
Heaters “Baptistina” (Coke Bottle Clear, Sealed) $13.00
Hostage “Desensitized To Violence” (Mixed color) $6.00
Howlin’ Wolf “Howlin’ Wolf” (French Pressing) $25.00
Ice Age “Dead Kings” $3.00
Initials “Leave Expired” $4.00
IsWhat?! “Things That Go Bump In The Dark” (Sealed) $8.00
It Dies Today “The Catiff Choir” (Yellow/Grey) $18.00
Kamoze, Ini “Here Comes The Hotstepper” $6.00
Kingdom Of Sorrow “Behind The Black Tears” (Grey) $8.00
Kiss (K.I.S.S.) “Love Gun” (Canadian Pressing, Check Condition) $6.00
Knight, Kenny “Crossroads” $12.00
Kogan, Sam “Psychic Tears” (Yellow) $5.00
L.A. Carnival “Would Like To Pose A Question” (Sealed!) $12.00
L.A. Guns “L.A. Guns” $10.00
Lau, Leong “Dragon Man” (Canadian 2014 Reissue) $12.00
Living Laser “Find A Way” (Forest Green) $8.00
Living Laser “Find A Way” (Fluorenscent Lemon) $6.00
Living Laser “Find A Way” (Clear) $13.00
Living Laser “Find A Way” (Test Press, 3/20) $15.00
Living Laser “Find A Way” (Blue) $5.00
Locust, The “Plague Soundscapes” (Clear) $11.00
Lorrelle Meets The Obsolete “Chambers” $14.00
Lorrelle Meets The Obsolete “On Welfare” $9.00
Madball “Demonstrating My Style” $28.00
Majestico “When Kingdom Come” (Sealed) $9.00
Masta Ace Incorporated “Sittin’ ON Chrome” $4.00
Mental “Get An Oxygen Tank!” (Red/Yellow) $8.00
MF Doom “MM Food” $14.00
Midday Veil “This Wilderness” (Grey) $10.00
Misfits, The “Collection II” (1996 Repress) $13.00
Misfits, The “Land Of The Dead” (Clear Red) $16.66
Misfits, The “Land Of The Dead” (Green) $12.00
Misfits, The “Descending Angel” $8.00
Misfits, The “Light Of The Dead” $8.00
Misfits, The “Die Die My Darling” $8.00
Misfits, The “Legacy of Brutality” $13.00
Misfits, The “Collection” $10.00
Misfits, The “Walk Among Us” $14.00
Morrissey “The Last Of The Famous International Playboys” $1.00
Motley Crue “Girls, Girls, Girls” $15.00
Munk, Jonas “Pan” (Red Vinyl) $20.00
Mutoid Man “Helium Head” (Green) $10.00
Myrrors, The “Entranced Earth” (Charred Copper) $33.00
Myrrors, The “Arena Negra” (Milky Clear w/ Bronze Haze) $37.00
Nachtmystium “Addicts – Black Meddle Pt. II” $12.00
Nachtmystium “Assassins – Black Meddle Pt. 1” (Yellow) $14.00
Nada Surf “High/Low” (2016 Reissue – Sealed!) $22.00
Nadler, Marissa “July” $10.00
Nadler, Marissa “Marissa Nadler” $8.00
Nails “Unsilent Death” $14.00
Nation Of Ulysses, The “Plays Pretty For Baby” (2009 Reissue) $8.00
Natural Child “1971” (Brown) $21.00
Negative Approach “Ready To Fight – Demos, Live, & Unreleased” (White) $30.00
Negative Approach “Tied Down” $14.00
Nine Inch Nails “Pretty Hate Machine” $13.00
No Turning Back “Take Control” (White/Red Swirl) $7.00
No Turning Back “Take Control” (Orange) $5.00
Off! “Off!” $8.00
Offenders “Endless Struggle” $10.00
Oiltanker “The Shadow Of Creed” $8.00
On My Side “Grow” (Purple) $5.00
Osbourne, Ozzy “Diary Of A Madman” $9.00
Our Solar System “In Tiume” (Smokey, Sealed) $19.00
Panic “Strength In Solitude” (White, /300) $10.00
Paul, Sean “The Trinity” $5.00
Pegasuses-XL “The Antiphon” (White W/ Color Splatter) $7.00
Phish “Fuego” (Orange) $18.00
Phish “Party Time” $32.00
Piece By Piece “Piece By Piece” $7.00
Polysics “Hey! Bob! My Friend!” (Picture Disc) $7.00
Polysics “Polysics Or Die!! Vista” (Orange) $25.00
Power Trip “Manifest Decimation” (Black) $12.00
Pratt, Jessica “On Your Own Love Again” $12.00
Primitive Hearts “High & Tight” $7.00
Public Nuisance “Gotta Survive” $8.00
Quiet Riot “Condition Critical” $6.00
Rag Men “Rag Men” (Grey/Marble) $6.00
Rainbows Are Free “Waves Ahead Of The Ocean” $20.00
Refused “Freedom” $7.00
Regulations “Regulations” $4.00
Reign Supreme “Testing The Limits of Infinite” (Dark Blue) $12.00
Reign Supreme “Testing The Limits of Infinite” (Light Blue) $15.00
Reign Supreme “Defiant 12″ Single” $4.00
Rostok Vampires “Transylvanian Disease” $9.00
Senses Fail “Still Searching” (Coke Bottle Clear) $60.00
Seven Sisters of Sleep “Seven Sisters Of Sleep” (Black) $7.00
Shaolin Afronauts “Quest Under Capricorn” $13.00
Shockwave “This Would Is Ours: The Complete Recordings” (Clear w/ Red flexi) $18.00
Shoot To Kill “Altar Of Pigs” (Yellow w/ Black Splatter, /250) $4.00
Shoot To Kill “Altar Of Pigs” (Royal Blue, /150) $7.00
Shoot To Kill “Altar Of Pigs” (oxblood, /100) $13.00
Shpongle “Museum Of Consciousness” (Ltd. Lenticular Cover) $55.00
Sky Picnic “Paint Me A Dream” $10.00
Sleater-Kinney “One Beat” (2014 Reissue) $7.00
Sleater-Kinney “No Cities To Love” (Ltd. Ed. White Vinyl Box Set) $15.00
Spiritualized “Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space” $18.00
Stab You In The Head “Herbs Get Wet” (Orange/Black) $5.00
Subzero “Happiness Without Peace” (Blue) $17.00
Suicidal Tendencies “Suicidal Tendencies” (Original Pressing, No Insert) $18.00
Sunbears! “You Will Live Forever” (Mix Color) $7.00
Sunflower Bean “Show Me Your Secrets” (Clear) $18.00
Sword, The “Gods Of The Earth” $15.00
Sword, The “Age of Winters” $14.00
T.S.O.L. “Dance With Me” (Check Condition) $13.00
Tall Tales, The “Freedom” (White, Sealed) $13.00
Tall Tall Trees “Moment” (Sealed) $13.00
Teisco “Musiche De Teisco” $11.00
Timberlake, Justin “The 20/20 Experience” $13.00
Torres “Sprinter” (Club Edition) $5.00
Transplants “In a Warzone” (Clear) $8.00
Trapped Under Ice “Big Kiss Goodnight” (Red & Black Splatter) $20.00
Trapped Under Ice “Big Kiss Goodnight” (Red) $15.00
Trapped Under Ice “Secrets Of The World” (Black, /300) $12.00
Trapped Under Ice “Secrets Of Then World” (Clear) $10.00
Trapped Under Ice “Secrets Of The World” (Red, /500) $21.00
Twisted Sister “Stay Hungry” $8.00
Tyler The Creator “Goblin” $13.00
Uncle Acid “Mind Control” (Blue) $30.00
Uncle Skeleton “Warm Under The Covers” $10.00
Upsetters, The “Super Ape” (Vinyl Me, Please Club Edition, Green) $15.00
V/A “New York City Hardcore: The Way It Is” (3rd Pressing) $13.00
V/A “New York City Hardcore: The Way It Is” (Original Pressing) $25.00
Van Halen “Van Halen II” (Check Condition) $4.00
Various “Native North America (Vol. I)(Aboriginal Folk, Rock And Country 1966-1985)” (3LP Box) $27.00
Various “You Treated Me Bad! The Teener Side Of The Mid-60’s Garage Explosion” $14.00
Various “This Is The Town: A Tribute To Nilsson Volume 1” (Yellow) $7.00
Various “Jesus Christ Superstar: The Original Motion Picture Sound Track Album” $4.00
Various “2001: A Space Odyssey – Music From The Motion Picture Sound Track” $5.00
Various “Thrash Of The Titans II” (Grey Mix) $4.00
Violent Reaction “Marching On” (Clear) $20.00
Vitamin X “About To Crack” $8.00
White, Matthew E. “Outer Face” (Sealed) $7.00
White, Matthew E. “Big Inner” (Sealed) $16.00
White, Matthew E. “Fresh Blood” (Deluxe European Edition, Sealed) $12.00
Wild Flowers, The “It Ain’t So Easy E.P.” $5.00
Winter, Johnny “Anthology” $8.00
Withers, Gordon “Dark Side Of Then Moon On Cello” $19.00
Wiz Khalifa “O.N.I.F.C.” $16.00
Wooden Men, The “Dog Years” (482/500) $10.00
Wooden Men, The “Temporary Monument” $8.00
Wooden Men, The “Wooden Men” (Sealed) $5.00
Worthless “All My Friends Are Stone” (Splatter Vinyl + Flexi /200) $30.00
X “Under The Big Black Sun” $12.00
Xibalba “Xibalba” $12.00
Xibalba / Suburban Scum “Xibalba / Suburban Scum” (Bone/Blue) $18.00
York, Thom “Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes” $30.00
Zombies, The “Odessey & Oracle” (1997 UK Reissue) $10.00


All Out War “1992 Demo” (Red) $18.00
Blood Brothers “Rumors Laid Waste” $4.00
Bomb The Music Industry! / O Pioneers!!! “Bomb The Music Industry / O Pioneers” (Slate Mix Vinyl With Red Cover) $8.00
Integrity To Die For (Black) $14.00
Integrity To Die For (Red/Red Labels) $17.00
Integrity To Die For (First Press, Blue) $18.00
Integrity To Die For (Red Repress) $10.00
Lily & Madeline “The Wight Of The Globe” $7.00
Prowl, The “Misery” (Green) $5.00
Skarhead “Drugs, Money, Sex” $10.00


Bad Religion / Noam Chomsky “New World Order: War #1” $5.00
Balzac “Out Of The Blue II” (Picture Disc) $3.00
Balzac “Neat Neat Neat” (Flexi) $5.00
Beefcake In Chains “Vice Amply Rewarded” $5.00
Blind Melon “Change” $3.00
Blood Brothers “Love Rhymes With Hideous Car Wreck” $3.00
Bomb The Music Industry! “Everybody That You Love” (Translucent Yellow) $15.00
Bomb The Music Industry! / Laura Stevenson “Bomb The Music Industry! / Laura Stevenson” (Weird Color) $16.00
Bon Jovi “Keep The Faith” $1.00
Career Suicide “Signals” (Picture Disc) $4.00
Cole, Nat King “Moods In Song” $1.00
Common Enemy “Lets Have Fun” $2.00
Common Enemy / Eat You Alive “Common Enemy / Eat You Alive” $2.00
Common Enemy / Eyes Of Hate “Common Enemy / Eyes Of Hate” $2.00
Conga Fury “Bullshit Disaster” $2.00
Control De Estado “Acto Criminal” (Purple) $2.00
Control De Estado / Draft Dodger “Control De Estado / Draft Dodger” (Red) $2.00
Cult Ritual “Cult Ritual” $7.00
Dirty Needles “Justines A Junkie” (Gold) $2.00
Doors, The “Hello, I Love You” $1.50
Doors, The “You Make Me Real” (Mono) $5.00
Doors, The “Love Me Two Times” $1.50
Doors, The “People Are Strange” $7.00
Emerson, Lake & Palmer “Jerusalem” $3.00
F “Four From ’84” $4.00
Fartz, The “NWTO” $3.00
Furys, The “If I Didn’t Have A Dime” $17.00
Gross National Product “Ronald McVomits 14 Song Happy Meal” $2.00
In Defence / Guns N’ Rosa Parks “In Defence / Guns N’ Rosa Parks” $3.00
Inj/Sys / Bloodtype “Inj/Sys / Bloodtype” (Red) $4.00
Jesus Sons “Who’s Around” (Flexi) $5.00
Jive Step Bunch / King 7 & The Soulsonics “Jive Step Bunch / King 7 & The Soulsonics” (Red) $5.00
Kaleo “No Good” $4.00
Kinks, The “Lola” $2.00
Lake, Greg “I Believe In Father Christmas” $3.00
Libyan Hit Squad “Death Metal In Jerusalem” $2.00
Limp Wrist “Want Us Dead” $3.00
Locust, The / Jenny Piccolo “The Locust / Jenny Piccolo” (Picture Disc 5″) $4.00
LTW / Beasts Of No Nation “LTW / Beasts Of No Nation” $2.00
Melt Banana “666” (Blue 5″) $5.00
Melt Banana “Initial T.” $5.00
Minor Threat “Live At Buff Hall” $8.00
Misfits “Bullet” (Unofficial) $15.00
Modern English “I Melt With You” $1.75
Nena “99 Luftballons” $1.00
Nirvana “Smells Like Teen Spirit” $8.00
Polysics “New Wave Jacket” (Picture Disc) $5.00
Polysics “Kaja Kaja Go” (Picture Discs) $2.00
Punkture “Punkture” $4.00
Reason Of Insanity / Bad Eating Habits “Reason Of Insanity / Bad Eating Habits” $3.00
Reckless Deerhunters / Dancing Lepers “Reckless Deerhunters / Dancing Lepers” $2.00
Red Hot Chili Peppers “Under The Bridge” $3.00
REM “Losing My Religion” $1.25
REM “Stand” $1.50
Rites Of Spring “All Through A Life” $4.00
Shaggy “Oh Carolina” $2.00
Slackers / Bomb The Music Industry! “Ska Is Dead” (White) $25.00
Slavescene “Fuck Off Away From Me” (Red) $2.00
Soundgarden “Black Hole Sun” $7.00
Spektor, Regina “Sings Bulat Okudzhava” $1.00
Spitting Teeth “Legacy Of Cruciality” $2.00
SWV “Anything” $2.25
Talking Heads “Burning Down The House” $1.25
Talking Heads “Burning Down The House” $5.00
Toad The Wet Sprocket “Fall Down” $3.00
Various “Brandon Hardcore” $3.00
Various “Internationally Pist 2” $2.00
Vitamin X “Rip It Out” (Red) $3.00
Vivisuk “US Disatwhore” (Purple) $0.50
Wood, Roy “Forever” $1.50
Wood, Roy “Goin’ Down The Road” $1.50