WEDN-USED-DAY Update for December 26th, 2018

WEDN-USED-DAY Update for December 26th, 2018
at Redscroll Records

Here are some of the latest used arrivals at the shop. Keep in mind this doesn’t include any of the CDs or many of the LPs in the general rock/pop/jazz/anything-in-the-back-room that we get in. This list also builds over the course of a week so sometimes some items are no longer in stock by the time this is posted. We try to avoid that, but it happens. Call ahead if there’s a particular release you’re curious about. These are the in-store prices – if you’d like to find any of these online please visit us here:

LPs & 12″s

Adult “D.U.M.E.” $5.00
Alice Donut “Mule” (Test Pressing) $7.00
Argerich / Rostropovich “Chopin: Sonate op. 65 – Polonaise op.3 / Schumann: Adagio & Allegro op. 70” $9.00
Arrow “Hot Hot Hot” $2.00
Art Ensemble Of Chicago “Message To Our Folks” $12.00
B-52s , The “Private Idaho” (Promo) $6.00
Barlow, J.B. & W.A. Pocock “Auscultation Of the Heart” $1.00
Beatles, The “Confidential Document” (unofficial) $20.00
Beatles, The “Indian Rope Trick” (w/ post card insert, unofficial) $25.00
Beatles, The “Snaps ‘N’ Trax” (unofficial) $30.00
Beatles, The “Mono Masters” (180g 3xLP, 2014) $40.00
Beck, Jeff “Blow By Blow” (Half Speed Mastered) $10.00
Beyonce “Upgrade U” (Promo) $2.00
Big Sean & Metro Boomin “Double Or Nothing” (Silver, Sealed) $12.00
Black Sabbath “Paranoid” $6.00
Blue Oyster Cult “Secret Treaties” $5.00
Bodis In Panic “This Ain’t Rock N’ Roll…” $17.00
Bohren & Der Club Of Gore “Dolores” $16.00
Buchanan, Roy “You’re Not Alone” $6.00
Captain Beefheart “Safe As Milk” (Reissue) $13.00
Cash, Johnny “Ballads Of The American Indian / Their Thoughts And Feelings / The Battle Of Wounded Knee” $6.00
Chad & Jeremy “Three In The Attic” (Soundtrack) $15.00
Citay “Little Kingdom” $15.00
Citay “Citay” $7.00
Counter Intuits “Shets Of Hits” $11.00
Creedence Clearwater Revival “Mardi Gras” (Promo) $12.00
Crusaders, The “Chain Reaction” (Original Master Recording) $7.00
Daniel Striped Tiger “Condition” $17.00
De Los Miedos “Edits Volume 2” $30.00
Dead Kennedys “Bleed For Me” (UK 12″ w/ insert) $8.00
Deep Purple “Made In Japan” $7.00
Deep Purple “The Book Of Taliesyn” $5.00
Deep Purple “Made In Japan” $4.00
Dillinger “Bionic Dread” $8.00
Dire Straits “Alchemy – Dire Straits Live” $14.00
Dirtbombs, The “We Have You Surrounded” $12.00
Dispossessed, The “Sister Mary” $9.00
DKV & Gustafsson, Nilssen-Love, Pupillo “Sch8hof” $8.00
DMZ “Relics” $11.00
Dodsdomd $8.00
Dr. Demento “Dr Demento’s Delights” $5.00
Dr. Dre “2001” (Instrumental) $14.00
Dr. John The Night Tripper “The Sun Moon & Herbs” (2003 Reissue) $15.00
Dredd Foole & Ben Chasny “Drunk With Insignificance” $9.00
Dury, Ian & The Blockheads “Do It Yourself” (LP & 7″) $6.00
Ego Summit “The Room Isn’t Big Enough” $8.00
Evans, Bill Trio W/ LaFaro, Paul Motian “Walt For Debby” (2015 EU Pressing) $14.00
Fagen / Becker / Diaz “You Gotta Walk It Like You Talk It (Or You’ll Lose That Beat)” $3.00
Feedtime “Cooper-S” $7.00
Feedtime “Shovel” $10.00
Field Mouse “Hold Still Life” (purple) $14.00
Field Mouse “Episodic” (clear/pink smoke) $10.00
Flipper “Gone Fishin'” (1984 og) $23.00
Garland, Red “Red In Blues-ville” (Sealed) $17.00
Garland, Red Quintet With John Coltrane “Dig It!” (Sealed) $17.00
Getz, Stan “At Storyville Volume 2” $6.00
Geza X & The Mommymen “You Goddam Kids” $12.00
Glaxo Babies “Nine Months To The Disco” $8.00
Government Issue “You” $13.00
Green Beret “Violence Is Their Currency” $7.00
Guinea Worms “Sorcerors Of Madness (4rd Year In A Row!)” $8.00
Hawkwind “Bring Me The Head Of Yuri Gagarin” (Unofficial) $6.00
Hawkwind “Quark Strangeness And Charm” (Promo) $11.00
Heaters, The “The Heaters” (sealed) $6.00
Hendrix, Jimi “Last Night” (German Pressing) $8.00
Hill, Lauryn “Doo-Wop (That Thing)” (Promo) $4.00
Hollywood Flames, The “The John Dolphin Sessions” $8.00
Iron Maiden “Maiden Japan” $12.00
Jackie McLean Sextet “Tune Up” (Promo) $6.00
Jackie O Motherfucker “Earth Sound System” $7.00
Jackson, Willis / Trudy Pitts / Wild Bill Jennings “Star Bag” $9.00
Jean, Wyclef “We Trying To Stay Alive” $1.00
Jeritree “Jeritree’s House Of Many Colours” $25.00
Joseph, Margie “…Makes A New Impression” $6.00
Justice “Escapades” (Clear W/ Blue Splatter) $9.00
Killers, The “Hot Fuss” (Orange) $25.00
Kitchen’s Floor “Look Forward To Nothing” $5.00
Klein, Robert “New Teeth” $1.00
Kool Keith “I Don’t Believe You” $5.00
Laine, Denny “Master Suite” $10.00
Lanois, Daniel “Still Water” $5.00
Liebman, Dave “Lookout Farm” (German Pressing) $9.00
Los Jharvis “Los Creadores Del Sonido De La Carretera” $9.00
M.C. Supreme “Black In America” $1.50
Mango “A New Taste Of Mango” $8.00
Meat Beat Manifesto “Storm The Studio” $9.00
Mekons “Fear And Whiskey” (UK pressing) $32.00
Melchior, Dan “Ghost In The Supermarket” (White) $5.00
MIA “After The Facts” $10.00
Misfits “Descending Angel” $7.00
Misfits “Die Die My Darling” (2005 repress) $6.00
Misfits “Collection II” (180g repress) $13.00
Misfits “Legacy Of Brutality” $11.00
Miyagi, Michio “Melody In Koto – For A Reminder Of Michio Miyagi” $10.00
Monkees, The “Live 1967” (gold vinyl, 2016 reissue) $18.00
Moroder, Giorgio “Cat People” $3.00
Mott The Hoople “Mott” (white vinyl, 2016 reissue) $18.00
Municipal Waste / Toxic Holocaust “Toxic Waste” (pink/black split) $11.00
Nervous Eaters “Nervous Eaters” (Promo) $12.00
New Bomb Turks “Pissing Out The Poison (Singles & Other Swill 90-94)” (Sealed) $15.00
New York Islanders “The Chemistry Was Just Right” (sealed) $6.00
Nisennenmondai “Live At Clouds Hill” $22.00
NOFX “Punk In Drublic” $14.00
Notorious B.I.G. “Juicy” (Black & Clear Swirl) $7.00
Ocher, Mary & Your Government “Mary Ocher & Your Government” $9.00
Pablo, Augustus “King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown” $15.00
Parliament “Mothership Connection” (180 Gram Reissue) $11.00
Perry, Lee “Roast Fish Collie Weed & Corn Bread” $12.00
Peterson, Oscar “An Evening With Oscar Peterson” (2012 Pressing) $10.00
Presley, Elvis “Elvis Is Back” (Blue, Sealed) $36.00
Presley, Elvis “Roustabout” $3.00
Pryor, Richard “Live” (Picture Disc) $6.00
Rancid “Honor Is All We Know” $11.00
Rep, Mike & Friends “Darby Creek Drifter” $6.00
Rich, Buddy “The Roar Of 1974” $5.00
Rich, Buddy & The Big Band Machine “Speak No Evil” $5.00
River City Tanlines “I’m Your Negative” (Orange) $22.00
Rocket From The Crypt “Hot Charity” (UK Pressing) $16.00
Rocket From The Crypt “All System’s Go 2” $20.00
Rollins, Sonny “Shadow Waltz” $18.00
Russian Tsarlag “Midnight At Mary’s House” $8.00
S., Pheno “Kani” $10.00
Scorpions “Tokyo Tapes” $9.00
Shangri-las, The “Golden Hits Of The Shangri-las” $10.00
Shannon, Del “Drop Down And Get Me” (Promo) $8.00
Sleater-Kinney “Dig Me Out” (2014 remaster) $9.00
Sleater-Kinney “All Hands On The Bad One” (2014 remaster) $8.00
Sleater-Kinney “No Cities To Love” $9.00
Sleater-Kinney “The Woods” (2014 reissue) $12.00
Soulja Boy “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” (Promo) $10.00
Steig, Jeremy “Flute Fever” $7.00
Stoney And Meatloaf “S/T” (promo) $18.00
Stooges, The “The Stooges” (French Pressing) $17.00
Sun Ra “Nothing Is…” (1998 Italian Pressing) $16.00
T.Rex “T.Rextasy: The Best Of T.Rex 1970-1973” $14.00
Tangerine Dream “Force Majeure” (German Pressing) $15.00
Time Flys, The “Fly” $8.00
Tomita “The Bermuda Triangle” (coral vinyl) $6.00
Tosh, Peter “Equal Rights” $11.00
Toy Love “Toy Love” $14.00
Troggs, The “The Troggs” $6.00
Troggs, The “The Vintage Years” $7.00
True Persuaders Meets David O. & P-tah “Old Dub Box Volume 2” $9.00
Unknown Artist “Night Of The Living Dead” (Ghoul Green) $30.00
Upsetters, The “Super Ape” (Green) $16.00
Various “Performance” OST $4.00
Various “Rare Tracks” (1975 UK compilation) $7.00
Various “Raw Blues” $3.00
Various “U.K. Buzz #001” (John Peel hosted comp.) $9.00
Various “No Nukes” $2.00
Various “The British Invasion- The History Of British Rock Vol. 2” $5.00
Various “The British Invasion- The History Of British Rock Vol. 4” $5.00
Various “Dr. Demento’s Dementia Royale” $5.00
Various “Born To Metalize” $15.00
Various “Subterranean Modern” $13.00
Various “The Return Of The Living Dead” (Orange / Green Pumpkin, Sealed) $25.00
Various “The Return Of The Living Dead” (Blue / Blood Red Haze, Sealed) $40.00
Various “Boogaloo Pow Wow & Dance Floor Rendez-vous In Young Nuyorica” $25.00
Various “Massive 2: An Album Of Reggae Hits” $3.00
Various “Chop Whip Grate Liquefy” $7.00
Various “Night Shift” $1.50
Various “Porgy And Bess” (Reissue) $3.00
Various “Toronto City Omnibus” $4.00
Various “Nuggets Volume Two Punk” $15.00
Various “Reggae Greats – Strictlye For Rockers” $9.00
Various “What Remains Of Eden: Anatolian & Levantine Music 1928-1952” $10.00
Various “Liverpool 1963-1968” (UK Pressing) $8.00
Various “Time Bomb! The Big Bang Theory” $5.00
Various “Stiffs Live” $2.00
Williams, John “Superman The Movie” $3.00
Williams, John “Close Encounters Of The Third Kind” $4.00
Wilson, Nancy / Joe Henderson / Chick Corea / Stanley Clarke / Lenny White “Echoes Of An Era 2” (Promo) $5.00
Winter, Johnny “Raisin’ Cain” (promo) $7.00
Wiseblood “Motorslug” $6.00
Youthful Offenders “Domination (Sealed) $18.00
Zukie, Tapper “Peace In The Ghetto” $8.00


Iggy & The Stooges “Rough Power” (Blue) $13.00


A.H. Kraken “Gianna Michaels” $2.00
Acid Reflux “EP” $0.75
Acid Reflux “Secret Power” $0.75
Adult / Dirtbombs “Split/Split/Split” $3.00
Alpert, Herb “Rise” $1.00
Ape City R&B “She’s Candy Coated” $2.00
Audio Kollaps / Wolf Brigade “Audio Kollaps / High-Tech Degradation” (Blue) $6.66
Badfinger “Baby Blue” $1.50
Beekeepers “Pallet Stacking” $1.50
Berry, Chuck “My Ding-A-Ling / Johnny B. Goode” $2.00
Blank Dogs “Yellow Mice Sleep” $0.75
Body, The / Get Killed “The Body / Get Killed” $3.50
Brass Caskets / Cold Snap “Brass Caskets/ Coldsnap” $1.00
Brutal Knights / Western Dark “TBSL / TBSL Baby” (Purple) $3.50
Busy Signals, The “Can’t Feel A Thing” $2.00
Busy Signals, The “Love And Dust” $1.50
Buttercups / Creteens “Buttercups / Creteens” $1.00
Byrds, The “Live In Holland 1971” (Clear) $4.00
Carmen, Eric “She Did It” $0.75
Circle Pit “Sewercide” $0.75
Color Me Badd “Forever Love” $1.00
Coutin “J’Aime… Regarder Les Filles” (French Pressing) $4.00
CPC Gangbangs / Confusers, The “CPC Gangbangs / Confusers, The” $0.75
DBS / R4 “Hetandu / Japan’s Northern Territories In The Hands Of Moscow” (Clear) $2.00
Dead Ghosts “Holy Ghost” $0.75
Dodsmond “Seven Deadly Sins” $0.75
Dropdead / Totalitar “Dropded / Totalitar” (Grey Mix) $3.00
Edgar Winter Group “Frankenstein” $1.00
Focus “Hocus Pocus” $1.00
Garrison “The Bend Before The Break” $6.50
Gastre Del Sol “20 Songs Less” $2.50
Gentleman Jesse & His Men “I Don’t Wanna Know” $6.50
Green Beret “The Cult Of State” $3.00
Groundzero / Fleshold “Groundzero / Fleshold” $3.00
Hardvark “Dress” $2.50
Hawkwind “Silver Machine / Seven By Seven” (UK Pressing) $3.00
Howitzer / Skegs “Howitzer / Skegs” $2.00
Indian Jewelry “In Love With Loving” $2.00
Intelligence “Reading & Writing About Partying / Like Like Like Like Like Like” $3.00
Intelligence “Fido, Your Leach Is Too Long / Shitty World” $2.00
J. Geils Band “Give It To Me” $1.00
Jefferson Starship “Jane” $1.00
Joel, Billy “Just The Way You Are” $1.00
Joel, Billy “Piano Man” $1.00
Joel, Billy “Just The Way You Are” $1.00
John, Elton “Little Jeannie” $1.00
Jon Cougar Concentration Camp “Punk Explosion!” (Gold) $3.00
Karp “Tumwater T-Birds” $5.00
Kill Sadie “A New Make” (Orange) $2.00
Kill-A-Watts “Dig These Kids” $4.50
King, Carole “One Fine Day” $1.00
Lennon, John “Instant Karma” $6.00
Lightfoot, Gordon “The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald” $1.00
Live Fast Die / VCR “Live Fast Die / VCR” $2.00
M.O.T.O. “What’s Words Worth?” $3.50
Mardones, Benny “Into The Night” $1.00
McCartney, Paul & Wings “My Love” $2.00
Melvin, Harold & The Bluenotes “If You Don’t Know Me By Now” $1.00
Miami Sound Machine “Bad Boy” $1.00
Moody Blues “Nights In White Satin” $1.00
Mouserocket “Missing Teeth” $1.50
New Bomb Turks “Stick It Out” (Blue) $3.50
New Bomb Turks “Spanish Fly By Night / Chip Away The Stone” $8.00
New Bomb Turks “Bottle Island” $3.50
Open Up / In Reach “Open Up / In Reach” (Red / Clear) $3.00
Orphans, The “Chinatown” (Red / Clear) $1.00
Paintbox “Cry Of The Sheeps” (Green) $4.00
Poison Idea “Just To Get Away” $9.00
Police, The “Roxanne” $2.00
Police, The “Roxanne” $2.00
Preston, Billy & Syreeta “One More Time For Love” $1.00
Punkture “Punkture” $0.50
Purpose, The “Art As A Weapon” $1.00
Pygmy Shrews “Lord Got Busted” $1.00
Rain Band, The “Knee Deep And Down” $1.00
Raw Nerves “Murderers Among Us” $1.00
Reds, The “Self Reduction” $5.00
Reigning Sound “I’ll Cry” $4.00
Resonars, The “Long Long Thoughts” $7.50
River City Tanlines “Black N Blue N Tan” (Blue) $4.00
River City Tanlines / Intellectuals “In My Mode Rollin / Helen” $1.50
Robedoor / Yellow Swans “Robedoor / Yellow Swans” $3.00
Rocket From The Crypt “Plays The Music Machine” (5″) $4.00
Rocket From The Crypt / The Get Up Kids “Rocket From The Crype / The Get Up Kids” (White) $3.00
Schematic Of A Waking Life / Stab You In The Head “Schematic Of A Waking Life / Stab You In The Head” $2.00
Spoke / Less Than Jake / Bombshell “Three Way Split” $9.00
Springsteen, Bruce “Born To Run” $2.00
Steve Miller Band “Jungle Love” $1.00
Stewart, Rod “Passion” $1.00
Sweet “Love Is Like Oxygen” $1.00
Takaru “Takaru” $3.00
Taxi-Girl “Cherchez Le Garcon” $2.00
Taylor, James “Your Smiling Face” $1.00
Team Dresch “Hand Grenade” $5.00
Terminators OF Endearment “Stranger In The Manger” $3.00
Thomas, Timmy “Why Can’t We Live Together” $1.00
Top Ten “Easily Unkind” $3.00
Tortoise “Lonesome Sound” (Clear) $5.00
Tristeza “Macrame” (Red) $2.00
Various “Chemical Imbalance Volume 2 #3” (No Zine) $2.00
Various “Tomorrow Will Be Worse Volume 3” $3.50
Various “Under The Sign Of The Lousy Tree” $1.50
Various “Buy Or Die” $5.00
Various “Barbaric Thrash Demolition Volume 2” $1.00
Vicious, The “Obsessive” $4.00
Vile Nation “No Exit” (White) $2.00
Volt “Man On The Ground” (Green) $3.00
Voorhees “Fireproof” $0.75
War “The Cisco Kid” $1.00
Ward “Mustang” $2.00
Welch, Bob “Sentimental Lady” $1.00
White Savage “Destroy Your Style” $1.50
Who, The “Who Are You” $1.00
Who, The “Who Are You” $1.00
Willowz, The “The Horn Song” $3.00
Women “Women” $1.00
Wright, Gary “Dream Weaver” $1.00
Wrong Side, The “I Will Change Your Mind” $2.00
Young, Neil “Old Man” $1.00
Youths, The “Untitled” $0.75

Cassette Tapes

Amorphis “Elegy” $4.00
Apache Dropout “Apache Dropout” $2.00
Assemble At Dusk “Assembly At Dusk” $1.00
Boss “Deeper” $1.00
Cave “Neverendless” $5.00
Devo “Smooth Noodle Maps” $7.00
Dr John “Anthology” $5.00
Dukes Of Th Stratosfear, The “Psonic Psunspot” $3.50
Eddy, Duane “Rebel Rouser” $1.00
Jerky Boys, The “The Jerky Boys” $5.00
Kiss “Rock And Roll Over” $1.00
Loachfillet / Froth Fingers “Loachfillet / Froth Fingers” $3.00
Motorhead “Bastards” $9.00
Murder Murder “Crime Scene Stylee” $1.00
Napoleon Complex “Flesh Control” $1.00
Nervous Ticks “Death To Videodrome” $1.00
Nicks, Stevie “Timespace – The Best Of” $3.00
Petty, Tom “Into The Great Wide Open” $2.00
Poison Idea “Pajama Party” $5.00
Purling Hiss “Dizzy Polizzy” $10.00
Redd Kross “Teen Babes From Monsanto” $6.00
Sacrilege “Within The Prophecy” $8.00
Salsa Pile “The Original Memory Apprehention Goggles” $1.00
Sea Legs & Kentucky Fried Dom “Sea Legs / Kentucky Fried Doom” $1.00
Shot In The Head “Trite” $1.00
Smashing Pumpkins “Siamese Dream” $5.00
Team Ugly “Meat Prize” $1.00
Temple Of The Dog “Temple Of The Dog” $1.50
Woollen Kits “22/09/11” $2.00