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Give-Away: Chicago Underground Duo, Lone Wolf, Ryan Sawyer (Friday 5/11/12)

Chicago Underground Duo, Lone Wolf, Ryan Sawyer (Friday 5/11/12)

Chicago Underground Duo
(video that doesn’t allow embedding)
On Friday Night at 8PM for $8 (All Ages) is a Sound Hall event (check the linked page for full information) in New Haven, CT at Intercambio (The Project Storefronts space at 756 Chapel Street).
Lone Wolf & Cub Video
(that also doesn’t allow embedding)
We have two passes to give away to this event. Here’s what you have to do: Tell me what raging band Ryan Sawyer drummed for (one of the first drummers of said band) previous to Tall Firs. The correct answer is not drummer 62 for the Boredoms 77 project (though, that is true too). Email the answer and your full name to and I’ll get the first two people to answer correctly on the guest list.
As a bonus: The Dan Greene exhibit will be in view before it’s official opening the next night!

Live Music: June 30th Purling Hiss, Estrogen Highs, Inclined Plane

Live Music: June 30th The Young, Purling Hiss, Estrogen Highs, Inclined Plane

Due to  some unfortunate events (close family member of the drummer for The Young passed away) The Young have had to drop off a few dates. This is one of them. The show is going on as scheduled otherwise – chance of music continuing after the bands is also pretty good (pretty pretty good).

We’re happy to officially announce (though there’s a good chance you’ve seen it listed already) that we’ve booked a fine show. 

The Young‘s Dub Egg album is coming out mid-June on Matador records (the promo poster for which was butchered to make the above image). They have a release on Mexican Summer called Voyagers of Legend which you can listen to 4 tracks off of here:

Purling Hiss have a few more releases to their name (on Permanent Records and Mexican Summer among others). Altered States (the now defunct Pitchfork off-shoot for more left of center pleasings) did a nice profile of these guys a bit back. Check that out here.

Estrogen Highs are CT’s own flag bearers of garage rock and stick and poke Hatebreed tattoos (I’m not joking about that; it’s real). We did a spotlight on Estrogen Highs almost a year ago and it’s a nice brief introduction for those that still need it. Get on the ball, people!

Inclined Plane are also of local origin – though more northern. In such a small part of the world, let’s not nit-pick. They basically live in our neighborhood. They don’t play nearly as much as any of either of these bands so it’s really great that we’re getting a set from them as well!

Hope to see many of you there. We, of course, carry music by all of these bands in the shop if you feel so inclined (plane) to pick any of it up before hand!  We do have tickets for the show as well (no additional charge) and so does Intercambio.

June 30, 2012: The Young, Purling Hiss, Estrogen Highs, Inclined Plane at Intercambio (756 Chapel Street, New Haven, CT). 8PM $8 All Ages

Popeyes Garage Pop-Up At Intercambio

 {This guest post is coming to you straight from Kryssi who helped run the Popeyes Garage space/collective/descriptive term – I’ve added some links and flowered it up with notes here and there [each noted when I did]. Check these things out. Say you were there when… -Rick}
Intercambio, New Haven’s newest spot for art, music, and other will be hosting 3 noise shows as part of a Popeyes Garage* pop-up. The first show features Hive Mind, the solo project of Greh Holger of Chondritic Sound. Look forward to synth sounds with junk/basement aesthetic. May 21st will feature Dog Lady‘s new duo project incorporating violin, electronics, and probably some other stuff. May 27th we’ll wrap up the series with Pedestrian Deposit, LA’s most prolific noise duo, along with harsh and awesome Work/Death from Providence.
[*Editor’s note (Rick): I added the Popeyes Garage link strictly for reference as the old location is no longer active and thus neither is the wordpress site linked]

Come hang and enjoy these bands of ill-repute as well as Intercambio’s awesome downtown show spot. and support your local noise bands.

Shows are at 8:30ish and cost $5.
Intercambio is @ 756 chapel street, new haven

Here’s a video of Pedestrian Deposit:

MAY 8th-

  • HIVE MIND (Los Angeles)
  • LIABLE (Detroit)
  • RAVEN STRAIN (Detroit)
  • REVIVER (Norwalk, CT)

MAY 21st-


  • TAR PIT (Detroit)

  • PARANOID TIME (Kalamazoo? SNSE label)

  • CUSHION EJECT (Rick MM/Shaki + Mark Geist)

MAY 27th-




  • CHRIS POINT (The Valley, CT)

  • MILK COLLECTION (Mike D. Female, New Haven)

Stone Titan Record Release Show at WHITNEY HOUSE, HARTFORD

Stone Titan Record Release Show with Elder, Iron Hand, Stone Titan, & Gowl
The Stone Titan 7″ release show.
Stone Titan
Iron Hand 

Live Music: cUTpARTY cIRCUIT Monday March 26 6PM

Live Music: cUTpARTY cIRCUIT Monday March 26 6PM
The secret location will be in full use Monday night as it hosts some deviant electronic acts.
The cUTpARTY cIRCUIT is a traveling group of acts (East Coast). You might call it a tour. It will be in CT this coming Monday. If you’ve never been aurally assaulted in a pleasurable way it’s not too late to change that. In fact, Monday is the optimal time. Come by at 6PM and be in bed in time for a full night’s sleep. Bring ear plugs. Bring your dancing shoes. Do not bring alcohol as there is no liquor license and it is a legit business hosting this.
Links (in case you don’t want to type them yourself I’ll make it nice and click-able):