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7th Anniversary & Record Store Day Sale

So, April is right around the bend and we’re just cresting that hill where all we can see and think about is our 7th Anniversary & Record Store Day Sale! We opened shop on April 12th, 2007 and it’s all been upward mobility since thanks to all of you who have come through our doors (and/or ordered online). We thank all of you for that and we’re not going to stop working hard at giving you all reasons for coming back!

die-die-dieThis announcement right here is for those who will be able to get here and celebrate in person.

We’ve also decided to do a special promotion this year for those who do order online – keep an eye on our social medias for that special closer to our official anniversary (April 12).

Our in-store sale will run from Sunday April 13th, 2014 through Record Store Day April 19th, 2014.

We have added one particular big promotion to this year’s sale: 50% Off Clearance LPs! Woah, that’s half! We are again running with the $1 CD and used LPs (all LPs marked $3 or under will be just $1 for that week). 15% off everything else.

Record-Store-DayFor Record Store Day (Saturday, April 19th) we’ll have the added incentives of the RSD exclusive titles (more information on those will follow in coming weeks of course).  We open at 9AM that day and close at 10PM. The tent will be set up out back full of 7″s and will serve as the entrance for that day. We will have goodie bags for the first liner-uppers (how many is dependent on how much swag we acquire / are sent). We expect a lot of people once again so if you are determined to get something in particular from the exclusives please plan on being here super early. Those of us who work here get here at the crack of daylight and there has generally been a full line by the time we get here which only grows until we open the doors and can last for much of the day. We expect a nice friendly group again and to show our appreciation for that we’ve once again invited the Hardcore Sweets Cupcake Truck & G-Monkey Mobile out to keep y’all fed.

We’ll do our best to keep you up to date with any details that may arise leading up to the events. For now, you should probably just get excited and continuously refresh this page and all our social network sites in anticipation.

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We’ll have the full list of what exclusive titles in stock for Record Store Day posted when we have them here. If you’re looking for anything in particular please look forward to reading that on April 18th (day before RSD).

20th Of December 2013 Update

20th Of December 2013 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records
(Quick note on holiday hours below our blingee picture here.)

Redscroll Holiday 2013

We will be closed on Christmas Day! 
Christmas Eve we will be closing at 6PM!

LPs & 12″s
Analogue Cops, The    “In Plain Clothes EP” (Feat. DJ Octopus)
Annabelle’s Garden    “Time’s No Measure 1987-1993” (2LP + D/L, Gatefold)
Basic Cable    “I’m Good To Drive”
Beatles, The    “Live At The BBC” (Re-Mastered 3LP Set)
Bjork    “Joga” (2LP, 200 Gram, Direct Metal Mastering)
Black Flag    “What The…”
Blawan    “Long Distance Open Water Worker”
Blossom    “Blue Balloons / The Longest Journey” (2LP + D/L)
Carpenter, John    “Assault On Precinct 13”
Cem Karaca    “Nin Apaslar, Kardaslar, Mogollar, Ferdy Kleine A Tesekkurleriyle” (Remastered Reissue)
Cheap Time    “Exit Smiles” (+ D/L)
Circa Survive    “Violent Waves” (2LP, Gatefold) Continue reading 20th Of December 2013 Update

23rd Of August 2013 Update

23rd Of August 2013 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

Wall records 8-23-13
LPs & 12″s
Author & Punisher    “Women & Children” (+ D/L)
Barwick, Julianna    “Nepenthe” (Ltd. Ed. Colored Vinyl + D/L)
Beatles, The    “The Beatles 1958-1962”
Bird Nest Roys    “Me Want Me Get Me Need Me Have Me Love” (Discography Reissue 2LP + D/L)
Callahan, Bill    “Expanding Dub / Highs In the Mid-40’s Dub” Continue reading 23rd Of August 2013 Update

Redscroll Records Online Sales

Redscroll Records Online Sales

 We opened our physical shop over 6 years ago now. It’s great and I wish everyone could just come by. If we could be near everyone that would also rule. A Redscroll in every corner of the world! 

That’s not happening in the near future, however. For now, from a distance, you can visit us online. While it’s not the whole Redscroll Records experience, it is a nice collection of music for sale that we’ve taken care in selecting. We specialize in “underground” music (that is a wide-net term for sure) but after quick browsing one will recognize that is not all we carry.  Our primary method of selling online is our Discogs shop. Discogs, just in general, is a great way of keeping track of your own collection. We could spout its virtues for days. Setting up an account is quick and simple (actually, you can now log in using your Google or Facebook account) and you can use it as casually or diligently as you choose. For instance, you could just set up it just to buy from us (nudge nudge). 

As you can see we’ve been using this for a while (four years or so now) and have had a nice experience with it so far; so much so that I’m writing about it here. Browsing our music is easy with the many categories/filters at the top of the store page. You can also visit regularly just to check in what we’ve put up for sale recently; the bottom of the page starts a list of our most recently listed items. 

That (above picture) is a quick example of some our most recent items for sale. If you visit the page you can scroll down some more and if you would like you could browse page by page like this – definitely much easier to browse using the filters or just use the search bar:

So, yes, if you are near then by all means coming by the shop is the best thing. I know I enjoy it here. However, if you are far, shopping online with us using Discogs is a nice option and we ship worldwide multiple times a week. 

Redscroll Homepage

Our homepage even has a link to the Discogs store on the front page. On the top menu bar there is a drop-down portion that has multiple subcategories to get to a specific part of our Discogs shop or you can click on the Discogs logo and go directly to our Discogs storefront.

Third Man Rolling Record Store: Here Saturday

Third Man Rolling Record Store: Here Saturday

 Yes, it is completely true, the Third Man Rolling Record Store will be here Saturday. Just in case you didn’t know: Third Man Records is Jack White’s (The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, Dead Weather,…) record label. He also has a store by the same name in Nashville, TN where he often has bands play and then he often records and releases those on his label (the Third Man Live series).  The truck will be here from 6-8PM on Saturday as denoted by their schedule here.

The Third Man Rolling Record Store from Third Man Records on Vimeo.

It is very much like a food truck, but, y’ know without food and with records:

We’re also hoping to have a nice surprise we’ve had in our minds for a long little while and in the works for just an actual little while. We had planned on revealing the surprise I’m speaking of during our Blackout At Sunrise Sale, but why wait. You’ll see, it’s worth this note at the very least. 

Ok, back to the Third Man Rolling Record Store. You can follow it on twitter here. Again, it will be in our lot from 6PM-8PM on this Saturday (October 20, 2012). Much as with a food truck it will be rolling in and the folks in the truck (I’m afraid Mr. Jack White will most likely not be with them, but there are friendly folks within I assure you) will direct you to queue up in an orderly fashion. We expect nothing but the best of our patrons so we’ll leave it up to you to be honorable and respectable of each other when waiting. Getting here early is definitely encouraged. Come early enough to shop inside our store as well (you’re smart, you know).